A Detailed Guide About Comcast IMAP Server Not Responding

Comcast IMAP Server Not Responding
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If you are a Comcast user, you know, to access your Comcast email account in applications like Outlook, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc., you need IMAP Server, and you may have encountered the Comcast IMAP Server Not Responding problem as well. This problem appears at the time of sending and receiving Comcast emails.

What is Comcast IMAP Server, and Why Do We Need it?

Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is an incoming server used by the customers of Comcast emails. Its main function is to save email messages on a mail server (locally on the device) and allows the receiver to view and edit it according to their needs.

POP3 is the server that comes along with IMAP. However, IMAP has more advanced features than the POP3, as it gives permission to multiple devices to use the Mailbird at the same time; it also asks you every time before deleting any email. At the same time, POP3 doesn’t ask you for permission to delete emails from the server.

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The basic difference between IMAP and POP3 servers are listed below; go through them for a better understanding.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)

  • This server is used when You want to use your Comcast account on multiple devices.
  • Any kind of modification in one system will be applied to other devices too.
  • Port number – 143
  • SSL – 993
  • Permits modification or edits in the Comcast email account.

 POP3 (Post Office Protocol Version 3)

  • This server is used when You want to use your Comcast account on single devices.
  • Any kind of changes in one device will not be visible on other devices.
  • Port number- 110
  • SSL- 995
  • Modifications or changes are restricted in the Comcast email Account.

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Why are you Facing Comcast IMAP Server Not Responding to Problems?

Poor Network Connection

Slow Internet speed is a problem faced by the majority of the population, which leads to Comcast IMAP servers not responding. There are times when the Internet server is down, which creates issues for you in accessing your Comcast email.

Comcast Server Problem

If your Comcast email is not loading properly, it might be possible that the error is in the Comcast server and it is not working properly. However, it is not a frequent activity. At times you have to face Comcast email problems because the Comcast server is down.

Incorrect Server Configuration

Your Comcast IMAP Server not responding error can occur due to incorrect Comcast email server settings also. It can create major issues for you while accessing your Comcast email. So, it is always advised to check and reconfirm the server IMAP settings.

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Error due to incomplete SSL Setting.

SSL, or Server Sockets Layer, is a technology used to keep your Network connection safe; it also takes care of sensitive data from being stolen or modified when you send or receive via Comcast email.

So, if there is any error with your SSL setting, it can create issues of Data theft or data modification and also Comcast IMAP Server not responding issues.

Error due to an old operating system, Application, or Computer

Check your system frequently to know more about the updates, as using the older version of the operating system or Application can also create issues for you while accessing the Comcast email app.

Note: The solution to any of these problems is not so technical, but at times you may get stuck even in the small steps, and to get out of this kind of situation, you need an expert help. So, to get the technical knowledge from a professional

Different ways to Troubleshoot Comcast IMAP Server not responding issues

1. Check the Internet Speed 

If you are facing a Comcast IMAP Server not responding problem, then the first and foremost thing you need to do is check your Internet connection. You must have good Internet Speed if you want to access your Comcast email. So firstly verify the Internet Speed, and to do so:

  • Open your Browser,
  • Then Go to Google,
  • and there, you have to search for something.

If the page is loading properly, your internet is fine, but if you are not able to reach the next page, then there is an internet issue, and you need to contact your Internet Provider.

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2. Look for the status of the Comcast Server

Server issue is not a frequent trouble for Comcast users, but at times, you may face Comcast IMAP Server not responding because of the Server also. To know more about the Comcast server, there are two simple ways.

  1. Search on Google about “ Is Comcast Server down today.” You will get your perfect answer on the first search page only.
  2. Apart from that, you can go to and check there if the Comcast server is not working properly. Down Detector will also give you an average idea of how much time it will take the Comcast team to restart the server.

If the issue is on the server, then all you have to do is wait for the next few hours, for the server to recover.

3. Set IMAP Server Settings

At times, you face Comcast IMAP Server Not Responding errors due to incorrect Configuration of your Account. So in those cases, you can remove the Account and re-add it. To do so, you have to follow the given procedure.

  • Go to Opera; then, you have to select the Mail option from the list of options available.
  • Now, you have to hit the Email Account option to open it.
  • Choose the Account you want to delete from the list of Accounts.
  • Then, Click on the Remove tab.
  • Now, you have to click on New and create your profile again.
  • Then, in the New email Account window, Provide all the required information, i.e., Your Name, Your Comcast Email, and Password.
  • Now mark on the Manually Configure server setting option, available on the Add New Account Window. Then Hit the Next Button.
  • A new window of Internet Email Setting will open on the screen. There you have to choose Select Internet Email account and after that, Hit the Next button.
  • Now Choose Between IMAP and POP3 servers to set up your Account. Now, Enter the detailed information about the Domain in the mail server space.
  • Now Hit the More Setting followed by the Advanced tab and enter the Port for IMAP and SMTP.
4. IMAP protocol ports are
  1. Incoming Server (IMAP) – 143
  2. Outgoing Server (SMTP) – 465

This one is the default port; you can even change it for an SSL connection

  1. Incoming Server (IMAP) – 993
  2. Outgoing Server (SMTP) – 465
  • Then, Hit on the Outgoing Server option, and mark the authentication option.
  • Now, to finish the process and apply the modification, Hit on OK.

Once you are done with the Configuration of the IMAP server setup, a message of Success will appear on your screen.

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5. Outgoing and Incoming Mail Servers Need to be Like this:
  • Comcast Incoming mail server name:
  • Comcast Secure sockets layer (SSL): ON
  • Comcast Outgoing mail server name:
  • Comcast SSL encryption: Yes
  • Comcast Authentication: Fill in the Comcast username and password
6. SSL Settings Re-configuration

Developed in 1995, a Secure Socket Layer or SSL is an Internet service Protocol that is used to provide an encrypted and safe connection between two applications. For your email security and end-to-end Encryption of messages, it uses Transmission Control Protocol or TCP.

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Why Do you need to reconfigure SSL?

The reasons why you need to do SSL reconfiguration are the following:

  • Inappropriate SSL certificate Configuration at the time of Installment.
  • Wrong information is available in the SSL Certificate.

(To know more about the Configuration error, you can go to SSL Checker free services of Qualys SSL Labs.)

  • If you have exchanged the Domain Names before getting the certificate from the CA.
  • Or because of the expired root CA, the certificate chain is not verified and hence broken.
What should be the SSL configuration in IMAP?

You have to use IMAP Port number -993

  • Outgoing Server (SMTP) – 465 to establish a connection with SSL.

By following this, all the SSL configuration will be done, and Comcast IMAP Server Not Responding problem will be eliminated.

Update the Operating System or Application

If you tried all the above things and your IMAP Comcast server is still not responding, then you can try to update the Application or the Operating System.

The update might solve your issue of the Comcast IMAP server not responding. You can get all the latest Operating System update pop-ups on your screen only, to make your work trouble-less, but for the Application update, you have to check the official website.

Once you are done with the update of the operating system and Application, restart your computer to re-sync all the data.

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In this blog, we have tried to list down the different ways to resolve the Comcast IMAP Server Not Responding problem. However, if even after following all these steps, your error is still consistent, then you can contact the Comcast Email Error experts . This number is available for you 24*7, but we will advise you to contact us at 9:30 in the morning as the traffic is minimal at that time. Thus, your waiting time will be decreased, and if you want, you can even mail your trouble to and get the Quickest solution.

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