How to Troubleshoot TurboTax Error 1921?

TurboTax Error Code 1921

Are you witnessing error code 1921 while using TurboTax software? If yes, then this error code is followed by the error message that says Intuit Update Service cannot be stopped. There can be multiple reasons which are responsible for the occurrence of this error code. Virus or malware threat and crashing of Windows can be the possible reason behind error 1921 in TurboTax. You can go through this blog to know in detail about this error code, or you can take help from the experts by calling the TurboTax support number that is available 24*7 round the clock.

Why TurboTax Error 1921 Occurs?

Fixing the error code becomes easy when you know the reason behind it. That is why before you begin solving TurboTax error code 1921, you need to understand why this error occurs in the first place.

  • Corrupted downloading of TurboTax setup files can be the actual cause of error 1921.
  • Incomplete installation of the TurboTax software can be the reason behind this error.
  • When you have accidentally deleted the file related to TurboTax
  • Corrupted Windows Registry files can be the actual reason behind error code 1921.
  • Your Windows file or files related to TurboTax is infected by malware or virus

Steps to Fix TurboTax Error 1921

Now let’s begin the troubleshooting step for fixing the TurboTax error code 1921:

Close Conflicting Applications

  • Press Ctrl + Alt +Del together to open Task Manager
  • Go to the Processes tab and then click on the stop option by highlighting each program after that hit on the end process.
  • You need to identify after stopping which service the error message is coming up and then reinstall that application again.

Uninstall and Reinstall Conflicting Application

  • Click on Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a Program
  • Click on the program that is causing the problem and then select the option of update or uninstall
  • If you chose the update option, then follow the onscreen instruction to update the program
  • However, in case of uninstalling, your program will be uninstalled first, and then you can reinstall it by downloading the setup file of the latest version of the conflicting program.

Update Virus Protection Application

You must update the antivirus software and the virus protection program installed on your computer. Make sure your Windows to be updated with the latest version.

Reinstall Graphics Drivers

  • Open the Device Manager and search for the graphic driver.
  • Then right-click on the video card driver and uninstall it.
  • Once uninstalled restart your PC.

Run Disk Cleanup

  • First, you have to create a backup of your system files.
  • Then create space in your hard drive
  • Clear the cache data and then reboot your PC
  • Now run the disk cleanup that you will find in the Properties of the main directory.

Hopefully, these steps will help you fix the TurboTax error code 1921; however, if the error persists then call TurboTax customer support that is available 24*7. The solution given by taxation experts will surely resolve the issue from the roots itself.

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