Simplifi By Quicken – A Detailed Guide

Simplifi By Quicken - A Detailed Guide
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Want to grab Knowledge about Simplifi by Quicken? If that is the case, then your Online search ends here.

Quicken is one of the most favored accounting apps, used by millions of people all around the globe. It is a personal finance management tool from Intuit, Inc. A few years ago, Quicken announced a modern Budget and money-tracking App named Simplifi. This App is comfortable with Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Simplifi is specially made to target a younger audience and the people who want to keep track of their financial Account every day and who works toward achieving their saving goals. It is one of the best budgeting tools with many way-to-use tracking experiences. But to access the App, you have to pay some charges that depend on the subscription you are opting for. Further to know more, simply go through this article.

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What does a Personal Finance App mean?

A personal Finance app is a program that helps you in keeping track of your expenses, investments, bill payment, and savings every month. It also updates you if your credit score changes. It gives you a place where you can find all your card details including both Credit and Debit cards.
You can simply connect all your Accounts to the App and track further activities in it. This will alert you if someone else has gained authority over your Account, and it will also notify you if any of your account balance is low.

What is different in Simplifi from Quicken?

Simplifi has introduced a number of additional services for its new users, including the Custom income option. Apart from that, Simplifi also introduced multiple improvements in its investment tracking tools. Moreover, it has introduced a brand new tool to recognize the personal achievements of the user.

What are the Most Popular Features of Simplifi?

Do you want to invest your money in Simplifi, but are not sure about its features? Don’t worry; we will give you a detailed description of all the important features of Simplifi.

Simplified Budgeting

Budgeting is a tough task, right? That is why in Simplifi by Quicken, there is Budgeting Process. One can easily make a budget by just following the on-screen instruction. Apart from that, you can also see your monthly cash flow and find how much extra capital you have left to spend.

Customizable Categories

It is not a hidden fact that every individual Financial status is different. So considering that Simplifi by Quicken has introduced a customizable category to handle your expenses and spending. Thus, you can simply generate and modify categories according to your money-spending habits.

Investment Tracking

You have made some investments for a secure future, but if you are not tracking it properly, will it be beneficial for you? Definitely not; thus, to track them properly and make the most profit out of it, there is an option of Investment Tracking in Simplifi. It allows you to track your investment and find out if they are performing well or not.

Moreover, you also have the option to see your investment portfolio and find out if it is balanced properly.

Proper Personalized Insights

The App also gives its users a personalized insight into their money-spending habits. You can check where you are spending your money and review if you can cut it out.

Bill Alerts

Worried about your bill payments? With Simplifi by Quicken, you get the option of Bill Reminders so that you won’t face any negative impact by missing the bill dates. Simply set a reminder for your upcoming bills and get the alert message on the due date.

Better User Interface

The user interface of the App is completely resigned to help the users. This new interface is easy to use. Thus, users won’t have to encounter any major problems while accessing it.

Enhanced Security

Whenever you are opting for any accounting program, safety must need to be your first priority. Hence, Simplifi by Quicken has introduced the most enhanced and secure version of the software. You have a two-factor authentication option to provide an extra layer of security to your Account.

Furthermore, you also get bank-level encryption to safeguard your financial data properly.

In conclusion, there are multiple new features of Simplifi by Quicken that make it an even more powerful personal finance app. 

What is the Starting Phase of Simplifi by Quicken?

Now, after gathering ample information about the most loved features of Simplifi, let’s get a brief idea to start it.

  • Initially, Create an Account, and enter your Zip Code.
  • Thereafter you have the option to add connected or manual accounts.
  • Next, you have to make sure about the Bill Confirmation and income. Once you have added your count, Simplifi will ask you about your income and expenditure.
  • Moving ahead, the Program will verify your downloaded transactions, and you will receive the list of things on which you spend your money.
  • You have the option to deselect any of them according to your needs.
  • Now, once you have selected everything as per your requirements and preference, use the Program effortlessly.

What are the Steps to Track Your Income in Simplifi App?

In this section of the blog, we have discussed the detailed ways to track your income using Simplifi by Quicken.

Set Up your Account

In this particular step, you have to connect your Bank Account, credit card, or any other account details which you want to track.
a)  Launch Simplifi and click on the Accounts Tab.
b)  Thereafter select the Add Account option, and follow the on-screen instruction to link your Account with Simplifi.
c)  Now, after the process is complete, you can see all your transaction details in place.

Categorize Your Transactions

Now, you have to categorize your Transaction to understand where your money is going, which helps you in creating a perfect budget.
a)  Select the transaction Tab, and look for Transactions. Now categorize them by hitting the Apt category.
b)  In case the Transaction doesn’t fit into any existing category, create a new one.

Generate a Budget

After Categorizing the Transaction, you have to create a Budget. It will help you in finding your expenses and savings.
a)  Generate the Budget Tab.
b)  Now, follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.
c)  Next, utilize the category you created to create your Budget categories.
d)  Moving ahead, set a limit for all the categories, and track your spending throughout the month.

Keep an Eye on Your Finances

Once you have set up your Account, categorized the Transaction, and created a budget, now you have to monitor your finances daily. This will guide you in staying on track and making modifications as required.
a)  At the beginning of the process, choose the Overview option to get the summary of your Finance details.
b)  Thereon, Check your Transactions and ensure that they are categorized in a proper way.
c)  Review your budget and adjust it if required.
d)  Now, use these reports in Simplifi App to grab a better idea about your finances.

Does the user Have to Categorize Every Transaction?

See, if you are worrying that you have to categorize all the Transactions, then that’s not the case. You have to initiate reviewing and categorizing the Transaction from the first day you sign in to your Simplifi Account, But in case you are encountering an issue, then you might have to do so frequently for at least a month.

Does Simplifi Track Your Bills?

Of course, Simplifi tracks your Bills, but the bill tracking mechanism is not as strong as Mint software. However, you have options to include Bills in your Monthly expense. You can add notes and attachments to mention or split the Transaction.

Note: You can also exclude a particular entry from your spending Plan or Report using the Toggle button.

Is it Safe to use Simplifi App?

Yet have a fear of safety? Don’t worry. Like every Personal Finance app, Simplifi also has Robust Security. They use the technology used by these Apps is similar to Banks to safeguard your data. However, even after all these, you still have to be alert about your sensitive data.

When you opt for Quicken, you know you are going to receive the best security, as one of the best features of Quicken is the multi-factor authentication.

Concluding Note!

We hope in this blog, we were able to provide you with apt information about Simplifi by Quicken. In case you need any extra knowledge or help while setting up your Quicken account or in future use as well, then you can dial  our toll free number +1-855-362-0770 to contact our Accounting and Finance experts anytime. These experts are available around the clock to help people globally. Thus feel free to contact!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Simplifi App tracks all your spending by categories, all by itself. However, you have to give it some time and training to get the apt results. Apart from that you can keep an eye on your net worth, income store refunds, saving, and other things as well.

With Simplifi, you don’t get tax planning abilities. But you can only track your tax-related spending and income transaction.
However, with Quicken, you have the option to have a detailed track of your taxable and tax-deferred accounts, tax-related software, exporting abilities, etc.

You know nothing is free in the world, right? The same goes for Simplifi App; you have to pay to access it. It has multiple plans for different users. You can opt for the plans according to your budget and needs.

Simplifi offers users 30 days free trial period, where they don’t have to pay anything for any service. After 30 days, they have two options one is to pay $2.99 per month for the annual plan, and another one is $3.99 a month for the monthly plan. Apart from this, you don’t have to pay any additional fee.

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