QuickBooks Error Code 111

QuickBooks Error Code 111
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There are certain instances when users might confront QuickBooks Error Code 111 while trying to generate and store the data backup. Also, it may trigger while accessing the unsupported version of QuickBooks. Whenever the error occurs, it obstructs the backup process and prevents the users from data security.

If you are also dealing with the QuickBooks Error 111, don’t be disappointed. Instead, have a quick overview at this post and get rid of the issue instantly.

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What Exactly do you understand by QuickBooks Error Code 111?

QuickBooks Error Code 111 is one of the most annoying and complicated errors that interrupts the users from creating the company file backup. Whenever the error occurs, it hampers the ongoing tasks and create hindrance while keeping your data secure.

Generally, users might encounter this issue while running the Verify Data tool on your company file. However, move towards the next section to gain a better understanding about the origins of the error, symptoms, and resolution methods to overcome the problem.

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What Lands You In QuickBooks Backup Error 111?

Here is a list of all the factors responsible for the occurrence of QuickBooks Error Code Skipped 111. These are all of the probable root causes that might trigger the issue. Read all of the causes carefully to apply the troubleshooting method accordingly.

  1. The company file name includes more characters i.e., 65, including the extension.
  2. Utilizing the QuickBooks Desktop of the version that is currently not available.
  3. It may also occurs due to corruption or damage in the QuickBooks company file.
  4. Sometimes, it may appear when the folder containing your company file is unavailable.

Instances When You Experience QuickBooks Error Code 111

Below we have stated some of the signs and symptoms using which you can easily identify QuickBooks Error Code Skipped 111.

  1. Sometimes, it may prompt when the user doesn’t get enough time to prepare the backup of the company file. Moreover, all your crucial data from your system gets erased.
  2. QuickBooks Desktop may stop responding or may start freezing suddenly.
  3. You might experience that the Windows started crashing irregularly.
  4. Errors in the system might obstruct other systems and devices with the field and folders. Thereby, it hampers the overall work and function of the system.

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What Should Be Done to Resolve QuickBooks System Error 111?

This blog section will guide you with the proper instructions to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code Skipped 111. If one doesn’t help you resolve the issue, skip to the other one and follow the given order of solutions closely.

Remedy 1: Use the Rebuild Data Tool On the File

As the error might evoke after running the Verify Data tool, you must try using the Rebuild Data tool. This is so that any problem detected via Verify Tool must get resolved immediately using the Rebuild tool.

  1. Initially, move to the QuickBooks File menu and opt for the Utilities option.
  2. Soon after that, you must choose the highlighted Rebuild Data.
  3. Next, tap on the OK button when the program prompts you to generate a company file backup.
  4. Now, pick a suitable location to save the backup of the company file.
  5. Consequently, the tool will start running on your system and let the process complete.
  6. Furthermore, when you get the message indicating “Rebuild was completed”, hit the OK button.
Remedy 2: Make the Necessary Change in PayCheck and Run the Verify Rebuild again 

In this resolution method, we will make mandatory changes in the paycheck causing the issue and revert it back to the original one. This will refresh the contents on the check and run the tool again to verify that everything is working in good condition.

  1. Launch the paycheck in QuickBooks and verify proxy or server changes in your check.
  2. For instance, if you want to make some changes in the Payroll Items, hit the Paycheck Details.
  3. After this, click on the OK > Save & Close button to proceed further.
  4. You can also view all your list of transactions consequently.
  5. In order to make some essential changes, select Yes and then the Save option.
  6. After making all the required changes, you must perform all the above steps again to return to the original figure in pay checks.
  7. Store this file, and it is advisable to maintain the backup of your company file.
  8. Exit from all the processes running in the background and opt for the File tab.
  9. Finally, run the Verify and Rebuild Data Tool on this file and verify if the error persists.

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Wrapping It Up!!

Fixing the QuickBooks Error Code Skipped 111 is a hectic and complicated task until you get the proper resolution methods to tackle the issue. After reading this entire post, we assure you that you have gained immense knowledge regarding how to fix the issue. If the error creates issues while generating the backup, then connect with our experts. You can have a one-to-one consultation with our professionals anytime to attain the best working solutions to overcome the issue.

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