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Stumbled upon some issues and need help from Panda security Customer Support Experts? If yes, then your online search for a perfect solution ends here. Undertake this overall blog and learn everything about Panda Antivirus.

An Overview of Panda Antivirus

Panda Antivirus is a software developed by Panda Security to safeguard your mobile, laptop, and PCs. It has both the Free and paid version available for the users. The antivirus works cloud-based, which means the files can be scanned very easily using remote servers. In this process, the processing power of the user’s machine is also not being used, which makes it even better for the users.

Need instant help regarding Panda Security? Grab help from the experts by dialing +1855-362-0770 immediately.

Why is Panda so Popular Among Its Users?

Panda Antivirus offers numerous great features like Deep Scan, real-time protection, etc. Let’s discuss about each of them one by one.

Real-Time Protection

The Panda Antivirus provides its users with real-time protection, which means your device will be actively protected from the moment you initiate using it. It will not just scan your System from multiple virus or malware attacks but also update itself frequently to keep the device safe and away from any threats.

Antivirus Scanner

Panda’s Antivirus scanner is an easy-to-use tool that manages to find almost 95% of malware from your System. The scanner detects a wide range of Malware threats present in your device, like trojans, spyware, rootkits, etc. A customer basically has three options to scan while using Panda Antivirus:

  • Critical Areas: It scans Pc memory, current process, and other major areas where viruses are usually present.
  • Custom Scan: It Scans some specific area, or you can say specific folders & files.
  • Full Scan: The Full Scan look for virus throughout your entire System.

The time taken in these three scans varies. The full scan takes almost 8 Hours, whereas the Critical scan takes only 5 minutes.

Apart from these three scans, Panda also gives you the option of a Cloud-Based Scan. It is known as Panda Cloud Cleaner and is a part of Rescue Kit. It is also available for non-panda users as a free download. The process works on collective Intelligence to scan all the advanced threats present on the cloud.

Rescue Kit

A unique tool that keeps users’ PC safe from any threat with the help of a Rescue USB Drive is known as a Rescue kit. It boots the user’s device and then operates the clod scanner to remove all the malware present in the device. It is very easy to step and use this feature of Panda Antivirus.

Note: It is only for Windows users. 

PC Clean-up

Panda PC Clean-up offers you four different options that you can utilize according to your need.

  1. Hard drive Clean-up, i.e., Free up Space on the Hard Drive
  2. Defragment of Hard Drive
  3. Schedule a Daily System Clean-up
  4. Organize Programs using Boot Manger that starts on the Startup.

Each of them has its own specification, time, and uses.

File Shredder & File Encryption

Panda has two really amazing features for all its Windows users, named File Shredder & File Encryption. Both of them work with each other. The File Encryptor gives you permission to select and secure the files and folder according to your choice. So that nightery hacker nor anyone else can have access to those files.

Apart from that, there are other options as well when you go with File encryption, including:

  • Deleting the original files once the encryption is made.
  • Make a self-extracting archive. Thus, others who don’t have a password depot can decrypt the files as well.
  • Saving some specific file decryption passwords in the Password Depot password manager.
  • Permanently deleting sensitive data or files from the System.
VPN Services

We all know that Hotspot Shield is one of the most favorable VPN providers in the market right now, and they are the provider of Panda’s VPN Service.

Password Manager 

It Secures your password and stores it in a safer place. Apart from that, if a user needs it, Panda also offers you options like auto-saving or filling in your password, detecting the strength of the password you created, generating a new strong and saved password, and many more.

Parental Control

Another major feature you get using the Panda Antivirus is the Parental Control option. The users have easy access to see what their kids are watching, how much time they are using the device, etc. Apart from this, users also have permission to restrict the time or the websites the kids can access, i.e., content filtering options.

Anti Theft Tools and Data Shield

The data shield restricts apps from using some specific files and provides protection against malware.

Whereas the Anti-Theft tools Track your device location.

However, even after all these features, there are a few issues faced by Panda Security Antivirus users.

What are the Errors Faced by panda Security antivirus Users?

In this section, we have discussed about some common Panda issues:

  • Not able to download or install Panda Software.
  • Error message alert while updating Panda Software.
  • Not able to renew your License.
  • The Software doesn’t respond to your command.
  • The Software scans the device very slowly.
  • The Product key is not available.
  • Problems in getting a refund after the license cancellation.

In case you get stuck with any of the following issues, you can easily fix them by calling Panda Security Antivirus Customer Service Number. However, if you are not comfortable with phone calls or you need some other way to contact Panda Security, then you can use the live chat or email option as well. Read the next section to know more about it.

Use Panda Security Customer Care Number to contact Support Team.

In case you are looking for the most handy way to grab help from Panda, then you can use the Panda Security Helpline Number. Here, you don’t have to wait for a longer period of time to get the solution. Simply dial Panda Security Customer Service Number, and tell them your concern; now note down the steps they are explaining to you, or do it at the same time on your device. The solution will definitely work for you.

Get Assistance from Panda Antivirus through Live Chat

Suppose you are not comfortable with phone calls, or you are not in a situation to call someone at the moment; what will you do then? Don’t worry; for such a scenario, Panda gives you a Live chat option. To access that, simply click on the Help box below and then explain the issue you are facing. A representative will join you in the next few moments; tell them your concern, and grab the step by step solution.

Mail your issue to Panda Support Team.

Another Alternate that you can opt for is mailing your problem to Panda Customer care. After mailing, wait for some time to receive the revert. After that, follow the steps mentioned in the mail and rectify your issue.

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