How To Retrieve Deleted Emails From AOL

Retrieve Deleted Emails From AOL
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You might be wondering what happened to my AOL mail. Sometimes it happens when you need to retrieve the deleted AOL emails from AOL. If you are troubled with the same situation, you might find this blog post lucrative. Several AOL email users are unaware there is a way to retrieve deleted emails.

AOL IMAP Not Working

Here in this post, we will discuss how to recover your permanently deleted AOL emails. Sometimes it occurs when you accidentally delete the mail and later look for ways to retrieve it. However, there is one way through which you can access it again by saving it locally, there are other ways too through which you can recover a deleted email.

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Before we proceed with various methods pertaining to, “how to retrieve AOL mail”, let us talk about why it is necessary to recover a deleted email.

Why to Retrieve Deleted Emails From AOL

Data is everything these days and plays a crucial role in our lives. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a disaster recovery solution to recover a deleted email. It is important to know that several organizations use AOL as a corporate email service for their digital workaround.

Thus, many corporate officials have important emails stored in their official AOL accounts. When you delete an email whether deliberately or unintentionally, it does not get deleted permanently. The deleted mail rather moves to the trash folder/deleted items.

The discarded email stays there for a fortnight to 30 days. 15 to 30 days are given to a user to retrieve the email, It is called the retention period, during which a user can decide whether to say goodbye to a mail permanently or to retrieve AOL emails.

Sometimes, it occurs when you accidentally delete the email and later on when the retention period is passed, you are unable to retrieve it back. Therefore, it is necessary to save the copy of it just in case you need the same mail back for some important reason.

Saving AOL Emails

One solution that you can opt for is saving the important AOL emails in your local storage. From the local storage on your desktop, you can retrieve the data whenever required. When you save data in your local store, it not only gives you peace of mind but also ensures that data is inaccessible to malicious elements on the web.

There certain steps if followed accurately can save your AOL email data on the local storage. Follow the steps wisely and never get bothered about losing it once and for all;

Stage 1. Download The System Tool, install it and run the computer application with your AOL account credential.

Stage 2. Choose the email format (PST/MBOX) in order to download AOL Mail.

Stage 3. Now, browse the appropriate location on your desktop and save AOL emails in it.

Stage 4. Now click on “Start” icon and begin to download AOL emails from your AOL email account.

Once you commenced with the stages mentioned up above successfully, you will be successfully made a copy of your emails right on your desktop system. Now, just in case you delete an email whether intentionally or mistakenly, you can retrieve it back from the back up you made on your local machine.

Now that you know how to make a copy folder of your AOL mails in your desktop machine, let us discuss about how to retrieve your deleted AOL mails from the desktop system. You must know that AOL email does not have any improvisation for importing emails from the offline source.

Therefore, you are left with only one option. Let us dig deep into that option for a while.

Recovering Deleted AOL Email From The Desktop Saved Copy

To begin with the procedure, you need to connect AOL mail to your desktop email client and, after that, import your emails from the desktop saved copy. You can consider any email client for this including; MS Outlook, Mozila Thunderbird if you have a Windows system, or the Apple Mail if you are using a Mac system.

  • Choose any preferred email service provider.
  • Now, import your saved copy.
Stage-wise Procedure to Recover Deleted Emails

Stage 1. Access to your AOL Mail by login in with your preferred credentials.

Stage 2. Now get access to the Trash Folder.

Stage 3. Select the AOL emails which are missing, and you want to recover.

Stage 4. Now move to the More Option and after that, select the email folder where the email is going to restored.

This is the process that shows how to retrieve an email that disappears. Once you followed the above mentioned methods, you will successfully recover the deleted emails.

AOL Emails Missing on iPhone – How to Recover Them?

Chances are you must be using AOL Emails on an iOS or MacOs system. However, the server remains the same, there is a little variation when it comes to the operating system. Here’s what to do when AOL mail disappeared on iPhone;

The process will be the same as above. Whether you have iPad, iPhone or MacOS, you need to follow the same process to recover your AOL Emails on an Apple’s closed source system. The process also works for those who complain about their AOL old mail folder missing. Other than that, you can also address our expert to retrieve the emails.

The Hard Restart Procedure – AOL App

For those complaining AOL emails not showing on iPhone, here’s what you can do about it. Hard Restart works way too well when you are facing a problem with your AOL email.

  • Close the App.
  • Close the other apps that you have opened on your iOS device.
  • Now, open your AOL App again.
In detail Process
  • Swipe up right from beneath the screen.
  • Now Swipe the AOL App from the top.

This process closes the App completely. Now you can turn it back on by opening it again. Now you can access to the AOL mail folders that disappeared.

Removing & Reinstating The AOL Account

Whether your AOL emails missing on iPad, or you cannot access them on any of your Apple device, this is how you can retain them again. Sometimes, it occurs due to a technical issue with your AOL account.

Bottom Line

For instance, if you lately altered your password, chances are, it might not be updated in your AOL App. In such a case, you need to remove your account and update it again Many users often say, “AOL emails disappear when i open them”. It often works for those who complain the same.


Frequently Asked Questions

AOL is a famous email service that most corporate workaround opt for exchanging work related communication. If you delete your email, whether intentionally or unintentionally, it stays in trash folder for 15 to 20 days. Therefore, you can recover your email any time within the time period.

You can try removing and reinstating the AOL account in you iPhone device if emails are not visible. It usually occurs when you have changed your password recently. By simply removing your account and login in again, you can overcome the issue.

No it is not possible to retrieve AOL email from the preferred account after the retention period is over. However, you can save the hassle by making a desktop copy on your desktop system. Choose a preferred storage space in your system from where you can recover the emails ever after the retention period is over.

Hard reset works accurately, if AOL emails went missing on your Apple device. All you need to do is close the App. Close all the apps running in the background of the device. Now restart the App again. The process re-register the cache files and it will start functioning properly.

You can contact our AOL experts if the problem continues to persist even after adhering to the crucial steps to recover them. The service is chargeable and you are going to be charged depending upon the complexity of the issue.

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