Where Do You Find the WPS PIN on HP Printer?

Find WPS Pin on HP Printer
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For starters, WPS PIN is a distinctive 8-digit number that is produced by the HP Printer for the Wireless connection with routers. It works with a wireless router and this PIN works as a secret code between the connected devices. The WPS PIN helps to protect the Printer from hackers & malware attacks. Almost every Printer-related company uses the WPS PIN automation.

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An Overview of HP Printer WPS Pin and Usage

Now, on to the biggest mystery about how you can find WPS Pin on HP Printer. To answer your question, Most of the HP Printers including HP Envy 4520, HP OfficeJet 4650 & HP Laserjet WPS PIN are located on the Printer screen. Therefore, another way to search for the WPS PIN is by printing it from the print itself.

Once you have printed it, you will then see a small screen from which the WPS Pin is generated for its wireless connection. But, there are some the HP printers such as HP Deskjet 2600, and HP Deskjet 2652 which do not have a screen. Hence, you will require a WPS PIN for these types of HP printers as well. This blog will help you find WPS PIN on HP Printer by using different methods.

Methods to Find WPS PIN on HP Printer

Before we start with the techniques,  let’s discuss more the printers. There are two types of printers; LED Printers, and one without LED Screens. Thus, Here are two techniques to generate WPS PIN Code;-

  1. WPS Push Button which works for Printers without LED screens.
  2. WPS PIN Code which works for Printers that have LED screens on top.

Method 1. Attach Your HP Printer with WPS PIN on Printer

Here are the steps to connect your HP Printer with your WPS PIN, if your printer has an LED screen;

  • To begin, Open Your HP Printer’s Control Panel.
  • And, once you have clicked on the Wireless button, navigate to the Settings option.
  • Now, choose Network Setup>>Wirless Settings.
  • Tap on the WIFI Protected Setup section and from there you can follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Next, click on the PIN and once you do, check your LED screen.
  • Upon checking, you will find WPS PIN for the assigned Printer.
  • Next, access your Wireless access point and set it up accordingly.
  • Once you are done with the setup, Navigate to the All Programs option and open your HP folder on the printer.
  • Then, you will see a Printer Setup & Software option, click on it and then select the option of Connect New Printer.
  • Download the Network Printer Driver on your system.
  • You will now get your WPS PIN for your HP Printer on your LED Screen.

Method 2. Get Connected With the Push Button 

This is a completely different way to connect your device with the help of a Push-button. This Procedure works for both Printer with LED Screen and one without an LED screen.  Here’s how you can connect your Printer with a push button if it does not have an LED screen:-

  1. The first step would be to turn on your Printer.
  2. Then, press & hold your Wireless & Cancel buttons together.
  3. Once you see your Power button blinking furiously, it means it’s ready for the set-up now.
  4. Next, download the HP Printer Smart application.
  5. From the App bar, choose the Plus icon>>Add your Printer option.
  6. Select the available wireless printer and then type your WIFI Password.
  7. Press on the Continue option and wait for a few minutes.
  8. You will now get a confirmation message saying that your Printer is successfully connected to the WIFI.
  9. Tap on the Continue button and use your Printer.

Associate your HP Printer (LED Screen) with the WPS Push Button

  1. To start, turn up your Printer and navigate through the Control Panel & Click on the Wireless option.
  2. Now, the Wireless button will start blinking in the color blue.
  3. Go to the settings menu and look for the WIFI-protected setup option and choose it.
  4. Click on the Push>>Start button.
  5. Next, navigate to your Router and search for your WPS button.
  6. Hold your WPS button till the light starts to blink.
  7. Sometime later, you will notice the lights of your printer & router will stop blinking.
  8. You will then get a message saying that your Printer has been connected.
  9. Once you get this message, download the Smart application on your mobile device or laptop.

Final Thoughts

This article explains how users can find the WPS PIN on the HP Printer. For this, we have covered different methods to help you resolve this issue in no time. In case, you have any more questions related to this topic, then you can contact us through our main website.

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