A comprehensive guide to troubleshoot BellSouth Email Login issues

Bellsouth Email Login Issues
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So, if you are looking for a solution to the BellSouth email login problem, then fret not. We, in this blog are going to provide all the requisite solutions for the above-said problem. We are also going to show you the ways using which you can easily navigate through this issue.

Various Factors Leads to Bellsouth Email Login Issues

Before we understand, however, the troubleshooting methods that can help you resolve the BellSouth Email login issues, let’s take a look at the various factors that can lead you to this problem:

1.) At the outset, it could be the slow internet connection that could be causing the login issue.
2.) Secondly, there might be a possibility that your BellSouth email service server might be down.
3.) Another reason could be that you are typing the wrong password while you are logging into the BellSouth email.
4.) It might be possible that in a hurry, you forgot your BellSouth email account password. Also, somebody could have hacked your account and then changed the password.
5.) Your web browser, which you are using to log into your BellSouth email account has become obsolete or outdated or it might contain a lot of caches and cookies.
6.) Your Windows Firewall or Antivirus security settings might be creating an interference or could be blocking the BellSouth Email server.
7.) Your BellSouth email is configured in a way that it is not allowing you to sign-in.
8.) Whenever you try to login into the BellSouth email, you get an authentication error.
9.) Another problem that you might be facing is that BellSouth email is not able to send mails in the Outlook. The reason here could be your email configuration.
10.) Probably, your BellSouth email is not working with the Outlook. You might have to resort to webmail or any other email client as a temporary solution.

Although the number of reasons are endless, the above-mentioned are some of the most common possibilities behind the occurrence of the login problems in BellSouth email.

Top 8 Solutions to Resolve Bellsouth Email Login Issues

Now, since you have got all the required information about the BellSouth login issue, you might want to move forward with the solutions. Listed below are the possible troubleshooting solutions that can help you resolve this particular issue;

Solution 1: Change your password and make a robust secure key

If your BellSouth Email account is not working, you might be able to solve the problem by changing the password.

This problem can occur in some legacy accounts, and to fix this issue, you are advised to visit the BellSouth’s official website and then change your password. Once you do that, you might want to check if the problem still persists.

If you see that the problem is still there, you might want to try creating a secure mail key. You can think of it as a password which you will only use for Outlook. Creating a secure mail key is a great way of ensuring that your email stays safe from malicious intent of hackers.

In order to create a secure mail key, you need to do the following;

1.) Firstly, you need to access your BellSouth profile page and then click on the Sign-in information.
2.) Secondly, you need to choose the email account that you want to create a secure mail key for.
3.) Thereafter, go down to the Secure mail key section and then select Manage Secure Mail key.
4.) Consequently, choose the Secure Mail key option.
5.) If the need is, you can enter a name for your security key so as to recognize it better. Although, this is not mandatory, it might come handy in future.
6.) Subsequently, choose the Create Secure mail key option.
7.) Furthermore, you need to click on the Copy Secure Mail key to clipboard.
8.) Finally, click on the OK option.

Now, after this, all you need to do is go to Outlook and then replace your password with the created secure mail key. Once after this, check if the problem is still there.

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Solution 2: Check your antivirus

At times, it may happen that due to antivirus issues, your BellSouth email is not working. Even your firewall can sometimes create problems for you. It can also prevent your email from working properly and that can cause this particular issue.

You can, however, resolve this issue by simply adding Outlook to your Firewall’s or Antivirus’s list of exclusions. If the problem still occurs, you might want to disable certain antivirus features or disable your antivirus altogether.

Even if after disabling the antivirus, the problem doesn’t get fixed, you should then proceed forward to remove the antivirus altogether. You can also use Windows Defender if you are concerned about your safety.

After removing the antivirus, you must check if the problem is still there. If you do not get the issue, this could be your time to switch to a different antivirus solution.

Solution 3: Ensure that your account is properly configured

If your BellSouth email is not working with the Outlook, then it’s probably because your account was not properly configured. In order to fix this, you just need to locate the account and make the necessary changes.

We are going to demonstrate how you can properly add and configure the BellSouth account, but if you already have a BellSouth account, you might have to just do the following:
1.) Firstly, you need to open Outlook and then go to File and then add account.
2.) Secondly, you need to choose Manual setup or additional server types. Thereafter, click On Next.
3.) Next, choose POP or IMAP and then click on Next.
4.) Thereafter, you will be asked to fill in your display name and email address.
5.) Furthermore, you should enter server information. In case you are using a POP3 account, you should enter and for incoming and outgoing servers respectively.

After that, fill in your login information and then click on More Settings. Now, access the Advanced tab and then set the Incoming server port number to 995. Also, set the outgoing server port number to 465.

In case you are using an IMAP account, you need to set incoming and outgoing servers to and respectively. When it comes to port numbers, use 993 for incoming and 465 or 587 for outgoing server.
6.) If you need, you can click on the Test Account Settings button and verify whether your configuration is correct or not.
Configuring your account should resolve the problem and everything should be working fine.

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Solution 4: You might want to wait it out

In some cases, it is the best approach to wait it out. A server-side issue is such a case. If that indeed is the case, then you might want to wait as there is not much you can do until BellSouth email fixes the problem.

If you are having problems with BellSouth and Outlook, you can let BellSouth know and they’ll tell you if the problem has been caused by the server or the client.

Solution 5: Fix your Outlook Profile

Sometimes, it so happens that your BellSouth email is not working in Outlook because of a corruption in the Outlook profile. A number of reasons can cause this but you can fix this by doing the following;
1.) Firstly, access the File tab and then select Info in Outlook.
2.) Secondly, choose Account and then Account Settings.
3.) Thereafter, you need to change Folder to Outlook Data file and then Inbox.

After these steps, save the changes and check if the issue is resolved.

Solution 6: Forward emails to Outlook email

If you are not able to receive the BellSouth emails in Outlook, you might fix this problem simply by setting all emails to be forwarded to the Outlook Email.

Although it is just a workaround solution, this might work for you until you find a permanent solution. For forwarding the emails, you need to ensure that you access the BellSouth’s server and set up email forwarding to the desired email account.

Solution 7: Make use of Webmail

A temporary solution to the BellSouth login problems is using the Webmail. A number of email services offer Webmail and if you are having problems with the Outlook, it would make absolute sense to switch to webmail.

This might not be the best solution but it is a decent alternative until you find the permanent solution.

Solution 8: Switch to a different email client

At times, it so happens that BellSouth email does not work in Outlook and if you cannot fix the problem, perhaps you want to switch to a different emailing client.

A number of great email clients are available in the market and you can always try using the Mail App in Windows 10. However, if you are looking for some additional features, then Mailbird might be just what you need.

Mailbird is a resourceful email client that is able to provide both individual and professional level tools. It also contains a unified email box that has full access to all your email accounts.

It comes with a handy filtering and organizing features that can save a lot of your time. Apart from that, the transition needs to be seamless; reason being the easy-to-use interface of the Mailbird email client. If you know how the Outlook works, then you might find using this alternative very easy.

Wrapping Up

In this write-up, we have tried to assimilate all the reasons as well as the solutions for BellSouth Email Login issues. Now it is up to you to use these solutions and navigate through the login issues.

However, at times, it might happen that even after using these solutions, you are not able to successfully resolve this particular issue. In such a case, you should get in touch with our email experts who can fix your issues in moments.

We have a dedicated team that caters to such issues. They can look at your problem, evaluate it and then find a solution to it as quickly as possible. If you face any issues, feel free to contact our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the BellSouth team is showing you an alert message to reset your Password frequently. It might be possible that your email address is attacked by malware, viruses, phishing emails, or corrupted Internet Sites. So in such cases, you have to use an Antivirus or Anti- Malware scan in your System. 

Note: Ignore mentioning your email address publicly on random pages, or don’t subscribe to suspicious web pages.

Answer: In case you are locked out of your BellSouth email account, and want to unlock it instantly, then Reset your Password, follow the given steps to do so:

  1. Initiate the process by reaching to Myatt Page.
  2. Now, click on the Forget Password option.
  3. Provide the Password information.
  4. Now, select between Temporary Password or Security Questions to reset the Password.

Note: Suppose you selected Temporary Password; you will get a code on your Alternate email or Mobile number.

  1. Now complete the instructions available on your screen, and create a New Password.

Answer: You may have locked out from your BellSouth email account due to too many login attempts with an incorrect login credential. This happens for your email’s protection only so that hackers can’t use your data easily. 

Note: It is always suggested to enter your BellSouth email and Password correctly. Before hitting the submit button, you must review all the typos or errors you have made and modify it if needed. 


Answer: Initially, you must ensure that you are providing the right login credentials. Also, you must be careful while entering the passwords, as they are case-sensitive. However, if, even after all the cautions, you still can access your BellSouth Email, then you can go with the given methods to Unlock it. 

  1. Wait for some time, and try to log in again to your BellSouth email after some time.
  2. Reset the BellSouth Password.
  3. Verify if the Email account is hacked.

Important: In case your BellSouth email is hacked, you have to take action to get it back as soon as possible.

Answer: To create a strong and hard to hack Password, you have to make sure about a few points:

  • Make a combination of letters, alphabets (Both the Lower case & upper case), and symbols. 
  • Don’t use your birth date/month/year in your Password
  • Make sure to use at least 8 characters.
  • Ignore using the name, nickname, or loved ones’ name as passwords.
  • Merge different words that are not related to each other and make a strong password.

If the BellSouth team is showing you an alert message to reset your Password frequently. It might be possible that your email address is attacked by malware, viruses, phishing emails, or corrupted Internet Sites. So in such cases, you have to use an Antivirus or Anti- Malware scan in your System. 

Note: Ignore mentioning your email address publicly on random pages, or don’t subscribe to suspicious web pages.


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