Roadrunner Email Settings on iPhone, Android and iPad

Roadrunner Email Settings on Iphone
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Read the article for Roadrunner Email Settings on Iphone. Road Runner is an excellent email program used by users of Time Warner Cable all around the world. It is used for both professional and personal use by millions of people. The Roadrunner email settings help its user to work more efficiently. You can use this email service on all the available electronic devices like iOS, Mac, Windows and Android. But make sure to take care of the configuration of IMAP and POP settings to use them more efficiently.

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In this guide, we will give you a detail about the Roadrunner server settings.

  1. Before going further, we first need to understand the way to set up your Email Account using Road Runner, using your Device.
  2. Follow the given steps to modify  Roadrunner email server settings, and add an Account. 
  3. Go to your Application, Initially.
  4. Then hit My Accounts.
  5. You will reach Setup accounts, where social media icons and the email icon will be available. 
  6. Hit the Email icons. 
  7. Then there, enter your Roadrunner email address.
  8. After that, provide them with your Roadrunner email password. 
  9. And then hit the next button. 
  10. Then check if your Device is connected to the email server; if it’s not, then there is some problem in your Account setup. 
  11. If the Device is connected, it shows that your Roadrunner email setup is completed, and you can now send or receive emails from your Device. 
  12. Essential requirements of the Roadrunner Email Settings
    • IMAP Server:
    • IMAP port: 993
    • IMAP security: SSL/TLS
    • IMAP username: Your Roadrunner email address (
    • IMAP password: Your Roadrunner Password.
    • SMTP Server:
    • SMTP port : 587
    • SMTP security : STARTTLS 
    • SMTP username: Your Roadrunner email address (
    • SMTP password: Your Roadrunner Password.
  1. If you are using POP3 Settings for your account
    • POP3 Server:
    • POP3 port: 995
    • POP3 security: SSL
    • POP3 username: Your Roadrunner email address (
    • POP3 Password: Your Roadrunner Password.

Manual setting Guide of Roadrunner Email for POP3.

To guide to manually configure Roadrunner email server settings for POP3 is mentioned below, go through each step and get your solution.

  1. Go to your homepage, then click on Settings.
  2. From the setting tab, go to the mail, contacts, and calendar option.
  3. Then click on the Add mail account option.
  4. Now provide all the information which is needed, in the respective boxes, like your name, Roadrunner Email Address, its Password, and description. 
  5. Then all these provided pieces of information will be verified. 
  6. After verification, the next step is to write down all the server details. 
  7. The next step is to select the or email settings POP3 as your incoming mail server option

Provide details like the Hostname, Username and Password as,

    • Hostname:
    • Username: your RR email address
    • Password: RR email password
    • They hit on the Submit button for the incoming mail.
  2. Then provide the informations to the outgoing mail as:
    • Hostname:
    • Username: your RR email address
    • Password: RR email password
  1. Then after providing all the incoming and outgoing mail server details, hit the Save button, Hit on your Email address. 
  2. After you click on your email address, hit the SMTP Button that is present at the bottom of your screen. 
  3. Then, under the main server option, click on the tab.
  4. There, a new page will be visible with SSL and port details. 
    • SSL: None
    • Server Port Number: 25
  1. Then check the details throughout, and click on the Ok option, at last, leave this server page (main server page.) 
  2. You will reach the last page again, where you need to choose the Advanced option.

(Advanced section displays all the details of SSL and server port.)

    • SSL: None
    • Server Port:
  1. At least click on the Done option. Now you will see the previous page again on your screen. 
  1. And your Roadrunner email server settings for POP3 are done. 

Manual setting Guide of Roadrunner Email for IMAP.

  1. You have to check your internet connection first before going further with the Spectrum Roadrunner IMAP email settings on your Device. Once you are sure about your Internet connection, follow the below steps :
  2. On your Device, go to the Mail application.
  3. Provide the required login information for your RR email account.
  4. Then unmark the automatic configuration option, and click on the manual setup.
  5. There, click on IMAP settings and fill in all the basic details for the configuration.
    • Account type: IMAP
    • The incoming server must be changed
    • Incoming mail server port:143
    • Security type: SSL/TLS
    • The outgoing server must be changed
    • Outgoing port:587
    • Security type: none, Insecure port:none
  1. After that, provide the full Roadrunner email address and Roadrunner password.
  2. Then Unmark the Secure Server option & Verified Certificate. 
  3. After reaching the end of SMTP Configuration, you will reach the next page on your own.
  4. There enter the Full Roadrunner email address and Password. 
  5. And Hit the Next Button. 
  6. Write down the Account Name that you want to see on your screen.
  7. And at last, press the Done option to finish it completely.

What are the present Spectrum Roadrunner Email Settings for Outlook?

So you have to understand the IMAP and POP3 settings. Now you need to know and review the setting for Outlook. Let us start to check the guide to understand how to setup roadrunner email in outlook 365

  1. Start Outlook.
  2. Hit the File Option. 
  3. Then hit the category information’s Account Settings.
  4. After that, go to the Email tab and there click on New. 
  5. Then, on that page, Turn on the “Server Settings”.
  6. Once you are done with that, hit the Next Button.
  7. Choose the option of Internet email addresses and hit Next.
  8. Then, you have to hit the Net Button again and fill in the required details. Your name: Enter your full name and Email address: Enter your full email address in the respective box.
  9. Then, in the Server Information tab, hit the Type Account option. 
  10. Then choose POP3, and enter all the needed details :
    • Incoming email: pop-server.dc.rrcom
    • Incoming Port:110
    • Outgoing email:
    • Outgoing Port:25
    • 3Then, in the Login Information option, fill the required pieces of information:
    • Email: Your Roadrunner email address.
    • Password: Your Roadrunner email password
    • Login with security: None
  1. Now, you are at the last step, Hit the Test Account Settings and click on the Finish Option.

And here you are, done with your Roadrunner Email Settings for Outlook. 

Dial Toll Free Number: +1-855-362-0770

What Are IMAP and SMTP Roadrunner Email Settings on Android?

To set and configure your Roadrunner Email on your Android, you have to follow the given steps. 

  1. From the list of icons on your Android device, go to the Mail icon.
  2. Then select Manual setting.
  3. Check the account type option, then choose IMAP, and fill in the information we have provided below 
  4. IMAP
  5. Security: None
  6. Port:993 for IMAP
  7. For Secure-Port 993 and Security type: SSL/TLS 
  8. And for Insecure Port:143 and Security type: None
  9. Then Fill in the SMTP server settings as same as we provided here: 
    • SMTP
    • Security type: None
    • Outgoing SMTP secure: Port 465 and security type: SSL/TLS
    • Outgoing SMTP server i.e :Port 587 and security type:SSL/TLS
    • Outgoing SMTP: Port 25 and security type: None
    • Outgoing SMTP roaming server, i.e.:Insecure: Port 587 and security type: None
  1. Now, you are almost done. To finish it up and use the Roadrunner webmail on your Android device, Hit the Done option. 

And you are done with  adding your Roadrunner email to the android device.

Spectrum Roadrunner Email Settings iPhone

As same as Android, You as a user can check, verify and configure your IMAP and SMTP Roadrunner email server settings on your iPhone too. To set up roadrunner email on an iPhone, go through the steps below. 

  1. Go to the Setting option present on your iPhone’s Screen.
  2. Now choose Mail, Contact and Calendar.
  3. On the next page, either enter your existing Roadrunner email address or Hit on Add a new Account.
  4. Then select the Other option.
  5. Now click on Add a mail account from the next page.
  6. There, enter your name, Password, and email, and after that, hit the Next Button.
  7. Select IMAP, then enter the details in the incoming and outgoing mail server fields.
  8. Then Hit Next again.
    • Incoming server hostname:
    • Outgoing server hostname:
  9. Then provide the SMTP details
    • Roadrunner webmail for the Outgoing Server Hostname:
    • Username: Fill in your Roadrunner Email.
    • Password: Fill in your Roadrunner Password.
    • Then SSL: On.
  10. You can also, Turn off the SSL to enter the Port number there,
    • For SMTP outgoing security
    • Security Type: SSL/TLS
    • Port Number: 465
    • For Outgoing SMTP roaming server security
    • Security Type: SSL/TLS.
    • Port Number: 587,
    • When Security Type is none,
    • Port Number: 25
    • and the Port number : 587 for outgoing SMTP insecure,
    • Then provide your Password for the Authentication. 
    • Server Port Number: 587.

And you are done with your Roadrunner email settings on your iPhone. 

Roadrunner Email Settings on iPad

To set up setup roadrunner email on iPad:

  • Hit on the Settings option that is present on your iPad Home Page.
  • Click on the Account option first, then select Other.
  • Hit the option ‘Add mail account’, and then a new page will be there on your Screen.
  • Fill in your RR email, Password and description in the blank space.
  • Then choose email server settings, either IMAP or POP Server. 
  • Then set up the whole configuration as per requirements.
  • Then Submit it.

And here you are, done with your Roadrunner email setting on your iPad. 


This is a full Roadrunner Email settings on Iphone Guide from our side. Follow this to use your RR Email on various devices. You can also manually do the Email configuration manually. But if after this your problem is still persistent, contact us, and get your perfect solution. We have a team full of Experts with whom you can ask your Doubt and resolve your issue. 


Frequently Asked Questions

To set up your RoadRunner Email using IMAP, (RoadRunner/TWC) IMAP Server :

IMAP port: 993

IMAP security : SSL / TLS

IMAP username: Your full Roadrunner email address

IMAP password: Your Roadrunner password

Roadrunner Email has both the Imap and POP, So it is your choice to choose one according to your need and requirements.

Go to the Advanced section, there select your Email address, and hit the server settings. From there, you will reach your Android server’s screen settings, here all your access information is available.

Your Roadrunner mail is not working either because of inappropriate SMTP, IMAP and POP or due to the presence of Cache and Cookies. Check it throughout to resolve your issue.

Yes, but Roadrunner email is now famous under the name of Spectrum after rebranding.

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