Where is the WPS Button on My Netgear Router?

WPS Button on Netgear Router

Generally, people know about a router in white or black as a box placed in the corner. This box has green or orange lights that flash continuously. Suppose you are using the Netgear router, you never know how it is working and the WPS button location. Users might have seen blinking lights while the router in operation. Never think about any problem while calling, emailing, or chatting with Netgear customer service to resolve it quickly. Navigate WPS Button on Netgear Router Using routers having little knowledge about resolving problems connected to it can be dangerous. Nowadays, many users don’t have any necessity to know about the router how it works. Few different buttons have more meaning than their working information. Many users call customer support to understand and resolve the router issue, but these questions are quite meaningless because it seems they have already fixed them. Here, you will get... Read More

How to Connect HP DeskJet Printer to Wi-Fi?

Connect HP Deskjet Printer to WiFi

HP Printer is the popular name for DeskJet printers manufactured by HP and printers are purchased with small domestic size to large industrial size. This printer can print almost three pages per minute. These printers are known for high-quality standards and can print text pages and digital images. Printers are categorized into office models and home models. It depends upon your purpose of use. In this blog, you will get information about setting up a wireless network in HP DeskJet Printer in Windows and Mac. Few procedures are given below to configure the HP DeskJet printer using a wireless connection. If you want to configure urgently, you must call the HP customer care number to set up an HP DeskJet printer On Windows and Mac by using a wireless connection. Methods to Connect HP DeskJet Printer to Wi-Fi To connect an HP DeskJet printer to a wireless network, it is significant to... Read More

How to Setup HP Printer on iPhone?

Setup HP Printer on iPhone

HP Printer is one of the most advanced and excellent printers to print various documents. It will be great if you have set up your HP printer for any device. Here, you will get multiple methods to configure HP printers on iPhone. Nowadays, many people prefer various steps of printing through the iPhone. It assists users to publish all photos and documents safely and securely from any time and anywhere. Two different methods are available to configure the HP printer to iPhone. If you face trouble in configuring it, you must call the HP support number to fix it instantly. Tips to Setup HP Printer on iPhone To connect and set up the HP printer and iPhone is using the Air Print method follows the steps given below: Confirm the wireless network is turned on, and there is a checkmark next to the name of your local Wi-Fi network; tap... Read More

How to Fix HP Printer in Error State Windows 10?

HP Printer Error State Windows 10

In this modern world, everyone tries to work with the latest technology. So Windows 10 offers you all new and updated features, but sometimes when we update it, many devices like HP printers and others start making it difficult for us to print a single sheet, so in this blog, we help you to fix the bugs of your hp printer with some simple steps.  HP Printer Error State Before we start, it is necessary to have an insight into problems or bugs that can be solved at home and technical difficulties that you can't resolve without any interference from technical experts. So if your printer is not printing the images or documents correctly, you must visit the service center because it is a technical issue or contact HP printer. The professional mechanic resolves some problems, but if your printer is not accepting your commands. A window pops up when... Read More

How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open Issue?

AOL Gold Wont Open

AOL Desktop Gold login issue is one of the most common problems encountered by AOL users. This difficulty can create a mess and proves to be the most irritating Issue faced by AOL users. Here we have come up with help from this blog with ideas to fix the AOL Desktop Gold won’t open Issue. You can also install AOL Desktop Gold after removing this error. Stay tuned with this blog to get the easiest and quickest way to get rid of this problem. Root Causes of AOL Login Failure The conflict caused by the Windows Operating systemThe computer containing corrupted filesImproper supply of internetControl on AOL program by any third partyDamaged deviceInappropriate device date and time settingThe machine running low on storage Methods to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open Issue It is advisable to follow steps accordingly to achieve the best result and resolution of the login, not... Read More