What to do when YouTube not Working on Roku?

YouTube Not Working on Roku
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Sometimes, we are not that lucky, as YouTube on Roku is not working.

An Overview of Youtube Not Working on Roku

You can understand this situation by the following scenarios so that you never ignore it by thinking it is a minor error.

  • You are unable to launch and play any of the YouTube videos.
  • When YouTube wouldn’t work on Roku by any method.
  • In case of not logging into your YouTube account.

These errors occur at any time without prior notice, so if you witness any of the above-stated situations, then understand that your YouTube is not working on Roku.

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Probable Reasons for the YouTube App on Roku not Working

When your YouTube app on Roku is not working, multiple causes exist for the same. Refer to the list of the causes highlighted below:

  • No Internet connection or slow speed of it.
  • Issues and glitches in the YouTube account problem.
  • Flaws in the procedure of the Roku app.
  • Presence of the outdated version of the Roku app.
  • When the server of the YouTube app is down.

Before moving forward to the troubleshooting methods for the same error, let’s get introduced to Roku first. It may be unfamiliar to several people, thus briefly explaining it.

Roku is not anything but a brand of hardware digital media players of an American company. You can easily stream entertainment means on your TV or any other device with the assistance of Roku. You can make your Home a smarter one in this way. Roku supports nearly every video streaming channel not part of the Roku family. You can simply stream Netflix and Hulu here. But the most famous one is YouTube because it has an immense library and a playlist of videos of every niche.

Ways to Rectify YouTube not Working on Roku

Multiple ways are specified that are apt to eradicate the existence of the proposition, i.e., the YouTube app on Roku not working. So, go through them attentively and apply those steps whenever you encounter the mentioned issue.

1st Step: Look Out for the Server of YouTube

It is better to examine and take some of the little measures to fix the YouTube problem on Roku than to look out for a reason. Run a quick test to inspect whether you are the only one facing the problem or if it is happening to everyone. For this, you have to open the YouTube Status page at Downdetector or you can also search on the browser “Is YouTube Down”. Through these both ways, you can know whether or not there is some issue with the YouTube going on. If it is going, then wait for some time and then try again.

Scrutinize whether YouTube is Working on other Devices or Not:

By positively checking that YouTube is not down, proceed further to check whether YouTube is working on other devices. It will help you to rectify the issue of YouTube on Roku not working. Besides, it will clear the confusion about whether your Roku is running properly or not or whether the problem resides in your Internet connection. So, check the YouTube process on another device you have.

Check for Internet connectivity along with Internet speed:

The YouTube app on Roku might not work due to bad Internet connectivity or slow Internet speed. You can check it by running YouTube on all other devices in your Home. Try to start your Wi-Fi, router, or modem again. Check the speed of your Internet as there are various free services available through which you can do the same. The preferable speed should be 7 Mbps to watch the video in HD quality, and to watch it in 4K quality; the speed should be 25 Mbps.

Get the Update Done of your YouTube

If it gets clear that YouTube not working on Roku is because of some flaws in YouTube, then there are other methods you need to perform. First, update your YouTube on Roku to move forward in this aspect. Take the remote control in your hand, go to the YouTube app, and press the asterisk (*) button. A pop-up will open up, check for the updates and click on it instantly for the update if there appears any. Now try to open YouTube again.

Perform the Act of Restarting Roku Again:

The problem still persists because of the cache stored in your device. To tackle this situation, you need to restart Roku. Place your hand on the remote and

  • Click on the Home button, and select settings.
  • Select the system, and then choose power.
  • After that, click on the option “System restart”.
  • There are options that pop up on the screen asking whether you want to confirm the rebooting process.
  • Click on yes and then hold back till the rebooting of the Roku concludes.
Run a Survey to Look for Roku Updates

Does your mind also get filled with the thought, “are you using an outdated version of Roku?” or “Are there any updates of Roku waiting to get installed?”. It is a huge possibility that your Roku contains glitches or snags due to the outdated version, preventing YouTube from working on Roku. So inspect for any update that is available for the system through:

  • Handle the remote control, go to Home, and
  • Then make your click on the settings tab.
  • Pick the option of the system and then the system update.
  • In case you find that there are some updates available there,
  • Then you should install them promptly.
Install the YouTube app again

If you find yourself in a state where all the above-given solutions fail, then uninstall and install the YouTube app again. Doing this will help you eliminate all the cache data of YouTube. Hence, to perform this, you need to select the YouTube app from the name of the apps present on the Roku screen’s Homepage.

  • Then, go ahead and click on the asterisk button (*).
  • Click on the option Remove channel and then click on Remove again.
  • After this, the app is gone. So, visit the Roku channel store and reinstall a new edition of YouTube.

Most of the time, it happens that YouTube on Roku is not working get fixed without any obstruction.

Final words..!

Even after applying all these steps mentioned here to rectify YouTube not working on Roku, if the problem persists, call us. You can directly get in touch with our professionals by calling +1-855-362-0770, and they all are present to pick up the number every time and to assist you. Our professionals are so skilled that firstly they understand the issue’s complexity and then provide you with a solution.

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