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Dell Printer Customer Service Number

Phone Number :   1 (800) 624-9897
Call Time :  24 hours, 7 days, also available on Holidays.
Support :  (Talk to human – 18553620770)
For online help :  DELL Customer Care
Company URL :

How does Dell provide Support for Printers?

Dell printers have touched our lives in ways unimaginable. It has always provided a favourable way of printing documents. The easy user interface has made it one of the most favoured devices. Dell has easily established itself as the leader in computers and its peripherals. But when it comes to printers, Dell has known to never compromise on the quality. Dell’s printers are known to give a sleek and premium look and are ergonomically strong. It is because of these features that Dell printers have an extended lifespan and an outstanding output, much better compared to its counterparts from other companies. Dell Customer Service and Dell Support are known to quickly resolve issues of its customers.

Although, a modern-day printer comes with major benefits, it is not an easy task to deal with a printer as it can cause several problems in its lifespan. Hence the Dell customer support. In this blog, we are going to understand about the various support channels through which dell support provides its support services and how can they assist in your redressal mechanism towards a host of issues that you might encounter.

Issues that a Dell printer might encounter

Before we understand the kind of support that Dell customer support provides, we might want to know about the problems that a Dell printer might face. Below-mentioned are some of these issues:

  • Choked printer catridges

  • Alignment and Functional issues of printer

  • Unable to adjust speed of printing

  • Paper tray blockage

  • Networking issues

  • Printing issues due to malware or viruses

  • Worse printing quality

  • Accidental damage to parts

Dell Support Channels

Dell provides support to its customers in a number of ways. It has a number of dell help channels that can provide you with technical support regarding your Dell devices. Dell users can get self-help on these channels about their product’s technical issues. They can get the required information and then attempt to resolve their issues by themselves. There are generally three main support channels of Dell through which you can resolve your issues. They are as follows:

  • Dell Support Site at

  • Dell Support YouTube Channel

  • Dell Community Forum

  • Dell Customer Service number

  • Dell Live Chat Support

Let us understand each of these in detail.

Dell Support Site at

  • Identifying your device

As shown in the picture below, Dell gives you an opportunity to select your device by putting in the service tag, service number, model name etc. After you fill in the identification, it shows you a list of troubleshooting tips from its knowledge base.

  • Separate options for different device parts

Dell also gives options for troubleshooting various devices. For instance, Dell Support gives separate options for Audio & Speakers, Dell printers, battery, power and fan, operating systems etc. It also provides troubleshooting manuals and videos so that you can identify the issue yourself and then resolve it.

  • Auto-detection of support device

The auto-detection of device which you want support for is a special feature in Dell Support. If you are using the same device for which you want resolution, then Dell gives you an option where it can automatically detect your device and then it can provide support for the same.

  • Dell Printers Support

Dell provides printer support for two kinds of printers: Dell Inkjet printers and Dell Laser printers. Dell support in Dell Inkjet printers provides help for All-In-One Inkjet printers with Spooler errors, issues with finding drivers, Wireless printer issues, troubleshooting, setup etc. Support for Dell Laser printers includes issues with printing a page, spooler issues, finding drivers, wireless printing issues.

Dell Customer Service Number

The company also has a dedicated Dell helpline number that the Dell users can call for printing support. Users can call  1 (800) 624-9897 all 24 hours a day for 7 days a week including even Holidays. Should you need to talk to an agent, then you need to call dell customer support at 18553620770.

Dell Live Chat Support

Dell also has a live chat feature where an agent is live talking to you on chat and resolves whatever issues you are facing. This feature is widely used support option that a lot of people prefer because of lack of time or knowledge.

Dell Support YouTube Channel

The Dell Support YouTube channel is loaded with informational content and troubleshooting tips delivered in easy to follow step-by-step tutorials. You can watch how to fix issues, learn ways to get more out of your device and discover additional guides covering an array of tech topics.

Dell Community Forum

The Dell community forum is one of the most extraordinary features of Dell Support. The Dell Community Forum allows you to interact with other Dell users. It’s a place where you can post questions and answers, share interesting insights, engage in conversations on hot technical topics, follow blogs and browse message boards. You can also become experts and answer other users’ queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need Wi-Fi switched on to print. Dell Mobile print requires Wi-Fi to connect with networks that enable Dell printers to print.

Yes, if you know the IP Address of the printer, then Dell Mobile Print can directly print to that printer. You can add Manually Add printer by selecting menu functions on the Printer Selection screen.

IP Address is the unique internet protocol address of the printer. You can know the IP address of your printer by printing a test page.

No, you do not need printer drivers for your printer. Dell Mobile Print configures itself for printing to network printers that are supported.

No, you cannot print pages using USB. Dell Mobile Print supports only Wi-Fi accessed networks.

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