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What is Operating System?

Operating System is a program that controls computer hardware, software and offers various common services. It assists you in communicating with your system without understanding your computer language. A computer’s existence is useless without an operating system. An operating system manages the computer processes, memory, hardware, and software. At the same time, various other programs are running, and they may access your memory, storage and Central Processing Unit (CPU). Operating system will coordinate with them to ensure that each program will get what it requires. While using it, you may face various issues. You can resolve the operating system’s problems by getting in touch with Operating system customer support team.

Types of Operating System

Operating systems are pre-installed when you purchase any computer from the market. Several users use an operating system that comes with your computer and can be modified or updated soon. The three common operating systems for the personal computer are Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. Several operating systems utilize a graphical user interface (GUI). Use your mouse to press icons, buttons, menus, and everything is clearly shown on the screen using a combination of graphics and text.

Each operating system has a distinct look and feels; if you switch to another operating system, it may seem inaccessible. Modern operating systems are designed for simple to use, and few basic principles are similar for them.

1: Microsoft Windows

Microsoft company created the Windows Operating System in the middle of the year 1980. Various operating systems have different versions, but the latest ones are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Vista. Windows are pre-loaded on several computers that assist you in making it the most prominent operating system in the world.

2. macOS

Apple has developed macOS operating system. It is pre-installed on all Mac computers. Few particular Mac versions are Mojave, High Sierra, and Sierra. macOS has only 10% of users compared to Windows users, which is very low as compared to Windows operating system. Another reason behind fewer users is that it comes at a high cost. However, various people recommend the observation and feel of macOS over Windows.

3. Linux

LINUX is a group of open-source operating systems that can be modified and categorized by anyone worldwide. It is separated from proprietary software such as Windows and can be updated by the owner of this operating system. The benefits of LINUX are free, and there are a lot of versions that you can select from it. Linux users are less than 2% as compared to all operating systems globally. Many servers run Linux because it is simple to customize.

What Are Operating Systems for Mobile Phones?

The above-operating systems are used on desktops and laptops. Mobiles, tablets, and MP3 players are dissimilar from desktop and laptop computers, and they run operating systems designed especially for mobile devices. There are few examples of mobile operating systems, which include Apple iOS and Google Android. Operating systems for mobile devices are not fully featured but are made for desktop and laptop computers. However, you can perform many things with them like watching movies, browsing the web, managing your calendar, and playing games.

Features of Operating System

  • Single-Tasking and Multi-Tasking Program

A single-tasking operates only one program simultaneously, but a multi-tasking operating system runs multiple programs simultaneously. It can be achieved through time-sharing, where available processing time is distributed between various processes. These steps are disturbed continuously between each time slot by a task-scheduling subsystem. Multiple-tasking is categorized into anticipatory and cooperative types.

  • Distributed Operating System

A distributed operating system is now referred to as networking. Networking connects multiple computers in one chain and makes them appear as a single computer as everything is divided among the shared network.

  • Templated

In a cloud computing topic of the operating system, templating refers to develop a virtual operating system like a guest operating system and running various computers on a single tool. The strategy is used both in virtualization and cloud computing management and is common in large server housings.

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