Can’t Open Attachments In AOL Mail – 6 Ways to Fix it Now

Can't Open Attachments in AOL Mail
May 17, 2023     Admin     AOL

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Can’t open attachments in AOL mail and looking for its relevant solutions? This post elaborates on the crux of this matter and offers the relevant solutions.

An Overview of Can’t Open Attachments in AOL Mail

AOL mail is one of the most preferred mailing service that has extensive user base, thanks to its seamless emailing experience. However, when sending an email using the AOL mail, you may experience the AOL mail attachment problems.

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Sometimes, you can’t inset an attachment or sent using your AOL Desktop Gold mail. Also, you may feel trouble in opening an attached email to the program. If you are experiecing these issues, implementing the relevant solutions can eliminate the persisting error. Let’s discuss!

Can’t Login into AOL Mail

Possible Reasons Behind AOL Mail Won’t Open Pdf Attachments

In case of an attachment error, you need to look for its possible reasons in the first place. The below-given list explains some common reasons behind this error:

  • Attachment Limit Has Exceeded

AOL mail allows users to attach files up to 25MB. When this limit exceeds, you won’t be able to attach the file to an email.

  • Erroneous Browser

Make sure that you are using the latest version of your Internet browser. If not, you may have problem in opening the attached file.

  • Unstable Internet Connection

Having a strong Internet connection is the basic requirement to attach files to an email and send it. If your internet connection is feeble, you may not be able to attach/open an email.

  • Attachment Link Is Not Working Properly

When the file attachment link doesn’t respond on clicking, you can’t open attachments in AOL mail.

How to Open Attachments in AOL Mail When Error Occurs?

If you are unable to download attachments from AOL mail, or just can’t open it, below are some effective solutions that can help:

1st Solution: Restart Your Device and AOL Email

Restarting everything is the first thing you should try to eliminate the attachment problem in AOL mail service. Sometimes, a restart can be a simple solution to the complex technical issues. First of all, restart your device.

Once done, connect your device to a strong Internet connection and log into your AOL mail account. Thereafter, try to download the attachments and open it. If the error continues, it means some other erroneous condition is promoting this error. To resolve, move to the next solution.

2nd Solution: Check Your Connection and Download The Attachments Properly

Make sure that your Internet connection is intact. If not, you need to connect it to a stable connection. Now when you click on the attachment to download it, make sure that the download process is complete before you open it. Once downloaded, avoid making multiple clicks to open the downloaded file. You may check the file name and access it from the “Downloads” folder of your computer.

3rd Solution: Open The File With A Compatible Application

now that you know how to download attachments in aol mail, it is also important to open the downloaded file using the right software. For instance, if you have downloaded a PDF file, you need to have a PDF viewer to open this file. If you want to open a doc file, you need to have a doc-compatible application installed on your device. A right kind of application can keep attachment issue at bay.

4th Solution: Put AOL Quick Restore Feature To Use

Quick Restore is an efficient feature that can help in eliminating “AOL mail won’t open pdf attachments” issue. Below are the steps you can implement for the error resolution:

  1. When on the Home screen, open the Start menu.
  2. Next, type System in the search area and hit Enter button.
  3. Now scroll down to AOL System Information option and click once found.
  4. It will open a new window where you need to click AOL Software option >> Quick Restore.
  5. Enabling this option will restoration process. Wait for the process to complete and avoid performing any other task.
  6. Click Close once you are done.
  7. Restart the device and try to download an open the attachment from within AOL mail service.
  8. If you still can’t open attachments in AOL mail, check for the other factors that can bring forth the attachment error.
5th Solution: Check The Size Of The Attached File

When using the AOL email, you can’t attach a file larger than 25 MB. If you are trying to attach a file larger than the maximum limit, it will not attach and throw the error message on your screen. In such a scenario, you may compress or reduce the file size and then attach it to the email.

6th Solution: Check Your Internet Browser For AOL Attachment Problem

If you are running the AOL email on your Internet browser, it may give an error message on your screen. The error occurs due to the compatibility issue from the browser. Make sure that you are using the latest version of your Internet browser and it is compatible to open the attachment from within the mail. Also, you need to check the server status of the AOL email client. If the server is down, wait a while until it is up again.

Summing Up!

The solutions described in this post can help you when you can’t open attachments in AOL mail. If you are finding any difficulty with the procedures, or need more help on the matter, contact our professionals immediately. They can guide you with the best solutions in no time.

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