Verizon Customer Service Number

Phone Number :  1 (877) 596-7577
Call Time :  24 hours, 7 days, also available on Holidays.
Support :  (Talk to human – 18553620770)
For online help :  Verizon Customer Care
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Verizon stands as an American telecommunication company known for offering wireless services and products. Started as a telecommunication company, it deepened its roots in providing the internet and the email services. Like every other email, it also offered the potential of exchanging the documents and messages through the medium of emails. The emails could be configured with both Android and iOS. But with a recent announcement, the company has decided to retire from its email services due to other more potential arrays of emails in the market. It decided to get out of the email business and focuses the energy on providing the best internet and TV services. The users can now access the Verizon emails by configuring it with AOL or Yahoo mail. And if you haven’t extracted the contacts and imported them to other email service providers before the year 2017, then the data has been deleted from the account. You can’t keep the email address with you and need to migrate to either AOL or Yahoo and can access the Verizon emails through that. If you need any more information about the same, then you can get in touch with Verizon customer service number.

How to Configure Verizon Email

You can easily configure the email in the AOL accounts and can migrate to the email service. If you still wish to use your Verizon email address, you can easily do so through the platform of AOL and Yahoo. For that, you need to update the server settings. You can do so using the IMAP protocol. The method that will be discussed below can only be performed if you have not used POP3, with any third party email service provider. If you wish to use the POP3 settings, you will need to update the settings, and for that, you need to get in touch with Verizon support number.

Verizon configuration for AOL

Server Settings
Incoming mail server (IMAP) –
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) –

Port settings
IMAP port number- 993
SMTP port number- 465
SSL enabled- Yes

Verizon configuration for Yahoo

Server settings
Incoming mail server (IMAP)-
Outgoing mail server-

Incoming mail (POP) server-
Outgoing mail (SMTP) server-

Port settings
Incoming- 993
Outgoing- 465 or 587

Incoming- 995
Outgoing- 465 or 587
Authentication required- Yes
SSL- Yes

Technical Issues with Verizon Email

Since the announcement in December 2015, of the Verizon telecommunication company to shut down its email services and focus on other things, the customers who had an account with Verizon have a lot of questions and issues in their mind. Here is a list of doubts or queries that can occur in an individual’s mind. If you wish to know the answers about the same, then you must get in touch with Verizon technical support number.

  • What can be done if the contacts, calendars and other data was not extracted from the before its migration to AOL?
  • How can the email be configured in Microsoft outlook/
  • How to create a Verizon email account using a third party email service provider?
  • Why is Verizon ending its email services and migrating to AOL?
  • How to retain email address using AOL?
  • What if I don’t wish to migrate to AOL?
  • Not able to sign in to Verizon account using AOL.
  • Can’t access the account.
  • Unable to configure the IMAP and POP settings

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