Comcast DNS Server Not Responding

Comcast DNS Server Not Responding
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Are you wondering why your Comcast DNS server is not responding? Are you facing the same issue with your Xfinity product, thinking what to do about it? For a starter, we must tell you there are a lot of factors that affect the DNS server’s functionality. There are a bunch of technical interference that might cause your DNS server to go haywire.

In this blog post, you will learn about possible negative reasons for impacting your server performance and bringing mayhem to your workaround. The write-up will educate you about some quick heal tricks through which you can Solve Comcast DNS issues.

Resolve – Comcast DNS Server Not Responding

There are numerous ways through which you can rectify the issue. Switching the browser is one such solution that gives way to solving the problem. Once you switch your browser with another one, it reconstitutes the DNS setting. If the problem still continues to persist, try to restart your desktop system in Safe Mode and turn off & on your router again.

Also, if you have any antivirus running in the background or a firewall functioning in the system, disable it temporarily from your desktop device. Besides that, ensure that the peer-to-peer feature is enabled and then turn it off.

This post will discuss everything from possible causes and narrow it down to one eventuality that poses Comcast DNS server problems. Once you become aware of the root cause, rectifying the issue will be easy.

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Comcast DNS Server Not Responding – 5 Fixes

Instead of discussing the troubleshooting methods first, let’s try to figure out what it is that you are dealing with. The pointers mentioned below help clearing out the fog and let you know why the DNS server is acting funny;

  • There might be something wrong with your browser and messing with DNS.
  • You might have not tried running your computer in Safe Mode to check if server is alright.
  • Your desktop system might be connected with secondary connections and causing unavailable Comcast server connectivity.
  • The modem and router connected to your desktop machine might not be well configured.
  • You must be having an Internet Protection Service or Firewall running the background causing obstruction.
  • The Comcast DNS Server Address is not configured.

There might be other reasons causing your Comcast DNS issues today, but the above listed are the main reasons. If you have one of the above-mentioned key-factors causing your DNS server to go haywire, then we can proceed ahead with rectifying it.

1. Rectifying Browser issue.

If browser is the issue, do this;

  • Update the browser if you haven’t done it in ages.

If the browser is already updated, try downloading another one, install it, and then try running the browser that you have just downloaded and installed. Now, try to access the web on the new browser and look for the DNS if it is still functional.

If the issue is still there, then perhaps you can rule out the possibility that there’s something wrong with the browser. If the problem is solved, you are good to go. However, if it continues to persist, try opting for the below mentioned method;

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2. Rectifying Desktop System in Safe Mode.

Booting your desktop work-machine in the Safe Mode will make the operating system to run the most crucial services and processes only. In simple words, most of the services, computer services, and malicious software won’t respond in Safe Mode.

However, you must know that Safe Mode option is available only in the Windows operating system. This could solve the issue Xfinity DNS server is not responding. Here’s how you can proceed with the procedure to sublimate the issue;

  • Choose the “Windows” icon and click on it.
  • Now, move your cursor over the “Power” button.
  • Now press and hold “Shift” and restart the desktop system.
  • After that, get access to the “Advanced Options”, and left-click on “Start-Up Settings”.
  • Afterward, proceed with left-clicking, “Enable Safe Mode With Networking”.
  • While you are restarting the desktop system, continue to hold “Shift” key.

If networking is not the issue, then perhaps, firewall settings or the third-party internet protection service is interfering with the DNS server settings. There could be another reason why is not responding.

Chances are, there might be some malicious script running in the background that interferes with the server configuration. Certainly, you are not going to run your system in the Safe Mode all the time. Therefore, it would be wise to reinstall the operating system.

3. Rectifying Third-Party Internet Protection/Firewall Interference.

There are high chances that firewall or installed anti-malware could be intervening with the DNS server of Comcast. Therefore, it would be wise to turn off them from your desktop system. Well, surely you install Internet Protection system for your security, it however, interferes with the server settings and causes trouble in network connectivity.

Simply, disable it and try to access the web again. Once you disable the protection system, it will stop messing around with your DNS network.

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4. Rectifying Peer-To-Peer Option.

For those who use Windows operating system, might encounter Peer-To-Peer as a hurdle causing issues in the network connectivity. The feature usually preserves the bandwidth that a device uses to download.

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Disabling the feature saves a lot of trouble to the ones complaining, why is my DNS server unavailable. Peer-To-Peer option usually comes to work when you download Windows Update and update it. After that, it enables the same device to share the same version on other systems connected to the same network.

  • Type CMD in Windows search bar.
  • You will now be available with the Command Prompt.
  • Now, type command – ipconfig /flushdns – Press Enter.
  • After that, – ipconfig /registerdns – Press Enter.
  • Now – ipconfig /release – Press Enter.
  • Lastly – ipconfig /renew – Press Enter.

Now that you have followed the process wisely, your DNS server Cache files are cleared. Please ensure that you have followed each step illustrated in the above mentioned procedure.

5. Rectifying System Router.

This is the last resort that you could opt for is your system still persists with the DNS server settings. It simply resets your DNS server settings and never causes your Comcast to work improperly.

To proceed with the resolution, turn your router off and unplug it from the power source. Now, plug back the power cable in the power socket and turn it back on. However, before you turn it back on, you need to wait for a couple of minutes.

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Hopefully the rectifying methods illustrated in the blog post helps you in solving the issue. The troubleshooting steps mentioned are tried and tested and are right from the horse’s mouth. If you think, you left behind any method solving the issue, you can try scrolling back up again. Just in case the issue still persists, you can try contacting our Comcast experts on our toll-free hotline number.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In some cases browser often poses hurdle for DNS server connectivity. Therefore, it is advised to download another browser and install it on your desktop system. Other than that, check if your existing browser is outdated. Update it and try accessing the web. If it doesn’t work out, try switching the browser with another browser.

If router is causing problem in the DNS server connectivity, try switching it off and remove the power cable from the power socket. Not re-plug it, and try to turn it back on after waiting for not more than a couple of minutes.

Yes, it is possible that Windows Firewall or third-party internet protection service is causing obstruction in the DNS server connectivity. Therefore, try to disable it for an indefinite amount of time to run the web smoothly.

Try to run Comcast web in safe mode. You need to know that majority of the computer application doesn’t run in Safe Mode. Safe Mode allows only the selective software to run on the system. Also, if there is any malicious computer application installed on the system, it won’t run and your web will run smoothly. If the same thing couldn’t be happen during the normal mode. It’s time to reinstall the OS because it is affected by a malicious web element.

You can try contacting the experts. These are the Comcast experts that provides necessary solution to your Comcast DNS server queries. They analyse the situation and offer their expertise to rectify the issue.

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