AOL Email Not Receiving Emails

AOL Email Not Receiving Emails
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AOL Email Not Receiving Emails, or you can also say AOL Email, is a common and free email service platform. It’s a division of Yahoo, which provides easy and secure transportation of Email. Started in 1993, AOL is the oldest webmail application present right now. Its user-friendly interface makes people love it.

AOL IMAP Not Working

An Overview of AOL Email not Receiving Emails

However, there are some difficulties that may arise while using an AOL account. So in this blog, we will look at some common issues with AOL Mail and its solutions.

Before going deep inside the problems, we first need to discuss the basic and common issues which can be a reason behind your AOL Mail not receiving emails:

Outdated Web browser

The first and the most common issue is an Outdated & older web browser. An older web browser has not just less security and privacy than newer ones, but it also affects the applications that rely on them. Those applications can experience compatibility issues, and sometimes you even download viruses and malware or lose your credit card details and many other personal details.

Bad Internet Connection

You all know that to send or receive an email, you need an Internet connection. Sometimes you blame the AOL Mail services for not working properly, but the problem is in the Internet connection, which you don’t even check. So, whenever you find an issue while receiving an Email, first check your Internet Connection. If that’s good, then go with AOL solutions.

Mail Server Down

Once you have checked your Email, and if it is working properly, then check the Mail provider’s server. There can be a higher possibility that the server is down, making it difficult for you to receive an email. Though the server down the problem is very rare with AOL mail, they do happen with an interval of time.

Outdated Operating System

If you are using Outdated software, your device can experience issues like malware, data breaches, and ransomware attacks. Apart from security reasons, it is necessary to make sure that your software is updated for different applications to work on your computer. The software update is repetitive but necessary.

Incorrect Mail Account

As same as the other email service providers, AOL also has its own set of setting configuration options for every Mail account. So before taking any action, check your Account Setting errors, i.e., an SMTP port error, or a mistype issue. They may create connectivity issues between your email service and your inbox.

Not Getting AOL Mail Email

If you are not receiving emails, these are the steps you can follow:

Check your Email Filters

AOL Mail’s filter is used to separate emails into different folders, depending on the specific keyword. This sometimes can create a crossover from new emails that contain a few same terms, so the Email may go to some other folder accidentality.

  •  Mail Settings> Filter Settings.
Check the Spam Folders

In AOL Mail, the spam folder contains all the suspicious, unwarranted, and useless Emails. Sometimes, the webmail email sends new emails automatically to the spam folder based on its own rules.

You can unspam it and move it to the inbox by More > Move to> Inbox.

Check the IMAP/POP3 Setting

IMAP and POP settings are mainly handled by external programs, like clients who connect to webmail servers. Problems can be as simple as a typo in the configuration or may be complicated issues like an old connection method.

Check Your Blacklist

AOL Mail’s blacklist is present in the ‘Block Senders’ setting, go there and Mail Settings > Block Senders. Check your list in the ‘Block Sender’, if you aren’t receiving the Email.

The problem in Sending an email

If you aren’t able to send an email to anyone, and you aren’t even receiving a ‘failed email’ response, then the problem must be about the SMTP setting. This is for both sending and receiving emails.

Problems In Getting Emails Back

If, even after following the previous steps, you aren’t able to get a solution, then follow the below-mentioned ways to fix your AOL mail.

Clear the Cache

Clean the Cache of your browser, this can prevent your personal information from being hacked as well as, it also helps your application run better on your computer, and if you haven’t cleaned the Cache, it leads to you not receiving an AOL email on your computer.

Cleaning cache means something like a soft reset where you remove temporary files from your computer and allow the browser to replace them when needed.

To clear Cache, you can go to chrome and click on the three vertical dots at the top of the screen then, followed by > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data.

Check Your Firewall

Check your firewall, if it is built-in, it will not create any issue, but if it is a third-party firewall, they have their own set of rules that you need to follow. So, it may be possible that you have to download and add an exception for AOL to work properly.

Enable the Pop-Ups

Pop-ups can prevent some functions of your AOL Email Not Receiving Emails mail. So, to check if the problem is eliminated, try to permit pop-ups for Whether to enable or disable this option completely depends on the browser you are using.

Off the “Protected Mode” in the Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has its own version of Antivirus, called “protected mode”. It stops malicious software from entering your computer. But it also creates issues like malfunctioning for webmail, so you need to turn it off for a better experience.

Go to IE, and after that, go to  Tools menu > Advanced tab, and disable the protected mode.

Reset the whole Browser Settings

Suppose you have gone through all the above options and are still stuck with the same question in your mind as to why I am not receiving AOL emails on my computer. In that case, It may be possible that external factors like the cookies and extensions are creating problems, then-to sort it out, and you can reset your browser.

This step is considered as the last one because it will also remove or disable some part of your browsing experience.

Why is AOL not receiving emails from Gmail?

Gmail and AOL are both web-based email service providers. If you aren’t able to get an email from Gmail on your AOL account. It may be possible that you have blocked the Gmail domain on your AOL. So, to change the setting, you have to go through the below-mentioned steps:

  • Remove the main filter from your Gmail.
  • Go to the Blocked address setting and there unblock
  • Verify the Spam setting.

Why am I not getting my AOL mail on my phone?

If you are not able to get your AOL Email Not Receiving Emails on your phone, then there could be hundreds of reasons behind them, few of them can be :

  • Internet connection issues
  • Not updated Operating system
  • Presence of Cache data.

 AOL is not receiving emails on iPhone or iPad

If you have checked all the above things and still have issues, you must follow these steps:

Check if the Mail Server Outrage

It’s not always you, your internet, or your device issue but sometimes it’s an issue from AOL’s end. And that can be a reason why you aren’t able to receive Emails on your AOL. Go to to check if the AOL server is down, or you can also wait for them to fix the issue. Once it is fixed, you can again send or receive an email on your AOL account.

Restart your Network Settings

You can also check and reset or restart your whole network setting:

  • Open settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Then go to general settings.
  • Click on the reset button afterward and hit the network setting.
  • Finally, reconnect Your device to the network.

Delete and add the AOL Mail account

If you aren’t able to handle the issue or find the cause, follow the following steps, this may be helpful for you

Delete the AOL Email Account

1. Open the setting of your device.

2. Click on ‘Account and Password’

3. Hit on the Email you want to delete.

4. Hit on the ‘Delete Account’ option.

By this, your Email will be deleted, after that, you can re-enter the login credential in the same place to start again.

AOL is not receiving emails from Outlook 

How can you fix the issues which AOL Email Not Receiving Emails is facing while receiving an email from Outlook? This must be running in your mind if you are here. To help you with that, we will tell you first to check through the above data, if still, the problems are happening, then :

Change your Password

If you have changed your AOL password, then update it on Outlook also. To do so

1. Go to Outlook

2. Click on Account Setting

3. Select the AOL email

4. update the browser.

Check the server details and your login Credential.

Your Login details :
  • Email address –
  • password: exact account password
  • Required authentication – Yes

The right set of your IMAP and POP details are :

Incoming mail server (IMAP)
  • Server –
  • Port: 993
  • Required SSL – Yes.
Outgoing mail server (SMTP)
  • Server:
  • Port – 465
  • Required SSL – Yes.
  • Required authentication – Yes.
Use tools like SysTools and Kernel

These tools are the third-party app you can use to fix the issues you are facing with your AOL email and Outlook. So download and try these for a better user experience.


The above we have tried to cover all the steps and procedures you can follow if your AOL Email Not Receiving Emails or if you aren’t able to receive or send an Email. If you still face any kind of trouble, then you can contact our team. Our experts are fully trained professionals with experience of 10+ years, they will resolve your issues asap. 

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