How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open Issue?

How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open Issue?

AOL Desktop Gold login issue is one of the most common problems encountered by AOL users. This difficulty can create a mess and proves to be the most irritating Issue faced by AOL users. Here we have come up with help from this blog with ideas to fix the AOL Desktop Gold won’t open Issue. You can also install AOL Desktop Gold after removing this error.

Stay tuned with this blog to get the easiest and quickest way to get rid of this problem.

Root Causes of AOL Login Failure

  • The conflict caused by the Windows Operating system
  • The computer containing corrupted files
  • Improper supply of internet
  • Control on AOL program by any third party
  • Damaged device
  • Inappropriate device date and time setting
  • The machine running low on storage

Methods to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open Issue

It is advisable to follow steps accordingly to achieve the best result and resolution of the login, not working error.

  • A fundamental and most effective step is to reboot your computer and sign in again. This acts as the most effective step while facing login, not working issues.
  • Making a topographical error is the most common error while punching the credential. It is good to double-check the accuracy of credentials. 
  • If the system is fair and the password is accurate, the user must check for smooth internet connectivity. Check the router is turned on and indicated with green lights.

Still, the computer cannot connect with the internet, then refer to the internet connection guide. Users must also ensure that their computer files are not affected by worms, trojans, etc.

  • Clear the storage by dumping unnecessary files and free up the space to ensure the smooth function of AOL Desktop Gold
  • Still, the problem persists. Go to the control panel setting, and choose to update the window
  • Reinstall AOL Desktop gold followed by uninstallation of the software.


If you doubt AOL Desktop Gold, you can always call the AOL customer service number and ask for help. Certified experts are available to help you resolve any error related to AOL Desktop Gold. You will get a step-by-step guide to fix the login issue so that you can carry on with your work without any problems. But it is a wise decision to try to download AOL Desktop Gold again with the updated version. This step will surely solve the login issue of AOL Desktop Gold.

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1. Restore AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing

How to Restore Missing AOL Desktop Gold Icon?

How to Restore Missing AOL Desktop Gold Icon?

AOL Phone Number: 1-844-396-9001

Are you getting annoyed with the missing AOL desktop gold icon on your computer screen? You probably may get stressed up with the error saying “Desktop Missing Icon” on your system’s screen. Don’t worry; this error is quite common that users face when they open their desktop gold software to send emails and attachments. Moreover, AOL desktop gold software has been widely used across the globe because of its enhanced and powerful features. It’s the all-in-one desktop software that allows you to mail, browsing, search, and helps in preventing your AOL account from being hacked. So, if you want to know the process of AOL gold download and get back your missing AOL gold icon on the desktop screen, then this blog is for you! This blog will give you detailed information about the reasons for the error and also steps to rectify the problem quickly.

Reasons for Missing/Disappeared AOL Desktop Gold Icon

Whenever a technical issue is found, it becomes difficult to detect the actual reasons for it. Some of the reasons for the missing AOL desktop gold icon are listed below:

  • Due to the improper installation of the software in your operating system.
  • Using damaged or a corrupted hard disk.
  • Existence of any virus and malware in the system.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps To Restore AOL Desktop Gold Icon

Here we have mentioned several solutions to let you recover the missing AOL gold icon on your computer screen faster.

Solution 1: (Prefer changing the steps of the windows)

Step 1: Right-click on the windows > Sub Menu > View Option
Step 2: Find the desktop icon from the list where you need to find the uncheck box and hit ‘Select.’
Step 3: After this step, click the F5 button to refresh the window
Step 4: The AOL gold icon should appear on the screen after this step. If it still does not appear, then all you have to do now is ‘Restart’ your system.

If you are still unable to locate the icon, then without any doubt, continue with the next procedure to rectify the error quickly.

Solution 2: Detect Virus and Malware Software in Your System

Step 1: If your system does not consist of any virus or malware software installed, then go on and browse the ‘Download PC Scanner Tool’ on Google.
Step 2: When the installation of the PC Scanner Tool is done in your system, it’s time to run the Antivirus scan.
Step 3: Always opt for full system scanning to detect any malware and virus in the system.
Step 4: After the scanning got done, a list of all malware and affected programs would appear on your screen.
Step 5: After the detection of the virus, select it one by one and right-click on them, and hit ‘Delete.’ You are required to do it for all the folders.
Step 6: Once all the virus gets deleted from the system, you will get a notification stating ‘Virus Deleted’ on your screen.
Step 7: It’s time to restart the system and see if the AOL missing gold icon can be seen on the desktop or not.
Step 8: If not, then all you will have to do is create a shortcut of the icon on your desktop’s home screen display.

Advanced Troubleshooting Steps to Restore Missing AOL Gold Icon

If the basic troubleshooting steps are not working for you in restoring the icon, then you can follow these advanced steps to recover the AOL gold icon without any hassle.

Step 1: Click the ‘Start’ button present in the left bottom corner of your desktop and go to ‘Control Panel.’
Step 2: Get your cursor on the ‘System and Security option and click on ‘Fix and Find Problems.’
Step 3: The next step would be to select the ‘System and Security option and click on the ‘Computer Maintenance.’
Step 4: Select the ‘radio button’ to switch off the system maintenance.
Step 5: After doing all these steps, restart your computer.

After following these steps properly, the issue will be resolved within a few minutes. However, the AOL gold icon keeps removing itself from the computer screen because of the improper installation of the software or using the corrupted software. Follow these above-mentioned steps to conquer the AOL gold icon disappeared issue quickly. If the error persists, you can get the help of professionals to fix it over the phone.