Bellsouth Email Not Working

Bellsouth Email Not Working

With its excellent services, Bellsouth is among one of the most popular media companies in America. It offers services like Internet connections, Media Services, Email and much more. The company has been delivering its services to more than 18 countries for almost a decade. Its user base is growing stronger each year because of the quality it provides. The company mainly operates in the South – Western Part of the U.S.

It is well known for its Email Services, and its user-friendly interface is loved by everyone. In 2006 Bellsouth collaborated with AT&T, a well-known telecom company, which made a rapid increase in its users. Though recently, a lot of people have reported queries related to login issues. If your Bellsouth Email is also Not Working or has an access issue, you are on the right page. Here we have mentioned the most common problems faced by people in using Bellsouth and the solution.

Problems faced by Bellsouth Email

The sign-in issue is the most common problem for Bellsouth users, they are not even allowed to access their Email at that time. Below, we have mentioned a few login issues and errors that occur in Bellsouth

  • You forget the account password
  • Your browser has cache and cookies
  • The browser is outdated. 
  • Your Bellsouth email id has not been confirmed.
  • Your device have third-party extension or plug-ins
  • Your installed antivirus is not letting you log in.

Before searching for solutions to log in to your Email, check a few basic things :

  •  You are entering the correct login credential
  •  Your device is connected to a good network.
  •  Look for the Bellsouth server

Solutions to Bellsouth email login problem

If you tried the above-mentioned ways and still facing problems in login your Bellsouth email, then you should try these solutions

1. Change the password

Doesn’t matter which email service provider company you are using, the email login problem always starts from entering a wrong email credential, the same goes for Bellsouth. So, instead of entering the wrong password, you can simply reset it and then use it.

Below are the steps to do it

  • Open ATT Password reset link on any of your browsers.
  • Type user id and last name, then click on continue.
  • Choose a way of verification out of the available ones to authorize your Account.
  • After getting the option “Change the Bellsouth Password” follow their instructions.

Once your password is changed, try login into your Bellsouth email with the new password.

2. Fix the Browser

You can have Bellsouth email login problems because of your browser also. If the browser is outdated or not compatible with Bellsouth, you will have to go through problems while signing in. To fix this:

  • Delete your browser’s history.
  • Along with that, clear the cache and cookies and restart the browser to log in again.
  • If, even after that, you are not able to log in to your Bellsouth email, try a different browser.

3. Turn Off the extensions

The existence of third-party extensions and plug-ins can also create problems while login into your Bellsouth email. So, to check if the extension, plug-in, or add- ons are creating problems in your login, just disable them, and check if your login issue is fixed.

4. Check the Server 

If the server of Bellsouth is down, you will not be able to log in during that duration of time until the service gets restored again. So, before trying to log in again and again, just check if the server is working fine.

5. Disable the Security Program

The antivirus can also create login errors. So, to check if the antivirus is creating the login issue, you can disable them for some time. After that, go to the Bellsouth email login page and try to log in again.

6. Turn on the adobe flash player

If your Bellsouth Email is Not Working, you should turn on the Adobe Flash Player and then try to log in. Browsers like Chrome, Safari, Mozilla etc, by default, block the flash player. Thus you have to turn it on first, to go further with your login process. 

Other than the general issues, there are sometimes when the Bellsouth email stops working on a particular device or processor, so here we are providing you with a set of guides you can choose according to your need.

Bellsouth Email is not working on the iPhone

  • Open setting present on the home screen
  • In the setting, go to the Calenders, contact and mails.
  • Under the account section, click on “Add account.”
  • Provide the Bellsouth Email Password
  • Enter information about the apt incoming and outgoing servers.

 Bellsouth Email is not working on the iPad

  • Click on the setting available on the home screen of your iPad
  • Inside the setting menu, go to ‘Mail, Contacts, and Calendars
  • Under the account section, click on “Add account.”
  • Provide the Bellsouth Email Password
  • Enter information about the apt incoming and outgoing servers.

 Why is Bellsouth Email not working on Android?

  • Check your storage capacity first, it should be high.
  • check if the browser is properly compatible with Bellsouth
  • Remove Cache and cookies
  • Change to a good internet connection.

Bellsouth Email is not working on Mac

  • Go to the setting available on the home screen of your mac
  • In the setting, go to the contact Calendars and mails options.
  • There in the account section, click on “Add account.”
  • Enter the Bellsouth Email Password
  • Provide information about the correct incoming and outgoing servers.

 Bellsouth Email Not Working on Outlook

If your Bellsouth email is not working properly on Outlook or you are having login issues, then you try the below-mentioned tips to make it work.

  • Create a secure password

If your Bellsouth email is not working on Outlook, you may need to change the password. This happens with some legacy accounts, and to fix the issue, it is said to visit the website of Bellsouth and change your password.

After changing the password, if you still face the problem, you should try to create a more secure mail key. Mail key is a password which works only for Outlook. Using a protected and secure mail key is an excellent way to ensure that your Email stays safe from any malicious activity.

Way to create a safe mail key

1. Open your Bellsouth profile page and hit the sign-in info.

2. Choose the Email for which you want to make a safe mail key.

3. Scroll down and click on Manage Secure Mail Key.

4. Now click on Add secure mail key option.

5. To recognize the security key better, you can enter its name. This isn’t a compulsory thing, but it can be helpful in the future.

6. Now click on the Create Secure Mail key. Hit on Copy secure mail key to the clipboard.

7. Click Ok.

  • Make sure that your Account is correctly configured.

If your Bellsouth email isn’t working on Outlook, the issue can be your account configuration. To fix it, you have to find your Account and make the required changes.

The process to confirm or add your Bellsouth account is provided by us, go through it. However, if you are an old BellSouth email user, then you just need to modify your Account.

To add a Bellsouth account in Outlook, 

1. Go to Outlook and after that, choose File > Add Account.

2. Hit on Manual setup or additional server types, then click next.

3.  Afterwards, select Manual setup or additional server types, and hit next

4.  For the next step, Enter your display name and Email.

5.  At last, enter your server details.

If you want, you can select the Test Account Settings button to check if your confirmation is done yet. After the confirmation, your problem will be resolved, and your Email will start working.

  •  Repair your Outlook profile

It happens many times that your Bellsouth Email is not working in Outlook because your Outlook is corrupted. This can happen due to many of the reasons, but this can be solved by doing the following :

1. Go to Outlook, open the File tab, and select info.

2. Click on Account and then on account setting.

3. Change the position of the Folder to Outlook Data File, then Inbox.

Afterwards, save the changes, and check if the issue is resolved.

  •  Forward emails from Bellsouth email to Outlook email

If you are not able to receive the Bellsouth Email in your Outlook, you can fix it by setting all your Emails to be forwarded from the Bellsouth email to Outlook email.

This is an interim solution until you find a permanent one. To forward your emails, be sure to access Bellsouth’s server and set up email forwarding to the desired email account.

Final Words

We expect with the help of our article, you have found the solution to your Bellsouth email login problem. If you still have any questions in your mind, you can contact the Bellsouth helpline. It is a one-stop destination for any of your technical problems. They provide the best service quality with the help of their professional experts, who are available for you 24*7.

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