Where is the WPS Button on My Netgear Router?

WPS Button on Netgear Router
May 23, 2023     Admin     Routers

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Generally, people know about a router in white or black as a box placed in the corner. This box has green or orange lights that flash continuously. Suppose you are using the Netgear router, you never know how it is working and the WPS button location.

Users might have seen blinking lights while the router in operation. Never think about any problem while calling, emailing, or chatting with Netgear customer service to resolve it quickly.

Navigate WPS Button on Netgear Router

Using routers having little knowledge about resolving problems connected to it can be dangerous. Nowadays, many users don’t have any necessity to know about the router how it works. Few different buttons have more meaning than their working information. Many users call customer support to understand and resolve the router issue, but these questions are quite meaningless because it seems they have already fixed them.

Here, you will get knowledge of some better technicality about Netgear router. You must read few guidelines from the technical manual while facing any problem with the Netgear router. It can be a WPS button finding an issue on Netgear routers.

Why is the Use of WPS Button?

You must know first the meaning of the WPS button. The WPS button is not available in the Netgear router but on every router.

WPS is an acronym of something so crucial and valuable.Wi-Fi Protected set up take care of your internet security.

Take a Look at the Easiest Way to Get WPS Button on My Netgear Router

WPS button is used on the router to connect Wi-Fi network without a password. It means the person who will come near you can access your Wi-Fi network. The WPS button is available to use more often when you have lost your Wi-Fi password.

Few procedures are listed below to find the WPS button on the Netgear router

  • First of all, do some homework on essential things. Check if your router is on or not. To examine if the router-id is switch on to confirm the lights of your router.
  • Lights are switched off; the router is turned on, so you must plug the router with an electrical supply and turn it on.
  • After that, get where is the WPS button on the corresponding router. 
  • Button WPS is present at the back of any router, so it’s the same with the Netgear Router.
  • Therefore, you must take your mobile to the system and connect to the WPS network. Get the proper information on how to connect WPS through your router. It will assist you in clicking WPS to find where is the button on my Netgear Router.


After reading the above steps, you must get the button on the Netgear router. Suppose you can’t locate it, then you must dial Netgear phone number to fix it immediately. The technical care center is available round the clock to assist you. The technical team are professional to handle any request from its customers.

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