How to troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open issue

AOL Desktop Won’t Open
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In a world that runs on instant gratification and quick delivery, we don’t want anything that takes time. Although AOL Desktop Gold is an all-in-one, one-stop solution that offers unlimited web services with greater security and faster processing speeds, it can sometimes fall short of the mark. There are times when AOL Desktop Gold won’t Open. It can occur because the setup might have been corrupted, or there is some damage to the installation files. You need to consider downloading a new setup.

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Furthermore, This should resolve the AOL Desktop Gold not opening issue. In order to enable you to resolve AOL Desktop Gold problems, we are listing down steps that can effectively fix the AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open issue.

Things to keep in mind before resolving AOL Desktop Gold Not Opening concern

Usually, technical issues don’t arise because of just one reason. Hence, Multiple reasons can lead to the occurrence of the AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open issue. Some of these reasons are listed below-:

  1. Improper or incorrect installation of AOL Desktop Gold
  2. Damaged or corrupt AOL software files.
  3. AOL gold is not compatible with other files installed on your system
  4. Damage due to virus or malware in the system
  5. Damaged or corrupt hard disk

Methods to fix AOL Desktop Gold won’t open issue

Below given are the steps that can troubleshoot AOL Gold won’t open issue-:

  1. Scan your system thoroughly with the help of an antivirus
  2. Ensure that your system has all the requisite requirements available that are needed for the installation of AOL Desktop Gold
  3. Delete corrupt or incompatible files from the system
  4. Ensure that your internet is working properly
  5. Try updating the AOL Desktop Gold software; if there is an upgrade available
  6. Delete the browser cache from the browser settings
  7. If any of these steps don’t work, try reinstalling the AOL Desktop Gold from the official website
  8. Choose the AOL Desktop Gold option and uninstall the program
  9. From the official website of AOL Desktop Gold, download the software
  10. Upgrade AOL Desktop Gold by fixing this newly downloaded file
  11. After the installation is complete, reboot your system

A list of problems with their solutions when AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open

AOL Gold not responding is one of the most common issues regarding AOL Gold problems. It happens that sometimes, AOL Desktop Gold doesn’t respond to the command given by the user. Several factors can be responsible for the problems occurring with AOL Desktop Gold. We are going to discuss in detail steps that can help fix this issue. One of the most common issues on the internet, AOL Gold not responding issue throws certain errors and can be fixed in the following ways-:

Quitting the program from task manager- 

If you find the AOL Gold not responding error, the first thing you need to do is quit the program and restart it.

Windows users-
  1. Start the task manager by clicking on Ctrl, Alt, and Delete buttons together.
  2. Choose the process tab
  3. Now, choose the AOL Desktop application
  4. From the Pop-up window, choose clicking on the End program
  5. Reopen the AOL Desktop Gold program after it disappears from the Process Window
For Mac Users-

For Mac Users, you should follow the steps below to quit the program-:

  1. On the Task Manager, right-click on the AOL Desktop icon
  2. Now, choose Force Quit to shut the program down
Fixing the Incompatibility Issue –

A major reason behind the incompatibility of the AOL Desktop application is the inadequate hardware needed by the AOL Desktop application requirement. Checking the device compatibility for your AOL Desktop Gold is extremely crucial in this case. Finally, you need to upgrade the device hardware, enabling you to run the program on your device. The following requirements should be met for AOL Desktop software to be installed on your computer-:

  1. 266MHZ processor version or faster.
  2. 1 GB RAM
  3. 512 MB hard drive
  4. Windows 7 or mac osx 10.0.0 or later versions
Removing the virus from your system-

If your system has all the requisite amount of hardware but still running slow, it could be because of the presence of a virus in the system. It could also show AOL Gold not working error message. In this case, you should scan the computer and look for malware that could have affected your system. Once you scan your computer and get the bugs out of your system, then it should be working fine.

Reinstalling the program-

If even after following the above steps AOL desktop Gold is not responding, then in that case, you should uninstall and reinstall the program again. 

Try following the below-given steps for you to be able to do so: 

Windows Users:

For Windows users, reinstalling the program is quite easy. You just need to go to Programs and Files. Hence, you need to select the AOL Desktop program option and then Uninstall. After uninstalling, you will have to re-install the application. Also, restart the system for changes to take effect.

Mac users:

Choose AOL Desktop Gold application >> send it to the trash folder. 

After uninstalling the program completely, go back to the AOL desktop gold website and download the latest AOL Desktop Gold version and download it. After that, re-install the program.

Once you follow these instructions, you can easily fix the AOL Gold not responding problem.

What happens when AOL Desktop Gold stops working/not opening error

  • The program crashes frequently
  • You encounter a black screen often while working on this software
  • AOL Gold is not responding even after you click on it
  • The webpage doesn’t respond even after you plug in the software.
  • Sending and receiving mails become difficult on your AOL account

Troubleshooting Guide When AOL Desktop Gold is not Opening or not working

Here are some quick and simple solutions that you can follow if your AOL software is not working or not opening.

Solution 1: Checking and updating the application

One of the best things about AOL Gold Desktop is that it updates itself quite automatically. There might be an issue with the software. In that case, the updates would not be downloaded. In this case, check manually whether there are any pending software updates that need completion.

Solution 2: General settings

While updating Windows or any other application, there are changes in the computer settings. Such changes can induce errors and can lead to AOL Gold not working properly. Since these changes affect the functioning of AOL, you should try to restore the computer to an earlier setting when the AOL was working properly.

Solution 3: Checking the Add-ons

Some add-ons installed on your system could be affecting the working of AOL Desktop Gold. It could also cause the system to have incompatibility issues with AOL Desktop Gold. The prudent thing to do is to disable these add-ons. After that you have disabled these add-ons, you should run a scan of your system to diagnose the issues.

Solution 4: Downloading the installation file

When you get the message displayed on the screen, “AOL Desktop Gold has stopped working or not opening,” you can follow the steps mentioned below for downloading AOL Desktop Gold and running an updated installation file:

  • Access the AOL website and download the updated installation file.
  • Next, you need to open the file and run it on your system
  • Now, Go to the AOL icon and open Desktop Gold after you have run the installer.


We have tried to suggest the best possible solutions for you. We hope that the solutions we have provided above are of good use to you. If you keep following these steps, there is a good chance that your issue might get resolved. However, there are times when even after employing these steps, people are not able to get the resolution. Finally, you are welcome to connect with us. Although, Our skilled team of executives can help you with your issues and can provide you with the required assistance. Do chat with us or shoot us a mail . We’d be happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

The following can lead to AOL Desktop Gold won’t open issue. Improper or incorrect installation of AOL Desktop Gold. Damaged or corrupt AOL software files. AOL gold is not compatible with other files installed on your system. Damage due to virus or malware in the system. Damaged or corrupt hard disk.

AOL Desktop Gold not responding issue can be resolved through the following steps. Quitting the program from the task manager. Fixing the Incompatibility Issue. Removing the virus from your system. Reinstalling the program.

When AOL stops working, the following happens-:
The program crashes frequently. You encounter a black screen often while working on this software. AOL Gold is not responding even after you click on it. The webpage doesn’t respond even after you plug in the software.

This particular issue can be resolved using the following solutions-:

  1. Checking and updating the application
  2. Make sure that the General settings are correct
  3. Verifying the Add-ons
  4. Downloading the installation file
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