Why does Paper keep Stuck on the HP printer?

Paper Jam Error on HP Printer
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Did paper stick while using an HP printer or receive a “Paper Jam Error” message on your system? Well, the common reason is the hardware issue which does not require any technical competence, and you need to manually fix the issue by removing and clearing the paper inside the printer wherever it has been stuck. However, sometimes this error cannot be easily troubleshot, so people need assistance. Here we will discuss some common issues due to which people receive Paper Jam Errors on HP printers, along with some common resolutions, including all the mandatory details you need to know regarding HP printers. 

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The Common Cause of Paper Jam Error on HP Printer

Possible places where a paper can get stuck or common reasons why you are receiving Paper Jam Error Message are listed below:

  • Overloading of the paper tray
  • Loading paper of different thicknesses. 
  • Using inappropriate paper depending on the printer model.
  • An issue with the Carriage (not moving freely) due to which the printer cannot operate properly. Possibly the presence of any dust, paper fibre or any other debris. 
  • Problem with paper feed roller.
  • The printer needs to be reset or serviced.
  • Error in the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder).
  • Any technical issue with the printer driver due to which printer not working properly.

How to Resolve Paper Jam Error on HP printer

You can take the following measures to remove the stuck paper or fix Paper Jam Error on HP printer:

  • Remove the stuck paper in your printer from the Input Tray and the Cleanout Door
  • The paper might get in different places to remove; you need to follow the given instruction below:
  • First, you need to power off the printer. Disconnect all the cables and cords connected to your printer.
  • Now check under the input for any jammed paper. If present, then remove it.
  • Now check below the printer by tilting it and look for any stuck paper in the cleanout door.
  • In order to open the cleanout door, press both tabs and if there is any paper stuck in it, then remove it.

Check the Cartridge Access Area for Jammed Paper

This is another place to look out for any jammed paper. To check for any jammed paper in the cartridge access area, follow the given steps:

  • Turn off the printer and remove all the connections along with the power supply.
  • Open the cartridge access door. In case there is any paper stuck in the cartridge area, you need to remove it gently. 
  • Close the cartridge access door, restart the printer, and after that, try to print the paper.

Check whether the Carriage is moving freely or not.

A carriage is a hardware component whose function is to hold the cartridge and move back and forth to transfer ink from the cartridge to the paper.

The paper goes through below the Carriage, and in case it gets stuck, or the movement is restricted due to any other reason, then the printer won’t print. To check for the carriage movement in the printer, follow the given steps:

  • Here, first, you need to power on the printer. Then after that, you need to open the cartridge access door.
  • When you the cartridge access door, the Carriage will move towards the centre. 
  • Now disconnect the printer from the power supply and now check for the jammed paper. 
  • Remove any jammed paper, and after that, you need to check the movement of the Carriage. 
  • In case the cartridge is jams on any side, then try to move it to the opposite side and then check whether it is moving freely towards the opposite ends of the printer in both directions.

Clean the Paper feed roller of HP Printer properly
After the given amount of time, while working on the printer, dust particles start getting depositing on the feed roller in the printer.

Due to that, the movement of the paper feed roller will be hinder. Thus sometimes, while printing, the paper jam error occurs.

In Order to Clean the Paper Feed Roller, Follow the Given Steps:

  • First, turn off the printer, and after that, open the input tray. 
  • Below that, you can easily find the paper feed rollers. 
  • Now choose the cleaning material that is easily insertable between the feed rollers or take a cotton swab
  • Now soak the cotton swab in clean water and press it to remove the excess water. 
  • Put it between the feed roller, rotate the rollers and move the cotton back and forth.
  • To clean the Paper Feed rollers repeat the process with a new swab

Contact HP Customer Support.

In case you are still unable to fix paper Jam error on HP printer, you can reach out to HP customer services. You need to visit the official HP Printer Support website, where you can contact customer support through the following means:

  • Contact HP support through the calling process.
  • Talk to a virtual assistant who is providing you instantly.
  • Blogs which, after reading, you might overcome any issue with your printer. 

Reach Out to Our HP Customer Support

From the above discussion, we can conclude that now you can easily remove the paper Jam Error on HP printer. Make sure you service your printer within regular intervals so that it will be clean and there won’t be any chance of any error. In case you still need assistance, you can contact our HP support from the number given below or through the live chat option. Our technical experts are present 24/7 to provide you assistance with any issue you are having with your HP printer. Contact us, and we will revert you instantly with the required solution.

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