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Set Up Bellsouth Email
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Are you a BellSouth email user looking for a way to set up your email with a different device? If yes, then read this Blog.

For the last few months, we have been receiving different queries from BellSouth email users facing trouble in setting up their emails with different devices. That’s why we are providing you with this guide that can help you configure your BellSouth email very easily.

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Bellsouth Email Not Working

Precondition to Set Up BellSouth Email with Any device

Before moving ahead with the Set up Bellsouth Email, need to ensure a few things:

  1. Ensure a strong internet connection.
  2. Check the given login details before hitting the submit button.
  3. Review the password twice.
  4. Ensure that your device has sufficient memory for a trouble-free login.
  5. Verify the BellSouth Server settings.

Process to Set Up BellSouth Email on Different Devices

Every device has different configuration so we can’t install or set up a software following the same type of procedures. In the same way Setting up Bellsouth Email on different devices demands different procedure. You can follow the procedures as per your devices.

Set Up BellSouth Email on iPad

In order to Set up Bellsouth email on iPad, you have to follow the below-given steps carefully:

  1. Hit on Settings and go to Email, Contacts, and Calendar option.
  2. Thereafter you have to hit on the Add Account option.
  3. Now, you can see a list of email services; hit on Others.
  4. Next, you have to select Add Mail Accounts options, and on the next page, enter your BellSouth Email login id & password.
  5. Hit on Next to provide the BellSouth IMAP Server & POP3 settings details :
  • POP3 Inbound Server Name: net
  • Port Number (POP3): 995
  • IMAP Inbound Server Name:
  • Server Port number (IMAP): 995
  • SMTP Server ( and (IMAP)
  • SSL Required: Yes ( for both IMAP & POP3)

Steps to Set Up Bellsouth Email on Android

To Set up your BellSouth email on your Android device, you need to follow the mentioned steps:

  1. To initiate the process, open the BellSouth mail app on your device and hit on the Menu option.
  2. Thereafter you have to click on the Settings tab, followed by hitting on the Add Account tab.
  3. Choose IMAP and provide the given details:
    • Enter your email ID in the given field.
    • Next provide your account password in the required box.
    • Now, check IMAP server details as ‘’
    • Security type needed is SSL and that encryption is enabled.
    • Enter Port Number as 993 and hit Next.
    • Make sure your SMTP server is and port number is 465.
  4. Next, you have to enable SSL encryption and hit Next.
  5. Then hit done, and your setup process of BellSouth email on Android is completed.

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Set Up Bellsouth Email on iPhone

In case you want to Set Up your BellSouth email on iPhone, here’s a look at the procedure that is involved in BellSouth email settings on iPhone.

  1. Initially, go to Settings on your device.
  2. Next, hit the ‘Mail, contacts, and calendar option.
  3. Now select BellSouth email from the list of different email service providers.
  4. Moving ahead, click on Add Mail option, and in the given box, enter your BellSouth email account, name, and it’s password.
  5. Navigate to the IMAP & POP3 server settings and enter the following information:
    ◦ Inbound Server (POP3):
    ◦ Port Number: 995
    ◦ Inbound Server (IMAP):
    ◦ Server Port Number: 995
    ◦ SSL Required: Yes for both IMAP & POP3
  6. Now click on OK, and you are done with the setup.

How to Set Up BellSouth Email on Outlook?

If you want to access multiple email accounts on one device, you must try MS Outlook. It is like a centralized location for all your email accounts. Now, if you are planning to Set up your Bellsouth email on Outlook, follow the given series of steps:

  1. Launch your Web Browser and navigate to MS Outlook.
  2. Thereafter hit on the Settings option, followed by File and Account Settings.
  3. Moving ahead, hit on the “Email account to Update.”
  4. Next, go to the “Email Account To Update” tab and click on “Internal email setting.”
  5. Make sure to choose between BellSouth email IMAP POP.
  6. Now, provide your username along with the password.
  7. BellSouth Email POP details:
  8. BellSouth Incoming mail server: net
    ◦ Port Number: 995
    ◦ Encrypted Connection: SSL
    ◦ Outgoing Mail Server: net
    ◦ The SMTP Port Number: 465
    ◦ Type of Encryption: SSL
  9. BellSouth Email IMAP information:
    ◦ Incoming call server: net
    ◦ Port: 993
    ◦ Type of Encrypted Connection: SSL
    ◦ Outgoing Mail Server: net
    ◦ SMTP: 587
    ◦ Type of Encrypted Connection: SSL
  10. Click on the Ok button to configure email settings for Outlook.
  11. Enter your BellSouth email along with the password, and select the Internet Email setting.
  12. At last hit on Settings, and you are done with the process.

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Wrapping it Up!

We are concluding the Blog here and hope that this guide will help you in the Setup of BellSouth Email. However, if you are facing any technical glitches, get help from our professionals. Use the live chat option or email us your problem to have a call with our highly-experienced experts.

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