How to Recover Gmail Account – Google Account Recovery

How to Recover Gmail Account – Google Account Recovery
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Gmail is considered to be one of the best webmail applications for personal as well as business correspondence. One of the best things about Gmail is that it is very easy to use and it is quite secure as well. Gmail has several security features and verification steps that can protect your data and your account.

Just to be safe if you have any trouble signing in to your account or if you notice any suspicious activity related to your account you should call the Gmail customer service number and ask for assistance. Since people often store a lot of information, such as family pictures or business documents on their accounts, it can be quite frustrating if they are unable to access that data because of a forgotten password or some other reason. This post explores some of the security features of Gmail and what you can do in case you forget your password and need to recover your account.

Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Gmail Account

The most important step to recover your account is to verify your identity. It is very simple, if you want to recover your account, Gmail will need to confirm if you are who you say you are and that the account is indeed your account. You can follow the steps given below to verify your identity so that you can recover your Gmail account:

Steps to Recover your Account if you Forget your Gmail Username

If you do not remember your username but you know your account recovery information you can use the steps below to recover Gmail account:

Step 1: Open Gmail on your computer or your smartphone device
Step 2: Click the ‘Need Help’ option below the username field
Step 3: Enter your registered recovery email or phone number
Step 4: Check your recovery account for a verification code from Google
Step 5: Enter you’re the first and last name of your Gmail account
Step 6: Type the Gmail verification code in the field provided and proceed with the instructions to find your username and recover your account.

Steps to recover your account if you forget your Gmail password

If you know your username but do not remember your password you can follow the steps given below to create a new password and recover your Gmail account:

Step 1: Open Gmail and enter your username in the given field
Step 2: Click on the “Forgot password” link and choose your preferred account recovery method i.e. email or phone.
Step 3: If you select email, check your alternate email address for a verification code or a link to create a new Gmail password
Step 4: If you select phone number you will receive a phone call or a text message with details of the verification code. Enter the given code in the field provided to recover your account.

If you have any trouble with the step mentioned in this post you can call the Gmail customer care number which is active 24 hours a day and ask for additional technical assistance to recover your Gmail account.

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