AOL IMAP Not Working

AOL IMAP Not Working
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AOL is the topmost email service provider that helps users to send and receive emails. Undoubtedly, it is an amazing email service, but still, it is prominent with certain technical flaws. One of them is an AOL IMAP not working issue that might occur due to incorrect email settings in AOL. Whenever the error occurs, it interrupts the users from sending and receiving emails in AOL. As a consequence, it might hamper your ongoing work and thus put the entire work at a halt. Therefore, it is necessary to figure out the issue at its earliest. This detailed post will shed some light on how to resolve AOL IMAP server problems; read the post attentively.

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What do you mean by AOL IMAP not working?

Usually, the users might come across AOL IMAP not working due to the loading problem. Therefore, when you refresh your AOL email box, you will get a pop-up for the AOL IMAP server problem. This error reflects that the error might occur due to some unknown reasons. Furthermore, it is essential to resolve the error as soon as possible to get your emails on time.

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Reasons That Brings Forth AOL IMAP Server Problems  There is not a single reason that might lead to AOL IMAP not working. However, multiple factors give rise to the error; which are as follows:

  1. You may have added the incorrect login credentials.
  2. Issues with the internet network connection might result in AOL server problems.
  3. Misconfiguration of the email settings is also one of the reasons.
  4. Sometimes, it might evoke when the IMAP connection was not established properly.
  5. The overcoming of the incoming and outgoing mails could also be responsible.
  6. There may be some problem or bug in your AOL mail application.

For that, you have to uninstall and reinstall the application.

Simple Ways to Resolve AOL IMAP Server Problems

Are you tired of searching for the perfect solutions to overcome AOL IMAP server problems? If so, this is the place where your search ends. Below we have discussed some of the simple methods using which you can figure out the problem easily. Ensure that you apply the steps in the same manner as written below to avoid further discrepancies. Steps to be performed on Android to fix the issue

Way 1: Configuration of your IMAP Account Settings

You must be attentive while adding the IMAP address, port number, etc. This is so because if you incorrectly enter the IMAP and SMTP server settings, it ends up with AOL Server problems. Therefore, to fix the issue, you must add the IMAP account settings using the following details:

  1. Ensure that the IMAP server (incoming mail) is set as
  2. Set the Port Number as 993 and security as SSL.
  3. On the other hand, you must set the Outgoing Mail SMTP server as
  4. You must set the Port as 465 and the security as SSL for outgoing mail.
Way 2: Try Installing the AOL Account once again

If you are facing AOL server problems, you must try reinstalling your AOL account. This is so because sometimes the massive emails and changes in email settings might create issues and stop the users from accessing the AOL email. Therefore, to refresh the AOL email and use it from scratch, you must reinstall the account using the steps described below.

  1. Firstly, go to the Settings of your mobile application and then choose the Accounts and Password option.
  2. Now, you have to pick the AOL with technical glitches from the email accounts list available.
  3. Thereafter, locate and click on the “Delete the Accounts” option.
  4. After this, tap on the Back button followed by the Main menu.
  5. Further, you have to wait until your mobile phone synchronizes the new settings.
  6. Then, you have to return to the “Settings” of your device.
  7. Furthermore, select “Accounts and passwords” followed by the “Add Account” option.
  8. As a result, you will be displayed with numerous email ID providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. then; you are supposed to pick the account that is creating the issue.
  9. Once you have chosen your email service provider, you must add the username and password in their respective text fields.
  10. Finally, perform as per the instructions on-screen to set up the AOL email account.
Way 3: Restore the AOL Account in Microsoft Outlook Application

To reset the AOL account, you first have to remove your account and then add it again. Doing so, will help you resolve the AOL IMAP not working issue instantly.

  1. Firstly, open Microsoft Outlook on your device and then go to the Files tab.
  2. From there, choose the Account Settings > added AOL account > Delete button.
  3. After successfully removing the AOL account, relaunch the Outlook application on your system.
  4. Once again, move to Account Settings and then hit the Add button.
  5. Now, you have to verify the feature of Manually configuring the email account.
  6. Ultimately, add the account details accurately and click OK to end the task.
Way 4: Try Updating Your AOL Account Information 

Even after appropriately adding the incoming server’s details appropriately, you are still encountering the error. In that case, you have to verify the username and password of the AOL mail. Therefore, it is necessary to update the AOL account details in Outlook to resolve the issue. Here, we have come up with some simple steps using which you can easily change the AOL account details.

  1. In the initial stage, you must launch the Outlook application again on your system.
  2. After this, move to the files menu and hover your cursor over the Account Setup or Settings.
  3. You must select the AOL mail account and then hit the Change or Edit button.
  4. You are required to add the newly created password in the respective text fields.
  5. Then, in the email address column, add your complete email address correctly.
  6. Finally, hit the Next & Finish to save the mandatory changes successfully.
Way 5: Disable The Security Programs

If you are still encountering an AOL IMAP not working issue, then you must verify your system’s security programs. This is so because sometimes, the security programs block the outgoing and incoming ports. Thus, it might lead to AOL IMAP server issues. However, to verify the issue, you must turn off all the security programs on your system. Moreover, if you are accessing the VPN & proxy, you must deactivate them. Then, you have to access your mail application and hit the Send/Receive button. Later on, verify whether you are now able to receive the emails from AOL or not.

Way 6: Check the System’s Date and Time 

Sometimes, due to an inappropriate date and time in your system, AOL mail fails to verify the SSL encryption. As a result, it might lead to the AOL IMAP not working. Therefore, to resolve the issue, you must correct the date and time of your system. You are also supposed to choose the correct region and time zone. Read Also – Verizon Email Not Working Today

Steps to be performed on Iphone to fix the issue  

If you witnessed AOL Server problems on your Iphone, then you are supposed to implement the following solutions.

  • Solution 1: Cross-Check Your Internet Connection 

The first and foremost thing you are supposed to do is to verify your internet connection to resolve the AOL IMAP not working issue. This is so because the interruption or poor internet connection might evoke the error. You can fix the issue by bringing the device closer to your router.

  • Solution 2: Close your Mail Application and then Open it.

If your AOL mail generates a problem, you must close the application immediately and relaunch it. Exiting your mail application will end all the running processes in the background. After exiting the application, try relaunching your device.

  • Solution 3: Close and Open the Airplane Mode

If you are still experiencing severe AOL problems, try to enable airplane mode and then disable it. Doing so will stop the wireless connection for a moment. Then, switch on airplane mode by following the steps below.

      1. Initially, open the Control Panel by swiping the screen.
      2. After this, choose the highlighted icon of “Airplane Mode” to turn it on.
      3. Now, you have to wait for a moment and switch the Airplane mode off.
      4. Finally, launch the AOL application on your device and look for improvements.
  • Solution 4: Try Refreshing your AOL Inbox 

If you still cannot send emails via AOL, then it might happen due to a weak internet connection. In that case, you must try refreshing your inbox. Just by refreshing the inbox, you can easily fix the issue.

Wrapping It Up!!

Here we sum up this post and hope that you can easily resolve the AOL IMAP not working issue. If the issue still exists, feel free to take advice from our experts through email or live chat. Our professionals will look into your matter deeply and guide you in the best possible manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: If your AOL Email is not working today, it can be due to issues in the Server of AOL Email. Thus in such a situation, you can simply follow the given steps:

  1. Go to Google and search “Is AOL Email Server Down Today.”
  2. Then enter to get the answer.

However, if you can’t find anything from Google, then go to the official website of Downdetector, and acquire knowledge about it in detail.

Answer: In case you are facing an AOL email not working problem, you can simply resolve it by following the given steps:

  1. Verify your Internet Speed
  2. Make Changes in your Web Settings
  3. Clear the Cache and Cookies present in your Browser’s history
  4. Turn Off the Firewall present in your system.
  5. Make sure that the Protected Mode in Internet Explorer is disabled.
  6. Turn off every Pop-up Blocking

Answer: When a user is trying to access their AOL Email Account from the desktop email service program, and it is not working properly, then they have to check if the IMAP server details they have entered is correct. The IMAP and SMTP server details should be the way described below.


Note: When you are providing your account details, make sure to enter your Full email Account, along with the correct password.


  • AOL Mail IMAP Server:
  • IMAP Server Port: 993
  • Server Security: SSL or TLS
  • Username: Your AOL Email Account
  • Password: Password
  • SMTP Server:
  • IMAP Server Port: 465
  • Server Security: SSL or TLS
  • Username: AOL Email Address
  • Password: Your AOL Password.


Answer: If you are not able to access your AOL email because of incorrect email settings then, then you have to modify it according to the requirements.


  1. Sign in to your AOL account.
  2. Click on Options, and then hit Mail Settings.
  3. Now look for the settings you want to modify. You have options to make changes in the General, Compose, Calendar, and Filter Settings.

Once you have made changes, hit the Save button to apply them. 

Answer: To fix IMAP AOL Email on your iPhone, you can simply follow the given instructions:


  1. Open Settings, then go to Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
  2. Thereafter navigate to the button, then look for “Passwords & Accounts” and select it.


Note: In case you are using an older version of the iPhone, then select Mail instead of Passwords & Accounts.


  1. Next, Click on Add Account.
  2. Select AOL as your Account Type.
  3. Login and verify using the AOL Email Account and Password.
  4. Now, you have the option to select if you want anything else to get synced with your device.
  5. At last, Click on Save Button to set your account to the iPhone.
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