How to Download and Update Canon Printer Drivers Manually

Canon Printer Drivers - Update and Download
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Canon Printers are currently among the top-most printer manufacturer available for users at affordable prices. The printers are available in a variety of options along with various features based on different types of users. However, sometimes users face a number of issues, among which the most common is the pending Driver’s update. Thus for that, we are going to provide all the necessary information on how you can download the Canon Printer from the official and a step-by-step guide to install them. Read the article further to get more information on Canon Printer Drivers.

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Why There is a Need to Update the Canon Printer Drivers Manually

The officials provide the facility, due to which the drivers get automatically updated in their printer. However, sometimes due to some technical fault or any other malfunctioning, the Driver will not get updated in their printer. Thus, for these users, there is a necessity to download and update the Canon printer driver manually. The drivers for the printer can be downloaded from the official website. There, all you need to do is to type printer details, and from there, you can find the list of the latest Driver available for your printer.

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Why Should I Download Printer Drivers

Although your printer might work perfectly without any new upgrades, there is a necessity that your device should be updated with the latest software components. Below are some of the facts that can support this statement:

  • Without any proper update, there are chances that your printer application might crash or freeze while working with other applications.
  • Without the updated Driver, your printer firmware might be vulnerable to malware files and other corrupted files.
  • Your printer firmware might be incompatible with your computer in case of pending updates.
  • You cannot enjoy new features or utilize your printer at its full calibre without updated drivers.

Different Methods to Download and Update Canon Printer Drivers

Various methods are available for the user to update their Canon Printer drivers. The first and foremost is to download them from the official website. Apart from them, various other sources are available from which you can download them without any risk. Thus, here we are going to discuss all the methods through which you can download a driver:

Download the Canon Printer driver from the official website. 

The First and foremost method is that you download the Canon Printer driver from the official website and then manually install them in your system.

  • Visit the official website of Canon and then go to the official support page.
  • After that, you need to type your Canon Printer details. After that, based on your printer model, you can get a variety of options.
  • Select the option “Software and Drivers.”
  • After which, you can find the list of drivers from which you need to cross-check whether your Canon drivers in your printer are of the latest version.
  • In case you have an outdated driver, then you need to click on the “Download” button.
  • Wait for the download to get complete, and afterward, proceeds further to start the installation.
Install Canon Printer Driver on your System

Open the device manager by the “devmgmt.msc” in the run prompt.

  • Navigate the option “Print Queue” and search for the printer device whose Driver you need to update.
  • Right-click on it and then select the option “Update Driver.”
  • Afterward, select “Search Automatically,” after which the System will pick up the downloaded Driver and start the installation process.
  • Now restart your computer.
Update Canon Printer Driver in your System from the system settings

Users can also manually proceed to update their Canon Printer Driver from the system setting. Below are steps for updating the Canon Printer driver for system settings:

  • Open your system settings and then select “Windows Update.”
  • Now select the option “Check for Updates.”
  • Once the System has completed the check, you need to click “Advanced Options” and then “Optional Updates.”
  • Click on Driver Updates, after which you need to search for the Driver associated with your Canon Printer.
  • Now Download and Install, which will automatically install the printer updates.
Canon Printer Support

This is the official support from where you can download and Update Canon Printer drivers. Apart from that, users can find various other options through which they can get assistance for any issues with their printer. Some of the means to connect with Canon Printer Support are listed below:

  • Canon Helpline Number: This is the primary method to get assistance from customer care. The sales and technical teams of Canon support are available 24/7 to help users with any issues they are facing with any Canon device. You can find the Canon Helpline number from the official Canon customer site based on your location.
  • Canon Community: Users, who are having any issues with their Canon printer, can get connect with the official Canon Community forum, where all they need to do is to type their query, to which either Canon’s official or other users will revert in the given time.
  • Canon Knowledge Base: Here, you can find blogs on various issues which are most commonly faced by users. You can find the link for Canon Knowledge base from the official product support page.
  • Canon How-To-Videos: Here, users can find useful troubleshooting videos on different topics, majorly covering all the common issues user face with their Canon device, especially on how to update drivers on Canon Printer.
  • Canon Printer Manual: User Manuals are available from which you can learn how to set up your printer. Apart from that, you can also find the details on the driver updates for your Canon Printer.
Reach out to Our Customer Support Services

Users who are having any trouble or issues with their Canon product can reach out to our customer support, where we provide assistance for not only Canon Products but many other devices. Our customer support services are available 24/7 for the user, to which they can connect through the means of Phone, Live Chat, Mailing, and many others. Our customer support is preferred more than any other support service due to various reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • Users can reach out to us 24/7, where they will instantly connect with a live person who can easily understand their problem and revert to it with the required solution.
  • Like other premium services, our services are available at minimal rates, which is affordable by anyone.
  • Our customer support expert provides assistance with all Canon products. Not only printers but also a variety of devices, which include a Printer, Laptop, or any other hardware or software component.

On an Ending Note

From the above discussion, we hope that now you can easily update your Canon Printer Driver. Make sure while you  manually update Canon Printer; you have downloaded the Drivers from the official website or any other trusted source. Now, in case you have any trouble or issue with your Canon Printer, you can easily connect with us through the number given below, or you can easily connect with us through the Live Chat option.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can download Canon Printer Driver from the official Canon support page, where you need to provide the Printer Details, after which the related Driver to your printer will be available in the search result.

Once you have downloaded the Canon Driver from the official source, you can easily install them from the device manager. Go to the run prompt and open the device manager. There from the list of available devices, select your printer. Right-click on it and then click on “Update Driver.” After that, the device will automatically install the downloaded driver.

You can take plenty of measures from yourself to troubleshoot Canon Printer Driver issues, like resetting your printer device and many others. However, in case you are unable to resolve any issue related to your Canon Printer or any other device, you can connect with us through the number given below.

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