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Do You Know About Web Browser?

A web browser is a normal term largely used by people while browsing something on the internet. Few people are aware of its appropriate explanation. A software program used to search for something on the World Wide Web is a Web Browser. If a user requires any detail, it extracts the data from a web server and displays it on the user’s webpage screen.

It has become essential to understand why a web browser is important for students to prepare. Computer knowledge is a simple topic for several competitive examinations, and web browser questions can be asked.

This blog will explain various types of browsers and their development over the years. Web browsers are explained with some frequently asked questions with their answers required to understand it deeply.

Are You Aware of the History of Web Browser?

Today, web browsers are easily accessible that can be used on various devices like computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc. But, the emergence of web browser for easy access has taken many years to develop it.

There are few important points given below to explain its web browser history.

1: Tim Berners Lee created the first web browser named as World Wide Web in 1990. The recent browser is totally different from the World Wide Web browser.

2: The Mosaic web browser came into existence in 1993. This browser was the world’s first prominent browser. The browser has the attractive features for additional images and a creative graphical interface.

3: Netscape Navigator browser was launched in the market for use in 1994.

4: Internet Explorer was developed in 1995 and used by millions of users to access information

5: Mozilla Firefox browser was more competitive than Internet Explorer and was ready for use in 2002.

There are various software development companies that have developed some exceptional browsers with fewer issues years by years. Recently, Google Chrome has been one of the most extensively used browsers across the globe.

Functions of a Web Browser

The use of the internet has quietly increased. Few points explain the activities of web browsers and how they are advantageous.

A: The primary activity of a web browser is to extract information from the World Wide Web that can be beneficial for users

B: Browsing of any website can be performed by using a web browser. If the URL is mentioned in a browser, the web server will open the same website as asked by you.

C: Plugins are used on web browsers to activate Java Applets and Flash Content

D: The browser makes internet surfing possible as you approach a website, click the Hyperlinks, and receive multiple information online.

E: A browser uses an internal cache that may get saved, and the user can access the same webpage without using additional data.

F: Several web pages can be accessed at the same time on a web browser.

G: Various options such as home, forward, reload, and stop reload should be present on these web browsers to make it simple and convenient.

Categories of A Web Browser

The working of all users is similar, i.e., navigating or browsing some information on the internet. Few web browsers have been used recently, and these browsers are explained below in detail.

1: Internet Explorer

  • This browser was developed and launched in 1995 by Microsoft
  • Till 2003, it has observed 95% of its usage by users and became the most popular among users
  • Internet Explorer 10th version was developed by Microsoft and upgraded timely
  • It also involves the MS Windows operating system
  • As it became the default browser in Windows 10 in 2015, MS Edge browser has replaced it.

2: Firefox

  • Mozilla Firefox was developed in 2002, and Firefox has taken over the large usage share of the internet explorer browser
  • It has become the prominent browser during the explorer 2003-04
  • The selective location browsing is made possible with Mozilla Firefox
  • This internet browser was also made available for mobile phones, tablets, etc.

3: Google Chrome

  • Google established this browser in 2008
  • This is a cross-platform web browser
  • Various features from old browsers were mixed up to form a better and new feature
  • Google has developed the ad-blocking feature to keep the user information secured and protect your systems from malware attacks
  • Google Incognito is used mostly for private searches where no cookies or history is saved.

There are various situations where you may face technical issues. These problems can be either slow running of the browser, no response from a web browser, not working, etc. Few errors can provide users with a difficult time, and when they connect with the Browser support number, these technical issues will be resolved quickly. Let’s go through some categories of a web browser.

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