How to Fix Firefox Keeps Crashing Constantly on Startup?

How to Fix Firefox Keeps Crashing Constantly on Startup?
Apr 24, 2020     Admin     Mozilla

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If you are someone who is facing the issue of Firefox crashing constantly, then you need to fix it quickly, so that you can use it again. Firefox seems to crash either because cache, and cookies data are abundant, or due to outdated driver and browser. You can fix this issue by reach out to Mozilla firefox support number which remains available at all 24 hours in a day.

Mozilla Helpline Number : 1-866-904-4210

Steps to Fix Firefox Keeps Crashing Error

Follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve the issue where Mozilla Firefox keeps on crashing:

Check Troubleshooting Message
There is an inbuilt event log in the Mozilla Firefox where all the troubleshooting information is given so that you can launch it to resolve the issue. For launching the troubleshooting, follow these tips:

1. First, you need to click on the Mozilla Firefox icon on your system to open it.
2. Then you have to click on the hamburger menu > Help >Troubleshooting Information.
3. Now you can see the crash report of the last three days and other technical information about your favorite web browser.
4. If you wish you can reset the Mozilla Firefox, as resetting will remove all the unnecessary settings.
5. You can click on the Refresh button to reset the browser.

Disable the Add-ons
Sometimes Mozilla Firefox is crashing because of the broken extension and if you are witnessing these errors after installing some add-ons. Then you need to disable it while starting the Firefox on Safe Mode.

1. Open the web browser Firefox.
2. Now you need to tap on the hamburger menu > Help>Restart with Add-ons disabled.
3. At last hit on the Press button again for confirming it.

Remove the Mismatched Cache
Cache data is the data on your computer by websites so that they can load faster when you want to open it next time. Cache data is known for reducing the load time; however, there are times when mismatching in cache computing can lead to crashing of the Firefox.

1. Open the Mozilla Firefox on your computer.
2. Then, you have to click on the Library icon > History> Clear Recent History.
3. You need to select the Time range from which time onwards you want to clear the History. Here chooses the option of Everything.
4. Now tick mark on all the boxes that are next to Data and History which you want to clear.
5. Now you need to click on the Clear Now button and then restart the web browser.

Update the Device Drivers
If you forget to update the device driver of your system, then it can be causing the problem of Firefox crashing. So, it’s your duty first to identify which driver is outdated and then update it:

1. Press Win and R key together to open the Run window.
2. Then enter the command devmgmt.msc to launch the Device Manager after entering Enter key.
3. You need to look for any available updates in the list displayed.
4. If no updates are available, then go and see the device driver.
5. Then right-click on each device to Update the Driver.

If even after applying these troubleshooting steps, the Mozilla Firefox still crashes then you need to take the assistance of the experts by calling Mozilla support. This number stays accessible 24*7 round the clock to help you in fixing the error.

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