Sage 100 Not Printing

Sage 100 Not Printing Issue
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Are you unable to print reports, forms, and other essential documents in Sage? If yes, it might occur due to the Sage 100 Not printing issue. Generally, the users might come across the error due to the misconfigured printer settings. The users might also be stuck with the error while using an unsupported version of Sage 100.

Go through this detailed post and receive the best resolution procedures to instantly address the Sage not printing issue.

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Reasons Why Do You End Up With Sage 100 Not Printing Issue

You must identify the exact cause behind the Sage 100 not printing problem before you can fix it. Let’s look at the potential root causes of this problem to address that.

  1. Problem with the Windows Registry.
  2. Error in the installation of Sage PDF Converter.
  3. Inappropriate email settings are one of the major reasons.
  4. You haven’t installed the newly launched Windows updates on your system.
  5. Sometimes, it may evoke due to outdated printer drivers.

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Quick Tips To Eliminate Sage 100 Printing Issue Instantly 

Is it challenging for you to solve the Sage 100 Printing issue? If that’s the case, you don’t need to worry. To solve the issue without fuss, consider these straightforward troubleshooting techniques.

Method 1: Setting Up and Installing Sage PDF Converter

Install the Sage PDF Converter again if you still need to install it properly to eliminate the issue instantly.

  1. Primarily, press the Windows key on your keyboard and insert UAC within the search column.
  2. After that, you have to move the toggle toward the Never option.
  3. Now, opt for the Reboot System Now option. Doing so, will reinstall the unnecessary Sage PDF Converter to the “From Printer and Devices”.
  4. Next, choose the highlighted Sage PDF Converted by clicking on the drop-down menu.
Instructions For the Configuration Process

To configure the Sage 100 PDF Converter, perform the steps below.

  1. To begin with, move to your computer’s Device and Printers folders.
  2. Then, you have to uninstall the active Sage PDF Converter by right-clicking on it.
  3. Pick the option to add your printer and verify that the onsite printing is available.
  4. After this, choose the LPT1, hit the Have Disk option, and search for the MAS90HOME directory on the server.
  5. You must head towards Amyuni.ini and click Next.
  6. Consequently, you will see that Sage PDF Converter and Sage 100 PDF Converter are now available for download.
  7. It is not important to set it as the default printer and tap on Finish to end the process.
Method 2: Adjust The Settings of Windows Registry

Using the old Windows Registry might generate Sage 100 Not Printing issues. With the updated Windows Registry options, you can gain more control over the changes made in Registry. To do so, follow the stepwise instructions written below closely.

  1. Firstly, hit the Windows key and write “Regedit” into the search field.
  2. From the upcoming window, search for the HKEY_Current_Config and right-click on Application Now.
  3. Afterwards, pick the Permissions option and then give Full Control.
  4. Subsequently, launch the Software Sage PDF Converter with the Sage 100 PDF Converter.
  5. Now, you must terminate all the locks and the job directories.
  6. Finally, you must clear all the instances of Sage 100 PDF Converter or Sage 100 PDF Converter from your device.
Method 3: Utilize the Sage ERP 100 Application 
  1. Begin the process by launching the Sage 100 ERP application on your device.
  2. Next, locate and hit the File or Run menu option.
  3. You must add PL Advanced Options UI and move further by clicking on the OK option.
  4. After this, choose the Use Lock File option.
  5. Furthermore, click the Automatically install PDF to begin the automatic installation of a PDF converter on a specific workstation option.
  6. In the end, head towards the highlighted Install Converter button.
 Method 4: Modify the Page Setup within the Crystal Report Form
  1. Initially, look for the Task window to access the Sage ERP Report.
  2. You have to pick the specific report setting or form code responsible for this error.
  3. Choose the Designer option to access the reports in Crystal Report Form.
  4. Go to the Open file and hit the Page Setup button.
  5. Search for the Page Setup window and ensure you have marked the checkbox next to the “No Printer” option.
  6. Hit the OK button to proceed further and access the Crystal Report once again on your device.
  7. Afterwards, move to the File menu > Save button.
  8. Shut down the Application by choosing the File option and then hit the Exit option.
  9. Look for the Report Task window and exit from the relevant printer to proceed further.
  10. Lastly, hit the Print button and verify if the error is resolved.


Hopefully, this guide has provided you with in-depth information to resolve the Sage 100 Not Printing issue. However, if you still face difficulty printing the forms, reports take help from our experts. You can either drop an email to our experts or connect via live chat to receive all answers to your queries.

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