McAfee Customer Service Number

Phone Number :  +1-866-622-3911
Call Time :  24 hours, 7 days, also available on Holidays.
Support :  (Talk to human – 18553620770)
For online help :  McAfee Customer Care
Company URL :

How to Contact McAfee Customer Service?

Are you also thinking about purchasing the McAfee customer services? Then you are in the right place. In this blog post, we will provide you with all the information about contacting McAfee’s customer care team to get complete information about the McAfee customer service number. So, stay tuned and read this McAfee customer service blog till the end.

How to talk to a live person at McAfee?

If you want to speak with a live person at McAfee Customer Service, you have to dial 1-888-847-8766. Now, to talk with a live person, you have to press the 4th keypad, then press 2 in the second prompt, and thereon, you have to wait for 1 to 3 minutes to get your call connected with their team.

Apart from that, you can also use the below steps in the customer service phone number.

  • First, press 1 in case you are a home or home office customer.
  • Press 2 for if you are a business customer or if have a grand number.
  • Press 3 for security alliance partner.
  • Press 4 for other matters.
  • To repeat the above points, then press pound.

In case you press the 4th, then you will get the following sub-menu which is as follows.

  • If you know the extension, then press 1.
  • Press 2 to reach out to the operator.
  • Press pound to repeat these options.

Detailed List of McAfee Helpline Number

Here is the complete list of McAfee customer support numbers, which you can call to resolve all your queries.


McAfee customer service phone number 1-888-847-8766
For Home & Home Office Support 1-866-622-3911
For Corporate Sales 1-888-847-8766
For System Protection – McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention 1-888-847-8766
Emergency Incident Response 1-877-913-6863
For Tech Support 1-800-937-2237

McAfee Social Media Pages

For McAfee Support, you can also visit their social media platforms. Their team is also actively managing their social platforms for reaching out to their customers. So, here is the list of the McAfee social media platform pages.

How to Live Chat with McAfee Team?

Currently, McAfee live chat is not available. Users only have the option to speak with their team by dialing their official customer care numbers, which are mentioned above.

McAfee Email ID

McAfee users also have the option to reach out to their official customer care team by sending an email. The official email address of McAfee is “”

McAfee Corporate Address

At last, let’s have a look at the official addresses of McAfee offices.

1. For North America and LTAM local sites:

McAfee, LLC

6220 America Center Drive

San Jose, CA 95002


2. For EMEA and APAC local sites:

McAfee Ireland Limited

c /o McAfee, LLC

6220 America Center Drive

San Jose, CA 95002


Official McAfee Support Page

The last option for resolving your query is to visit McAfee’s official support page. Here is the link to the official Support Page of McAfee. Through this page, you can check for all the topics in which you have a query. You can also search for the top topics the McAfee users frequently ask.


So, that’s all with today’s blog. In this blog, we have listed all the information about McAfee Help. We have provided information about ways to contact the McAfee customer service team. If you still have any queries related to the topic, feel free to reach out to us through the chat box. You can also mail us your query at Our experienced and professional experts are available 24*7 at the help desk to provide you with all the information on the customer services of any company.

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