COX Web Mail Backup Made Easy: A Comprehensive Guide

Cox Web Mail Backup
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COX is known for offering reliable services in the USA, including home security, broadband, cable network, Web mail backup in their webmail services, and more. It also provides high-speed free email accessibility with better connectivity and security. In this digital era, security, privacy, and safety is the main aspect that every individual look at. Though the organization uses the advance and preferred security platform for communication, however, cybercriminals find a way to breach the security. The best way to secure important emails and contacts is to make a backup of them.

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There are thousands of users who want to make a backup of Cox email to their local storage. If you are the one who wants to create a backup, then don’t worry. In this blog, we will try to describe the step-by-step procedure to make a backup of Cox email and why it is necessary to take a backup of your important data.

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Why There is Need to Create COX Mail Backup To Local Storage?

As emails are the ultimate source of communication in the business world, it is very much important to protect your webmail data in order to avoid extreme conditions or situations. There may be plenty of reasons for the users to create a backup of Cox email; some of the prominent reasons are as follows:

  • Easy Archiving Method

There are chances when your email storage limit is full, and you need to delete some of your emails in order to receive new ones. But the problem is that all your emails are important, and you can not afford to delete even a single mail. In this case, it is better to archive your old emails on the local storage.

  • Easy Access

The storage of the mail on the local drive or the hard drive makes it easy to access your emails easily. The local storage erases the need for every-time login problems. With a single click, you can access your webmail.

  • To Avoid unnecessary Conditions

There might be the situations like accidental deletion, system crashes, or internet connectivity problems when there is a chance to lose your important data. So, it is advisable to create a backup of your important emails.

  • Hassle-Free Transfer

You need to transfer some of your important emails to another email account. As the data migration process is lengthy and involves a lot of technical expertise, the user gets frustrated. You can easily transfer the emails to another platform without any hassle if they are stored on the local drive.

How to Create a Backup of Your COX Web Mail?

The ability to create a backup of Cox email depends on the type of Cox internet account the user has chosen. There are four packages, namely Essential, preferred, premier, and Ultimate. The storage space varies from 1 GB to unlimited, depending upon the type of the account. However, the user can create a backup of Cox email to store their important emails. They can create a backup of Cox email in three ways, either by using POP 3 access, by secondary account, or by the automated backup tools. The three procedures are as follows:

POP 3 Access

This is the universal method to create a backup of Cox email. All you have to do is to enable the POP 3 access in each email account. This method involves the technical process, which sometimes creates a fuss during the email transfer process. The steps to enable POP 3 access are explained below in this blog. The pop 3 access allows the users to transfer email data to another service provider such as Gmail, outlook, and more.

Secondary Account

Another method is to create a secondary email and forward all important emails to it. The COX allows users to create up to 10 different email accounts in web mails. Just enter the email address of the secondary emails, and all emails will be automatically forwarded to the secondary emails.

Automated Backup Tools

It is the easiest method to transfer emails from COX to another platform. There are automated tools that will automatically transfer all emails from COX. Cox itself offers an automated backup service known as media store and Share to create a backup of Cox web mail. As this feature is limited to the restricted area, the users can create a backup of Cox email with the help of third-party automatic backup tools.

How To Transfer My COX Web Mail TO Gmail?

There are numerous reasons for users to transfer Cox email to Gmail. Whatever the reason for switching accounts, you can transfer the Cox webmail to your Gmail account either manually or by using a trustworthy automated solution.

First Method to Transfer Cox WebMail to Gmail

The very first method to transfer the Cox webmail account to a Gmail account is the manual method. Though it is a manual method, it requires a lot of technical proficiency and the right approach. If you wish to transfer your COX mail to your Gmail account, then you need to follow the simple below-mentioned procedure. The detailed steps to transfer the COX mail to Gmail are as follows:

  • Firstly, you must sign in to your Gmail account and click on the settings gear option in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Next, you have to pick on “See All Settings” from the drop-down menu and click on it.
  • After that, you have to tap on the “Accounts and Import” option available in the settings window.
  • In the accounts and import, click on the “Add a mail account” option which is next to the “Check mail from another account” option.
  • As you click on the Add a Mail account option, a window will appear on the screen.
  • In that, currently opened window, enter the full COX. Net email address and click on the “next” button to proceed further.
  • Now, pick the “import emails from other accounts (POP 3)” option and again tap on the next option.
  • In the currently opened window, enter the username, password, pop server, and port number.
  • Before clicking on the tap, checkmark on “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail” option.
  • Ultimately, click on the “NO” option in the “your mail account has been added window.
  • In order to end the process, tap on the finish button.
Second Method to Transfer Cox Webmail to Gmail

As the first method involves a lot of technical knowledge and the correct procedure, there is always a proximity of errors occurring during the process. Therefore most of the users are looking for easy and reliable solutions. The best way is to pick the automated transfer method. Proximately, you have to pick any of the trusted and reliable tools to transfer Cox email to your Gmail account. The right data migration tool transfers Cox email to Gmail without any error or hassle. To migrate the data from one service provider to another, all you need is to download the trustworthy tool from their official websites and follow the on-screen instructions, which are super easy to follow. Anyone can perform them as there is no need to be technically sound.

Final Take Away

In this blog, we have discussed all the possible ways to create a backup of Cox web mail to a local drive. You can choose any of the methods to create a backup of Cox web mail. If you are wondering how to transfer Cox mail to Gmail, we have simply explained the complete procedure. Just go through the above-mentioned steps and successfully migrate your email data to another platform. We hope that this blog clears all your doubts about email data migration. If you are still facing any other issues, do let us know. We will try our best to solve the problems for you. For other updates, do read our other blogs also.

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