How to Fix HP Printer Not Printing Issue?

How to Fix HP Printer Not Printing Issue?
May 07, 2019     Admin     HP Printer

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The issue of printer, not printing is a common malfunction that the users of HP Printers face. There are several reasons because of which the user might have to face this issue, some of the most common reasons are connectivity issues and incorrect configuration or drivers.

It is often found that users struggle to find an accurate solution to overcome this issue. Some of the most effective and efficient solutions to these issues are explained in this blog, and it would come in handy while trying to overcome this issue. The users also have the option of connecting with HP printer support number to efficiently understand this issue.

Basic HP Printer Troubleshooting Methods

Undertake Basic Troubleshooting
You can take up basic troubleshooting methods like checking the status of the connection between your printer and computer. You can also make sure that your device is connected correctly with each other. Another option that you can take up is trying to restart your device, unplug and plug all the cords of the printer.

Update or even reinstall Printer Driver
When you come across this issue, it would mainly be because of some faulty drivers. The most effective way to solve this issue is by updating or reinstalling the printer drivers. You can easily do this process by navigating to the official website of HP Printers where you can easily find the latest version of the driver for your printer. You either update your driver or even uninstall the existing driver and then reinstall the driver.

Set the HP Printer as default
When the user gives a print command the task is automatically assigned to the default printer until you choose another printer on purpose. So, when you face the issue of printer not printing, assigning the HP Printer as your default printer would also solve the problem. If you wish to set HP printer as your default printer, the steps that you have to follow are as given below:

  • Access the control panel on your system and choose the option of Devices and Printers.
  • Now in the printer section, right click on the HP printer and then opt for the option of ‘Set as default printer.’
  • You would be able to see a tick below the icon of your HP printer when you have successfully set the printer as your default printer.

Terminate all the Print Jobs
One possible reason for you facing the issue of printer, not printing is when your print command is stuck in the print queue. You would have to remove all the commands in the print queue to solve this issue. The steps to solve this are:

  • Access the option of ‘Devices and Printers’ in the Control Panel.
  • Now, right click on the option of HP printer in the printers section and then see what’s a printer.
  • Further, open printer menu and then select the option of Open as administrator.
  • Open the printer menu again and then opt to cancel all documents.
  • Once you confirm your action, all the print jobs on your printer would be canceled.

Check printer Status
It is essential that you check your printer has enough paper, ink or toner and that there is no issue of a paper jam. Ensure that your cartridge is in good condition. It is necessary that use only genuine HP products on your HP printer.

If you are unable to solve the issue using the steps given to you above, the best option that you would have is to contact HP Printer technical support. This service is available all around the clock and is free of charge. They would provide you with all the necessary assistance to overcome the issue.

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