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Users utilize email services for both personal as well as for their business needs. With the help of Mozilla Thunderbird, the users get a better version of email services. Mozilla Thunderbird is a cross-platform online email service provider who assists the users in managing their emails, chats, news feeds, and other important aspects. Mozilla Thunderbird is very easy to use and is compatible with most of the operating systems. This is an email application which has been developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla Thunderbird does not possess an email address of its own, but the users can use the application to associate with most email service providers. They have focused on providing the users with complete control of their emails accounts. The users can also use multiple add-on features to attain a more tailor-made experience while using this service. This service provided is completely free of charge and can be downloaded by anyone. The users can learn more about the features and issues related to this service by going through this blog. The users also have the benefit of connecting with Thunderbird support number, where they would be assisted by trained professionals with any aspect related to this service.

Features of Mozilla Thunderbird

There are several amazing features that this email service provider brings to the table. They have also made sure that while inculcating multiple features, the security of the users is not compromised. There is way more to this service than just sending and receiving emails. Some of the most prominent features that Mozilla Thunderbird provides to the users are listed below:

Account Setup Wizard: While setting up Thunderbird, the users can easily use the Thunderbird Setup Wizard using with the process of settings up the email gets very simple and the users can easily start utilizing the email platform.

Multiplatform Support: If you wish to use the services of Thunderbird email service, the users have the additional benefit that this email can be used on various operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

Email Management: Email management is an important aspect to have everything organized. While using the services of Mozilla Thunderbird, the users can include various tools which would help them in efficiently managing their email address using multiple folders.

Tabbed Email: This email service provides the users with the feature of an innovatively tabbed email which would allow the users to open multiple emails tabs which would aid them in accessing more emails easily.

One-click Address Book: This email platform, provides the uses with the feature of one-click address book, this option assists the users to locate their contacts quickly and also helps them update the contact info easily.

Security and Storage: Mozilla Thunderbird uses 256-bit encryption, which is highly effective in safeguarding your data, and this service also offers the users with a maximum storage capacity of 4 gigabytes.

Personalized Email Option: The users have the freedom of editing the overall look of the Mozilla Thunderbird. The users can pitch in their creativity and use personalized themes for their email accounts.

Advanced Privacy Protection: While using the service of Mozilla Thunderbird, the users do not need to worry about privacy. Thunderbird uses an advanced security and filter software which would automatically block emails that would harm your system.

User Privacy: This email service offers the users with the feature of ‘Do Not Track’ where the users get complete protection and privacy while browsing.

Message Archive: In this email service, the users can easily archive their emails. This helps the users to keep track of important emails and to store them for any possible future reference.

Automatic Update: Mozilla Thunderbird constantly keeps scanning your system to make sure that you are using the latest version of the software. It also notifies you whenever there is an update required.

The users can attain more information regarding this software by connecting with the Mozilla Thunderbird customer service. The professionals at this service would give you all the required information.

Common Issues faced while using Mozilla Thunderbird

Even though this software has been highly resourceful in the service that it provides, there are certain issues that the users come across while using this email service. Some of the most common issues have been stated below:

  • The issue faced by users when the server does not support the encryption.
  • The problems which the users encounter when the trash folder is corrupted, and there is difficulty in deleting messages.
  • The malfunction where the users are unable to receive messages.
  • The issue of users not being able to send messages.
  • Troubles faced by the users because of the constant crashing of Thunderbird.

These are some of the most common issues which the users might come across while using the Mozilla Thunderbird software. These are issues which can easily be solved with the help of some simple troubleshooting methods. When faced with such a situation, the users can also connect with Thunderbird customer support, where the professionals would give you all the required assistance to overcome the problem that you are facing. This service is available on a 24-hour basis and is absolutely free of cost.

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