How to Setup Wireless HP LaserJet P1102W?

How to Setup Wireless HP LaserJet P1102W?
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HP LaserJet P1102W printer is one of the efficient and premier printers used for printing and scanning multiple documents, gifs, pics, etc. You will get detailed information through this write-up about configuring the HP LaserJet P1102W printer through a wireless network on Windows and Mac. To set up this printer quickly, take expert guidance through the HP customer service team.

Set Up HP LaserJet P1102W Printer on Windows

Follow the few procedures given below if you wish to configure the HP LaserJet printer on Windows through a wireless network.

  • First of all, turn on your Windows system and HP printer. Put it near to your system
  • Visit the official website of the LaserJet printer on your system and follow the steps to download the printer driver by pressing the Download button
  • Now access the downloaded file to begin the configuration process
  • Follow up the terms and conditions attentively and tick the box “I have reviewed and accept the agreements and settings”, and choose the easy install checkbox option. After that, press on the Next option
  • The next page will display the printer found opportunity. So, choose the HP LaserJet P1102W printer and tap the Continue option
  • Once the software is installed, the configuration will show up the printers it has searched. If your printer is not displayed, then press on My printer is not found the option and then press on Continue
  • Now choose Configure to print over wireless network option and press on Next
  • Now, the software and driver will start the installation
  • Directly connect your system to the printer through a USB cable
  • Once the printer connection is found, the installation process will carry on the wireless configuration utility. Choose next
  • When asked for the Wireless Discovery step, choose automatic to get the computer for wireless login credentials and then select next
  • Now the Wireless Network Credentials will be displayed, and the screen will show the same network. Choose your network and tap the next button
  • After that, your LaserJet printer P1102W will couple to the wireless network
  • Finally, take out the USB cable and choose the finish on your Windows system.

Configure HP LaserJet P1102W on Mac Through Wireless Network

Go through the below steps to configure HP LaserJet P1102W on Mac

  • First of all, switch on your printer and confirm that there is no error light blinking on your printer and it is in ready mode
  • Now, switch on your Mac system and link it to the wireless network and share it with your printer
  • Next, couple Mac devices to your printer using the USB cable
  • A window will be shown on the computer screen automatically. Read the terms and conditions carefully and accept the agreement by pressing on it. The software will be downloaded automatically for your printer
  • Once the software is installed, press on Apple and access System Preferences
  • Press on Printers and Scanners option
  • Then, press on Open Print and click the printer setup button
  • Now press on utility and settings button and press on open print utility button
  • Press on HTML configuration in the next window
  • After that, press on the Networking button and choose Wireless under IPV4 configuration
  • Now change the status disabled to enabled under wireless section
  • Now go to the previous page and choose your shared network under Network Name SSID and then press on two arrows on the left-hand side of the network
  • Select the Security mode and enter the network password and then press on Apply button
  • Again, return to the Printers and Scanners option and press on the + sign
  • Choose your HP LaserJet P1102W printer in the window and printer name and press on Add button
  • Lastly, it is set up on Mac and ready to print.

Once you follow the above instructions carefully, you can configure the HP LaserJet printer on Windows and Mac. Suppose you can’t do it; call the HP support number to set it up quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Below we have discussed an easy way to set up wireless HP LaserJet P1102W. 


  1. Firstly, you must get your network name and password from your IT manufacturer.
  2. Ensure that you must have an USB cable to connect your printer with the computer. 
  3. Afterwards, move to the Software and Drivers download window to get the latest printer driver as per your printer.
  4. Get the full feature software and go through the instructions displayed on the screen to accomplish the installation process. 

Ans. Go through the stepwise instructions to set up Wireless HP LaserJet P1102W on a Mac device.

  1. Firstly, collect the network name and password required to connect the wireless HP LaserJet P1102W.
  2. Take a USB cable and attach it to the printer and computer.
  3. After this, update the printer driver to the latest version and then move to Apple menu > System Preferences.
  4. Depending on your operating system, tap on Print & Fax, Print & Scan or Printers & Scanners.
  5. Choose the name of your printer, then click on Options & Supplies > Utility > Open Printer Utility.
  6. Select HTML Config to launch the advanced printer settings window.
  7. After this, opt for the Networking tab > Wireless > 802.11 b/g/n Wireless > Enabled.
  8. Double-tap on the Network Name to add it to Current Network Name, insert the network password, then hit Apply.
  9. Take out the USB cable from the printer and computer. 
  10. From the printers window, choose the name of your printer, tap on minus sign and then remove the USB-Installed printer. 
  11. Tap on the + sign and then Add Printer or Scanner.
  12. Finally, opt for the Add option for adding the printer to the list. 

Ans. HP Printers are well-known in giving the best printing experience to the users. But at times, users might end up with HP LaserJETP1102W not printing wirelessly due to issues with the setup of your printer. There are numerous other reasons that may trigger this issue; which are as follows:

  1. Sometimes, the printer asks me to stop printing because of the low ink.
  2. It may occur due to the paper jamming issue in your printer.
  3. You might experience that your printer speed is very slow while giving commands from your mobile phones.

Ans. If you encounter that your HP LaserJet P1102W does not print wirelessly on Mac then you must go through the resolution steps to fix the issue. 

  1. Look whether your printer is turned on or not. If not, then press the Power button on it to switch it on.
  2. Verify that you have inserted the cartridges properly into the input tray along with correct ink or toner cartridges. Moreover, you must also check that all the lights are stable on the printer.
  3. Relaunch the printer and wait until the printer is all set to print.

Ans. Below we have described some of the easy steps to fix HP LaserJet P1102W not print on Windows 10. 


  1. Initially, you must verify that your computer and printer are well-connected to your home network.
  2. Afterwards, uninstall your device printer driver that Windows 10 automatically installed. For that, hit the Start menu and then look for the Device and Printers.
  3. Next, you must right-click on the Printers icon and opt for the Remove Device.
  4. Finally, your computer uninstalls the printer software completely. 
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