Comcast Email Not Working on iPhone

Comcast Email Not Working
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Backed by excellent features, Comcast email is one of the most preferred email services. The best thing about this email service is that you may use it on all your preferred devices, be it Windows PC, Mac device, iPhone, or Android. However, like any other email service, this one also throws errors at the occasion. Comcast email not working on iPhone is one such error that prevents iPhone users from accessing Comcast email on their devices. Now you might be thinking, what makes this error crop up? Well! Reading this full post will tell you the reasons along with the step-by-step guide to eliminating the problem. Let’s start!

What Evokes The Comcast Email Not Working Error On iPhone?

There can be multi-pronged reasons that can cause hurdles when opening Comcast email on iPhone. Check the below-given list:

  • If the Comcast email server is down in your area, you may not be able to access it for some time.
  • The Internet connection your machine is connected to is not strong or stable.
  • An outdated or corrupt browser is also a significant reason behind this error. 
  • Third-party applications installed on your system can also interfere with service and cause errors. 
  • Faulty email settings to access Comcast can be a possible reason behind the error. 
  • Someone has gained access to your account and changed your password deliberately. 
  • Sometimes, it can be your device that is causing the Comcast email error. 

There can be more direct or indirect reasons behind Xfinity email not working on iPhone. However, these are some of the most apparent reasons you need to troubleshoot in order to get rid of the error. 

Set Up Comcast Email

How To Get Rid of The Comcast/Xfinity Email Not Working on iPhone? 

There can be a myriad of reasons behind the issue that can prevent Comcast from working on the iPhone. In such a case, you need to perform some basic and some advanced fixes to resolve Comcast Email not Working. Check below: 

Solution 1: Check Your Internet Connection 

A stable Internet connection is one of the most fundamental prerequisites for accessing Comcast email on your iPhone. Therefore, first thing first, check if your device is connected to a strong and stable Internet connection. To check it, try to open the Safari browser from your iPhone and check if its speed is good enough or not. If not, switch to a faster network to get open Comcast email on your iPhone.

Solution 2: Check Comcast Email Configuration on iPhone

If the internet connection is right, it is possible that the error is caused due to a faulty email configuration on your iPhone. None of the iPhone versions are devoid of the email issue; therefore, you may get the error regardless of your iPhone’s model. However, the POP/IMAP settings are always the same for different iPhone models. So, to check if the Comcast email is configured properly on your iPhone or not, you need to check the below-given points. They will depict the correct settings you need to have on your device: 

Settings To Confirm For Incoming Mail Server 
  • Incoming Server Host Name: In the name section >>
  • Username: In this section, you need to provide the username of your Xfinity email account
  • Password: Here, enter your accurate Comcast email password
  • Incoming Mail server port: Make sure that it is 993.
  • Use SSL: ON
Settings To Confirm For Outgoing Mail Server 
  • Outgoing Mail Server Host Name: In this section, you need to mention >>
  • Username: Thereafter, enter the username of your Comcast email account in this section.
  • Password: Give your accurate Xfinity password.
  • Outgoing Mail server port: Make sure that it is 587.
  • Use SSL: Yes

After configuring your incoming/outgoing mail server information, it is less likely that you will get the Comcast is not working on iPhone problem.

Solution 3: Resolve The Common Sign-In Issues

When using an email, you may face multitudinous login issues. Therefore, you need to look for the following points to get rid of the problem:

Forgot Your Comcast Password

Keeping your online accounts secure is imperative. However, when there are so many passwords, you can’t ignore the possibility of forgetting one. Now that you don’t remember your Comcast password, you need to perform Xfinity password recovery in order to get back into your account. Keep a strong and safe password and jot it down somewhere away from the people with malicious intentions.

Xfinity Account is Hacked

If you get sign-in issues again and again even after entering the correct password or noticing any suspicious activity in your email, it means your account is hacked. In such a case, change your password as soon as possible. Once recovered, protect your Comcast account with multi-layered security to keep it protected from being misused. To prevent your account from getting into the wrong hands, you need to keep the below-given considerations in your mind:

  • Choose a strong password that has a combination of numbers and alphabets along with at least one or two special characters.
  • Avoid using your social information, such as account name, mobile number, or other similar information as your password.
  • Don’t share your password with anyone. If shared, change it as soon as possible.
  • Being alert and aware can keep your account safe.
  • Don’t use the same password with your Xfinity email, which you are already using with a different email account. Avoid similar pattern passwords if possible.
Check Your Login Credentials Carefully

When entering your login credentials, make sure that they are correct. Avoid making typing mistakes when entering your user ID and password. If you are getting the same error after entering the email, it is possible that you have any of the usernames or passwords incorrect. Check it again, and then try to log into your account to access your Comcast emails.

Solution 4: Perform A Simple Restart on iPhone

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple restart to troubleshoot a technical issue. If you are unable to open Comcast on your iPhone, check if restarting your iPhone can fix the error. Turn your iPhone off, wait for a few seconds and then restart it. Now try to open your Comcast email to confirm if the error is resolved or not.

Solution 5: Check Your Internet Browser For Possible Issues

If the error persists even after the restarting, then check if there is no issue with your Internet browser. Below are a few things you need to check and fix to get rid of the problem:

  • Make sure that you are using a supported browser for Comcast.
  • Confirm that you are using the latest updated Internet browser. If not, you need to download and install the latest updates.
  • Delete the browser cookies and cache from your browser so that it can perform smoothly.
  • Restart your Internet browser and try to open Xfinity email on it.
  • If the error continues to prevent you from accessing your Comcast email even after following these steps, switch your browser and try again.

Solution 6: Check If There Is A Service Outage

If there is a service outage in your area, you may not be able to log into your Comcast account even after entering your accurate credentials. In such a situation, no troubleshooting solution can resolve the problem. All you can do is wait to end this service outage. Until it is fixed, you may not be able to perform a single task using your Comcast email.

Solution 7: Update Your Comcast Email Application To The Latest Release

In Comcast email is not working on iPhone or not syncing with the iPad issue, make sure that you are using the latest version of your Comcast email application on your iPhone. To check it, you need to confirm if Apple has released the latest version of the application. If the latest version is available, update it and now open your Comcast email to confirm the error resolution.

Comcast IMAP Server Not Responding


Comcast email offers many incredible features, which is why it has a huge user base. At the same time, it is not free from errors, and every time they occur, you need to fix them for continuous access to your Comcast email account. This post elaborates on Comcast not working on iPhone errors along with its reasons and resolution. You can perform these simple steps easily without any difficulty. If you want additional help, reach out to our Comcast experts using our chat email channels. They will guide you with the step-by-step solution to fix the error.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prevention is better than cure, and keeping all the essential preventing steps in your mind can help you in keeping the error at bay. The same applies to the Comcast email as well. When adding Comcast email on iPhone, it is good to prefer IMAP over POP settings. IMAP gives better flexibility and alleviates errors. If you are having trouble accessing Comcast on iPhone, but you need to open it urgently, opening Comcast webmail on iPhone via Safari browser can help. Alternatively, you may check the mobile version of the Comcast webmail with the URL:

Xfinity Connect App lets users access Comcast emails. However, if it stops working, you may not be able to open or access the email. In this situation, you need to consider the below-given steps:

  • Confirm that your iOS device fulfills the system requirements to run the Comcast email smoothly.
  • Download the latest version of the application when the error appears on your device.
  • If none of the above-described points help, clear app data to open Comcast email.

Incorrect fetch setting is also one of the main reasons behind the Xfinity mail error on iPhone. To fix the issue, you need to rectify the configuration. You can access the fetch new data feature from within the App settings: Go to the Settings app >> Passwords and Accounts >> Fetch New Data Line. This section has three values: Fetch, Push, and Manual.

  • Push: The mail server will send the new emails directly to your iPhone.
  • Fetch: Your iOS device will often ask the server to get new emails.
  • Manual: You need to open the Mail app and refresh it to get the new emails.

Yes! If the VPN (Virtual Private Network) is enabled on your iPhone, you may not be able to open your Comcast email on it. Some sites do not allow VPN connections. If it is enabled, you may not be able to send and receive new emails from your Comcast application. In such a case, you need to disable your VPN to get the error resolved.

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