How to Install Norton Antivirus on Mac Computer?

How to Install Norton Antivirus on Mac Computer?
May 28, 2019     Admin     Norton

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The process of installing Norton Antivirus on a Mac device is different from installing it on Windows. Even though Norton provides a download option for both the platforms, the process that you would have to undertake is different. The users can figure out the difference by going through this blog. The users can also connect with the Norton support phone number to understand more about the software and its functioning.

Process of Installing Norton Antivirus on Mac

The steps that you would have to undertake in order to install Norton Antivirus on your system successfully is as given below:

Step 1: Activate Norton Antivirus for Mac computer

Activating the Norton Antivirus is the primary thing that the user would have to do. If the users have bought the software from a retail store, then they would a retail care with a 25 digit code. If you have purchased the software from the official Norton Website, then you would get the activation key in your registered email address.

When you have the product key, the steps that you would have to follow is as given below:

  • Access the browser that you have on your system.
  • In the address bar, type the link ‘’
  • Further sign in to your account.
  • Then you would have to use the 25 digit Norton Product key.

Once you have activated the antivirus software, you would have to download and install the Norton Antivirus software.

Step 2: Download and Install Norton Antivirus

  • Once you have successfully activated Norton, then you would have to navigate to your Norton Account and then under the services section select the Norton product.
  • You would then have to download the Norton Product for Mac.
  • After the download is complete, run the application and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Once the Norton software is installed and activated, restart your computer.

Step 3: Setup Norton Antivirus

  • The last step that you would have to undertake in the process of setup.
  • Ensure that you have a strong and stable internet connection on your system.
  • Also, check whether you are using the latest version of Norton Antivirus.
  • Also make sure that the firewall settings have set accurately if possible, update your system’s operating system as well.
  • It is also suggested that you run a full Norton Antivirus scan on your system.

Things to keep in mind installing Norton Antivirus on Mac systems

  • The users must make sure that they are not using any other Antivirus security software while using Norton Antivirus on their system as thing might cause conflicts.
  • Always remember to reboot your system before and after installing Norton Antivirus.
  • Keep a close check on the usage of your computer and avoid performing any unnecessary scan as then it might feed on your computer resources.
  • Always make sure that your system is updated and add Norton extension for Norton SafeGuard, Norton Toolbar for safe banking and browsing the internet.

Following the information given accurately would ensure that you are effectively able to install Norton Antivirus on your Mac Device. If you come across any issue, the users can easily connect with the Norton customer service number and avail professional assistance.

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