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How to Contact Samsung Printer Customer Service?

Phone Number : +1855-362-0770
Call Time :  24 hours, 7 days, also available on Holidays.
Support :  (Talk to human – +1855-362-0770)
For online help : Samsung Customer Care
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Samsung Printers are among the top-class printers available for users. For any working professional, a printer has become a necessity in order to prepare and print important documents for business purposes. However, while using the Samsung Printer, users might encounter various issues due to which sometimes the printer stops printing, and their working activity is interrupted. For that, the user sometimes requires technical support when they cannot troubleshoot the problem on their own. Here we will discuss some common problems which occur while running the Samsung and how you can contact Samsung Printer Customer Service Number.

Common Errors that occur while using Samsung Printer

Various possible common issues that users might regularly encounter while working are listed below:

Common Hardware error in Samsung Printer

  • Scanning Error: This error might occur in case of a loose connection, or you may use a poor-quality cable for data transmission.
  • Paper Jam: This error occurred due to some issue caused by the printer sensor. You can troubleshoot this error by yourself manually, and if you are not able to resolve it, you need to change the sensor in your printer.
  • Square Print: If you are using any other browser apart from Chrome or Edge, you may encounter this error when your device prints square instead of text for which you have given the command to print.
  • Print Missing: Whenever you insert a paper of incorrect configuration, you might encounter this error where some portion of the text which is selected to be printed needs to be included.

Samsung Printer Internal Error

Error Possible Cause
Error Code Any problem with the fuser
Error Code 24 The printer’s memory is overloaded with too much data
Error Code 16 An issue with the cartridge
Error Code 50 Fuser Not heating up

How to Contact Samsung Customer Support

Users, if they require any technical assistance, can visit the official website to reach customer support for Samsung Printer. Based on your requirement, you can choose various means for assistance like mail, chat or call depending on your issue. Follow the given steps to reach out the Samsung Customer Support:

  • You need to visit customer support at Samsung and select the type of product you require assistance with.
  • You will be redirected to the HP website when you choose the printer option. From there, you need to select the printer number. After that, choose the model number.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you can select the issue you have that can easily be solved through troubleshooting. Apart from that, other options are available, which you can select depending on the issue you are facing.
Contact Samsung Printer Customer Service Number

If you need a Samsung Printer Customer Care number, you can get it from the official website of Samsung. At the bottom, click on the option click on “Contact us,” and based on your location, you will be provided the given Samsung Printer Customer Service number. You can also choose the live chat option and get immediate assistance.

Various means of assistance apart from Samsung Printer Helpline Number

Although calling the Samsung Printer Customer Care Number is the best way to reach tech support, where you can directly talk to the expert and discuss and get instant solutions, however, there are other means by which you can contact tech support to resolve their issues. Various means through you which you can reach out to Samsung Tech Support are listed below:

  • Samsung Live chat: Just go to the contact page of Samsung, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click “Chat with Us.” The live chat window will open where you must click “Start Chat.”
  • Text Message: Users can also get tech support through text messaging. You need to text your issue to 1-800-726-7864, and they will revert back with the given solution.
  • Email Support: In various regions, Samsung support does provide assistance through means of Email. You need to mention your Samsung Printer model number along with the trouble you are facing, and Samsung customer service will revert you with possible solutions.
  • Resources available on the Samsung Website: You can troubleshoot the problem with your Samsung printer through various resources available on the official Samsung website. Various available resources are listed below:
  1. Driver Installation manuals
  2. Blogs that provide useful information on various Samsung devices
  3. How-to-Videos
  4. Windows update information
Reach out to our Samsung Customer Service Number

Users, if they want, can call our Samsung Printer Helpline number, where our technical team is available 24*7 to assist you with any issue. Although various other customer services are available, we recommend you choose our tech support. The reason is that our technical team has experience in dealing with any issue you might face while using a Samsung printer. Not only Samsung printers, but you can also get assistance for any other printer you have installed with your system. Another reason to choose our Samsung Customer Services Number is that we provide technical assistance at a very reasonable price which anyone can easily afford.

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From the discussion, we hope we have provided enough information regarding Samsung Printer Helpline Number and other ways to reach Samsung Customer Support. However, in case you need more assistance, you can call us at the number given or just message us through the live chat option, and we will resolve the issue in the minimum time possible.


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