How to Pair or Reset a Roku Remote?

Reset/Pair a Roku Remote
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You can easily Reset/Pair a Roku Remote, by reading and following the instructions given in this article. Owing the Roku device might benefit those who want to watch movies or web series from Amazon prime video, Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, or Apple TV Plus. They have acclaimed themselves as one of the best ways to access all streaming devices. It changes your ordinary TV into a smart TV by providing access to all streaming devices. The palm of your hand can control a Roku device through the Roku remote. But what if your Roku remote is not working properly? There may be various reasons for the improper functioning of the Roku remote; some may be complex, while some may be simple.

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If you have a problem with the Roku remote, here is how to pair Roku remote or reset Roku remote, no matter what type of remote you are owing. This blog post will try to explain the pairing or resetting of the Roku remote.

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How to Pair or Reset a “Simple” Roku Remote?

The simple Roku remote uses infrared lights to control the Roku streaming device. This type of remote is automatically paired with the device. No extra effort is made in order to pair a simple type of Roku remote. Make sure that there is no blockage between the device and the remote signals, including the cabinet glass door. If your remote is still not working, reinsert the batteries in the remote. The simple remote will be automatically repaired once the batteries are reinserted. However, if you still want to repair the device, press the “Reset” button.

How Do I Reset My “Voice” Roku Remote?

Another type of remote is the “Voice” type Roku remote, which uses the Wi-fi signals. This type of remote does not need direct signaling. You can command them from a distance as they use the voice command for pairing.

Unpairing of the Roku remote can be caused to a number of problems, including low power, system updates, a pairing of the Roku remote with another device, or changing the wifi password. The pairing of the Roku remote is simple. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to pair the Roku remote with the device:

1st Step: Disconnect the Roku device from the power supply and wait for 10 seconds
2nd Step: Reconnect the device and wait for the Homepage to load
3rd Step: Reinsert the batteries in the remote once the Homepage is loading is complete on the TV screen
4th Step: Press and hold the “Reset” Button for 5 seconds or until the Roku remote start blinking

Resetting the Roku remote may take up to 30 seconds; once the resetting process is completed, a notification will appear on the Home screen. If your Roku remote operates with replaceable batteries, make sure that the batteries are not drained out or If you have a rechargeable Roku remote, make sure that your remote is fully charged. Try to reinsert the new batteries before starting the repair process.

How to Pair a New Roku Remote?

If you want to pair the new Roku remote with your Roku device, you can follow the below-mentioned simple instructions:

1st Step: Click the Home Button on the remote and find the settings
2nd Step: In settings, go to remote and devices. Then select Set up a new device.
3rd Step: Next, select remote and continue.
4th Step: Finally, select the pairing button on the remote and continue until you see the status light green.

Depending upon the type of remote you have, there may be additional instructions that you need to follow.

Is there a Reset Button on the Roku Remote?

There is a pairing button on the Roku remote. Most of the Roku remotes have it under the battery compartment, while in the Voice Remote Pro, it is found on the bottom of the back of the remote. However, there is no “reset/pair” button on the Roku Remote.

How to Pair Roku Remote without Pairing Button?

If your remote does not have the pair/reset button or it is not working properly, you can still Reset/Pair a Roku remote. You can pair the device by using the mobile app. Before starting the process, make sure you install the app for Android or iPhone.

Just follow the below-mentioned steps to sync the Roku remote without having the pairing button:

1st Step: Start the App and click on remote on the screen.
2nd Step: Use the remote controls to select Settings, then Remotes & Devices.
3rd Step: Choose Set up a new device.
4th Step: Select the checkbox beside the remote and then choose to continue.

What are the Different Types of Roku Remotes?

Generally, there are two types of Roku remote that comes with the Roku device, namely:

  • Simple Roku Remote
  • Voice Controller Roku Remote
Simple Roku Remote

A simple Roku remote is much like a conventional TV remote and uses infrared rays to operate. This type of device works well when it is directly operational with the device without any objects obstructing the path. Replace the battery when they cannot be in use anymore since these types of remote work on conventional AAA batteries.

Voice Controller Roku Remote

The other type of remote is much more advanced than the simple remote. They use the voice command and can operate when apart. Instead of using infrared rays, they use voice transit commands via wireless internet connectivity. You can control your Roku device with the help of voice commands. These remotes either use AAA batteries or come with rechargeable batteries. The Pro version of the remote comes with a micro USB port.


Now you know how to Reset/pair a Roku Remote. If you are looking for more information, check out our new blogs in the blog section.

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