How to Fix Error 49.4c02 on your HP Printer?

Fix Error Code 49.c02
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HP Error Code 49.4c02 is a common printing error many users face while using any HP Printer. Common causes for this error can be connectivity issues, a technical issue with the printer or any other reason due to which the printer stops working.

An Overview of  49.4c02 Issue in HP Printer

Various measures are available for the users based on the cause through which users can troubleshoot the HP Error 49.4c02 by themselves. Here we will discuss all the information regarding HP Error 49.4c02 through which users can resolve the issue by themselves and resume their printing. HP printers are among the finest printers available for users in the market that is affordable. Apart from the cost, users can easily initiate and execute the printing task related to daily work. Any issue with the printer can create hindrances for the users. Thus, read the article further to know more about how to solve HP Deskjet Error 49.4c02. 

Fix HP Printer in Error State

Possible causes for the occurrence of HP Error Code 49.4c02 

Although the major reason for the occurrence of HP Error 49.4c02 is the connectivity issue. Some other reasons for HP Error Code 49.4c02 are:

  • There might be some issue with the printer firmware
  • The printer’s drivers are not updated in the system. 
  • So many files are uploaded in the printing queue.
  • You might have enabled the advanced printing feature.
  • HP Error 49.4c02 often occurs when users try to print a PDF file. 
  • The issue with the configuration setting between the printer and the system. 
  • Error 49.4c02 occur when you try to print a document with Franklin Gothic Book font. 

How to Fix HP Error Code 49.4c02

Based on the possible causes mentioned above, we have provided the solutions for each of the causes. Follow the instruction given below to troubleshoot error 49.4c02 on HP Deskjet:

1. Clear the Printing Queue

Another common cause for creating HP Error 49.4c02 is the multiple files in the printing queue, due to which the printer does not work properly. To clear the printing queue, follow the given steps:

  • Open the search menu by pressing the window button and type “Printer and Devices” on the search menu, and press enter.
  • From the list of devices, select the printer from which you are receiving HP Error 49.4c02. 
  • Right-click on the printer folder and then select “See What’s Printing”, which will open a new window on the screen.
  • Select “Cancel All Document” in order to clear the printing queue. 
2. Update the Printer Firmware

Firmware can be considered as the operating system for the printer, which can also be equivalent to the Windows or Mac in the computer. Using an outdated version of the Firmware can cause Error 49.4c02. Thus it is necessary to update the software of the printer you are using. However, you need to make sure to clear all the printing queues (steps for which are mentioned above). 

After that, you need to check for your printer’s existing Configuration. You can check that on the Administration or information page. Take a printout of the configuration page. Now, follow the given steps:

  • Download the HP firmware from the HP support page:
  • Visit the official support page of Hewlett Packard (HP)
  • Enter your printer model number or the product details asked on the website, and also mention the operating system you are using on your computer (Windows, MacOS or other).
  • In the result page, section the firmware section. The latest firmware will be at the top of the list. Now check whether you are using the latest firmware version for your printer. 
  • If not, then click on the download button. Once the download is completed, double-click on it and proceed accordingly to the instruction mentioned.
2.1. Update Firmware through the FTP network.

In case you are unable to update the Firmware from the above method, you can do it on the FTP network. For that, follow the given steps:

  • First, note down the IP address of your printer and then download the .rfu file (remote firmware update). 
  • Now visit the official HP support page, and there, provide your printer details (model number or product number). There under the operating system section, select OS independent or cross-platform.
  • Check the version of the latest firmware, and if your current version is older, then you need to download it. 
  • Now open the downloaded and double-click on it. It will start the extraction of the .rfu file. Make sure that you have marked the location of the extracted folder.
  • Now press “window +E” which will open the file explorer. There in the address bar, type or paste the IP address in the format ftp://(IP address).
  • Press Enter, which will open a new window. There, locate the folder marked as “PORT”. Paste the extracted .rfu file into this folder.
  • Wait till the process is completed, and after that, restart your printer. 
3. Update the Printer Drivers (PCL6 Driver)

PCL stands for Printer Control Language, which are sets of instructions/code through which any application can control the HP printer. A PCL driver is the interface between the operating system and the printer. Currently, the latest version of the PCL driver is PCL6 which can also be the remedy to Fix HP Error code 49.4c02. To download the PCL6 driver, follow the instructions given below:

  • You need to visit the official webpage of the HP Driver Support Page. 
  • There, type your printer details like Model Number or product number. After that, the related driver and software will be displayed on the screen.
  • From that, select the option “Universal Printer Driver” to expand it. 
  • Download it, and once the download is completed, double-click on it to extract it. 
  • Follow the instruction on the screen to install the PCL6 driver.
4. Print the PDF file as an Image.

HP Error 49.4c02 commonly occurs when you try to print a PDF file through your printer. For that, first, you need to clear the printing queue if it contains any PDF files (steps for which are mentioned above). Afterwards, follow the given steps:

  • Once you have cleared the printing queue, shut down your printer and restart it again. 
  • Access the PDF file that you wish to print. 
  • Once the PDF file is opened, press “window +P.” which will open the print window.  There, click on the Advanced button.
  • Now navigate to the option “Print as Image” and mark the checkbox around it. 
  • Save changes by clicking OK and then print the PDF as an image.  
5. Disable the Advanced Printing Feature

This is another remedy which can be used when you are trying to fix HP Error Code 49.4c02, for which you need to follow the given steps:

  • Through the search menu, navigate to the “Devices and Printer” option on your computer. 
  • Select the printer you are using, double-click on it and select “Open queue”. A pop-up window with different options to take action on your printer will appear on the screen.
  • From the window, click the printer option on the top-left corner and then select “Printing Preferences” from the drop-down menu. 
  • Now select the Advanced tab and then the Document category. There you can find the “Advanced Printing Feature” option, which you can disable.
  • Now check if you are still receiving HP Error 49.4c02. 

Learn to Resolve HP Error

 Troubleshoot Error 49.4c02 on HP Deskjet if you are using Franklin Gothic Book Font

  • Another reason for the occurrence of HP Error 49.4c02 is that the font in the document you wish to print is “Franklin Gothic Book”. You can troubleshoot this by the given steps below:
  • Open the Printer window and then select the “File” option on the top left of the page.
  • Now choose “Printing Preference” from the drop-down menu. After that, a new window will pop up on the screen in which you select the “Advanced Tab”.
  • There under the “Document Option”, go to the Printer features and select “Send True Types as Bitmap” (Enable it). 
  • Also, Enable the “True Type Font: Download as Softfont” (for PS driver, it will be True Type Font Download as Bitmap)


From the information provided in this article above, we can easily conclude that now you can easily fix HP Error Code 49.4c02 by yourself. Also, make sure you check the connectivity between your printer and the system. In case you are having any doubts or trouble or are unable to resolve HP Deskjet Error 49.4c02, you can connect with us through the contact number given below. You can easily contact us through live chat where you need to mention your problem, for we will revert you in the minimum time possible. Our customer service is available at our Toll Free Number +1-855-362-0770,  to help with any issue you are having, not only with the HP printer but any other device you are using. 

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