Fix SBCGlobal Email Server Connection Error

SBCGlobal Email Server Connection Error
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To Resolve SBCGlobal Email Server Connection Error, you can read and apply the fixes given in the article. SBCGlobal is a leading email service provider across the globe before it merged with ATT email communication. It was the brilliant email service provider for its millions of customers worldwide for quick and efficient email support.

An Overview to SBCGlobal Server Connection Error

It was broadly used on several devices like desktop, laptop, android, macOS, etc. This email service provided its customers with attractive and advanced features that offer high-security standards to its customers. But users may encounter various issues while operating the SBCGlobal email service. In this article, we have provided various troubleshooting steps to resolve SBCGlobal unable to connect server issues. If you can’t remove it, call the SBCGlobal customer service number for accurate suggestions immediately.

How to Login SBCGlobal Email Account?

What is SBCGlobal Unable to connect to Server Errors?

If you have used SBCGlobal email, you might have experienced the quality services from its users. Users may encounter one of the most common errors unable to connect server errors. Never get tensed in such situations because it is the common problem faced by users while using the SBCGlobal email service due to multiple factors. It has become essential to recognize those factors and note down the primary factors behind this error in the SBCGlobal email. One of the primary reasons can be the association of SBCGlobal with ATT and Yahoo email services. Once Yahoo leaves the POP platform, users may encounter some errors. But, if you configure an SBCGlobal email account on an IMAP server, users may not face such errors further.

Best Troubleshooting Methods to Rectify Unable to Connect to Server in SBCGlobal Email!

There are a variety of ways to eradicate the issue in one go, walk through the below-listed steps to perform the easiest one. Here’s how:

  1. The initial step is to restart your system or any other device through which you will access your SBCGlobal email account.
  2. Now, verify whether you’ve entered the correct email server settings while setting up your email account. 
  3. Make sure that the SSL box is checked twice if you haven’t then you’ll get error messages related to the SSL connection. 
  4. You need to update the server settings if it seems that they’re creating issues. 
  5. For the POP server, you’ve to input (port 465) while if you’re using an SMTP server, enter (port 993).
  6. In case you’re going to configure your SBCGlobal account to Outlook, ensure you’ve done it in the right way using the correct server settings. 

Methods to Troubleshoot SBCGlobal Unable to Connect Server Issues

Various servers are used to operate email services. Most of the users are non-tech experts and never have accurate knowledge about these things. So, select those email servers appropriately and then utilize specific ones as per necessities. Then, press on Try Later option and then these emails will store to outbox that can receive later. If you can’t fix SBCGlobal unable to connect server issue, dial the SBCGlobal helpline number to rectify it and obtain relevant assistance from the certified technicians that are well-efficient in this domain.

Go through these easy procedures to troubleshoot SBCGlobal unable to connect server issues.
  • Restart your computer with which you can access your SBCGlobal email account
  • Then, examine all the email settings appropriately for server port
  • Confirm that the SSL box is examined otherwise you will get an error related to the SSL connection
  • Then, verify the server settings. Also, upgrade them.
  • If you are utilizing a POP server, then enter pop (port 465)
  • Enter with Port 993 for the SMTP server. These tips will help you to rectify the error and access your SBCGlobal email account.

If these tips can’t rectify the server issue, then you must dial the SBCGlobal customer support number to troubleshoot this problem. SBCGlobal tech experts are fully trained, capable and professional to handle this problem efficiently. So, please never hesitate to connect with the SBCGlobal customer support team to resolve server issues in the SBCGlobal email. Get every issue in SBCGlobal email to resolve accurately.

Check the SBCGlobal IMAP and SMTP settings

Follow the below-given chart to review SBC Global account settings.

Incoming Mail Server (IMAP)

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)



Server Port: 993

Server Port: 465

Required TLS/SSL: Yes

Required TLS/SSL: Yes

Authentication: Enter username and password for your SBCGlobal email account.

Authentication: Enter username and password for your SBCGlobal email account.

Additional fixation Methods

If the above-stated methods fail to settle the issue then you can try out the following solutions:

Step 1: Ensure that You have Strong Internet Connectivity

It might be possible that you are encountering the issue due to weak or poor internet connectivity. So before proceeding, you need to make sure that you are connected to a strong internet connection. For this, have a look at a few things!

  • Check the speed of your internet connection.
  • Confirm that your PC is connected to the internet wire.
Step 2: Restart Your Device

If you think that the problem lies with your device then don’t delay to restart it for once. This can fix various issues for the users like working slowly and sluggishly. So, if the server connection error is also bothering you, then you’re suggested to restart your device and then check if the issue gets rooted out or not. If not, then continue reading.

Step 3: Check the Values IMAP/POP and SMTP in SBCGlobal Server Settings

The values provided on IMAP/POP and SMTP server settings must be accurate and if not, then you’re most likely to experience the server connection error in SBCGlobal Email. So, carefully verify the server settings of your SBCGlobal account.

Final Verdict!

Still, constantly ending up with SBCGlobal Email Server Connection Error ? Just sit relax and take a deep breath as SBCGlobal experts are here to eliminate your concern. Like other users, if you also get stuck in the meanwhile and don’t know what to do then feel free to ping us to get all your email server-related issues resolved in a few easy mouse clicks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

IMAP focuses on retrieving messages while SMTP is for sending data to other servers. Internet Message Access Protocol is a protocol that requests your email provider to save all of your messages and folders onto its own servers. This way, whether you are using an email client or webmail, you will be able to connect to your email account and view anything you have received as it’s always stored on your server.

Unlike it, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is the protocol for transferring emails out of your account to other destinations. It lets your email client connect to your service provider and organize outgoing emails on client storage. If a message is not sent successfully, the SMTP server will try to deliver it once again until the transmission is successful.

A server connection failure means that one or both two servers SMTP, POP, or IMAP for sending, reading, and receiving mail are offline, or the network connection is either misconfigured or disconnected between your mail client and these servers. Also, this error can occur if the specific mail server hostnames are incorrect or wrong.

Suddenly being unable to send emails can be painful especially if you’ve to deliver some essential documents, files, or attachments. It is usually caused due to several different factors depending on your internet service provider, let’s know how to tackle such issues with much more ease:

  1. To start off, open the settings for your email in the application or device you are using.
  2. Now, locate the outgoing SMTP server and its settings.
  3. Verify the current outgoing port and edit it to 26 or 587.
  4. Be sure any username and password fields are properly filled out.
  5. At last, save changes and test.

As the IP address identifies the location of a computer similarly the port is a number that defines how a message should be transmitted and how it is encrypted and exchanged securely. Thus, you need an IP address and a port number to create a connection between your email client and your mail server.


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