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Comcast Email Disappearing
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If your Comcast Email Disappearing then read this full article to recover your Email. Comcast Corporation is an American multinational company that provides services like cable internet. It is among the world’s largest broadcasting and cable television companies.

In its initial days, the company used to offer media services only, which then, with time, expanded, and they started providing different services, including email service. The brand name of the email service by Comcast is Xfinity.

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Though the email services provided by the company are remarkable, users still complain about the problems they face, like emails disappearing. If you also use Comcast and your email disappears, don’t panic. You can contact Comcast to get your email back, and they have a solution to this problem. 

All About Comcast Emails Disappearing

 Does Comcast automatically delete emails?

 Yes, the sudden disappearance of email is a sign of a malware infection, or it sometimes happens to remove old messages from trash and spam folders,

How long does Comcast keep emails?

To recover an email, you will have 30 days, after that, your email will be permanently deleted.

Is it possible to recover unimportant emails?

Yes, if you want to recover any email within 30 days after deleting it, you can do it easily.

 How many emails can you select at a time to recover?

You can select multiple emails to recover, and there is no limit. You can click the first email on your list, hold on to the shift button, and then the last email on your list.

So, now that you have a bit of an idea about, you can go with the procedure mentioned below to get your email back.

How to Find Disappeared Comcast Emails?

Before going forward with the steps to find old emails, keep in mind that if your emails are automatically deleted from your inbox in bulk or your Comcast email folders are not showing, then contact Comcast customer support. For a trouble-free experience, Comcast tech professionals are available 24*7 for their users. 

Step 1: Open any web browsers on your device.

Step 2: After that, paste the link of Xfinity ( in your browser and press Enter.

 Step 3: Visit the Xfinity login page.

Step 4: Enter your Xfinity id and password in the respective tabs, one after another.

Step 5: After entering your login details, click on the login option to access your Comcast account.

Step 6: Now, a new tab will be in front of you, and this is the official inbox of your account.

Step 7: Select the email tab, following with selecting Comcast mailbox and folder.

Step 8: On the left side of the screen, there will be a menu option, click on that. You can find the trash folder there.

Step 9: Followed by selecting the “Recover Deleted Item” option.

Apart from this, there will be one more option available other than “Trash”, named “ More Actions”, you can use that also.

Step 10: Click on more options.

Step 11: Choose the email you want to restore from the list of deleted emails.

Step 12: After that, tick the emails.

Step 13: Click on the “Move Selected Items”, and choose a destination for your emails to restore. 

If you are not choosing a specific folder, the email will return to its original folder.

Step 14: After choosing a location, click Ok, or Move to transfer and restore the emails.

How to Contact Comcast Customer Support with the Concern of Xfinity Emails Disappearing?

Step 1: Open the Xfinity page. It has all the short features and services available.

Step 2: Scroll down to the end of the page, and there you can select the  “Contact Customer Support” option.

Step 3: When this link opens, you will see a number of ways to connect with them, including calls, emails, or messages.

Step 4: Choose any of the mentioned methods to get in touch with Customer Service Support.

Step 5: Fill in the required information about yourself, i.e., name, account number, and problem regarding your email.

Once you submit it, the representative will go through the issue, and then they will restore your emails, but you need to take care of the time as well. If you pass the time limit, i.e., 30 days, you may not get it back because those emails will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

In addition to that, factors like the type of message, why they disappeared, and which operating system you are using also plays a big role in the restoration process. There are possibilities that Comcast is not able to restore your message.

If your emails are disappearing, again and again, there may be some security issues with your Comcast email account. In such cases, you should first change your Comcast email password to save your account from any thrift or damage. An account password plays a vital role in providing security to your emails.

Once you change your password, you can go with the above-discussed option.

How to Update Your Comcast Account Password?

The order to change the password of your Comcast account is 

Step 1: Log in to your email. 

Step 2: After login, click on the “My Account” option at the top of the inbox page.

Step 3: Then hit the “Manage user and setting” option.

Step 4:  Below your username, you can find the “ change password” option, click on that.

Step 5: Decide a password you want for your Comcast email. (To make your password hack-proof, choose a password which is of 8 to 16 characters. It should have one capital letter, one small letter, one number and one special character. Don’t go with your name or date of birth as a password, as these are easily hackable. 

Step 6: Enter your “Current Password” and “New Password” in the respective boxes. There must be two boxes for the confirmation of “New password”.

Step 7: Hit the “Save Password” option after entering your new password.

Step 8: At last, make sure to log in to your Comcast email with your new password to check it.

You can also change the password using Xfinity my account app.

How to Use Xfinity my Account App to Change the Password?

Step 1: Get access to Xfinity My account app.

Step 2: Then “Sign in” there with your Compact email id and password.

Step 3: After Sign in, click on the “Account Information option”

Step 4: In that, you will find an option to “Change password”.

Step 5: First, enter your “Current password”.

Step 6: After that, enter the “New password”, two times for no error.

Step 7: Once you have entered your new password, tap on the save button.

Step 8: Logout and Login again to check the password.

What to Do When Your Comcast Email Disappears From an iPhone?

As we mentioned earlier also, Comcast email disappearing depends on your operating system also. Whether you are using IOS, windows, or android, it makes a lot of difference to the disappeared email.

If you use an iPhone and your Comcast email disappearing from the inbox, you first need to check the trash folder to see if you can find the required email there. After that, you can log into  your Comcast email via the web and check if the message is present there.

Comcast Email not Working

If you are still unable to find it, contact the customer service representative.

These are a few ways to recover deleted Comcast emails and to make your Comcast Email id strong. You can use this as a solution to restore your old disappeared emails.

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