QuickBooks Error Code 15106

QuickBooks Error Code 15106
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QuickBooks error code 15106 is an error code that belongs to the error code series 15XXX. These error codes indicate an error when updating the QuickBooks Payroll service. However, the reasons behind different error codes can be different. When updating QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, you may see the following error message on your screen:

Error 15106: The update program is damaged, or Error 15106: the update program cannot be opened.

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When the error occurs, an ongoing update process gets hindered. Firewall restrictions can be one of the main reasons that can obstruct an ongoing update process. To resolve QuickBooks error 15106, you need to look for its common possible reasons in the first place. Thereafter, you may suppress them to override the problem. Let’s proceed further!

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What Does QuickBooks Error Message 15106 Mean?

Windows installed is a crucial component required in installing the program updates on Windows. A damaged or corrupt installer can cause trouble when updating QuickBooks to the latest release. Restrictive Firewall settings can also be one of the possible reasons behind the arrival of the error. Furthermore, QuickBooks error code 15106 can also show up paired with the error messages, such as:

  • Error 15106: The update program cannot be opened or 
  • Error 15106: The update program is damaged

When you see any of the instances of the error message, you need to look for the possible reasons and implement the relevant solutions to get rid of the problem.

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What Are The Possible Reasons Behind QuickBooks Error 15106? 

QuickBooks payroll error 15106 can crop up all of a sudden, and you may not be able to proceed further with the ongoing update process. In such a case, you need to check the below-listed reasons for the error 15106 in QuickBooks:

  • Damaged or corrupt Windows installer file.
  • Insufficient user permission, which is required to update QuickBooks on Windows.
  • Partial/damaged QuickBooks installation that has missing components; later required to update QuickBooks Payroll service or the application itself.
  • Sometimes, your Webroot antivirus software can perceive QuickBooks installer as a potential security threat and, therefore, blocks it.
  • Make sure that your Windows User Account Control settings are not configured to high; otherwise, you may get QuickBooks error code 15106.
  • Inadequate Windows administrative rights are also one of the main reasons that can contribute to error 15106 in QuickBooks.
  • Moreover, third-party programs can also hinder the QuickBooks update process.

Symptoms Of QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15106

When error code 15106 occurs, you may determine it by the following symptoms: 

  • QuickBooks error message 15106 appears on your screen, and you may not be able to proceed any further with the update process.
  • QuickBooks becomes sluggish and performs annoyingly slow. 
  • The update process can not be completed due to the error. 
  • An active window crashes, or the program restarts. 

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Important Considerations To Keep In Mind When Resolving QuickBooks Error 15106

QuickBooks error code 15106 can prevent payroll service from downloading updates. To ensure that the payroll operations stay in compliance, you need to be updated with the latest tax tables and other updates. Hence, you need to fix a QuickBooks payroll update error as soon as it occurs. When troubleshooting, you need to keep the below considerations in your mind:

  • Create a backup of your crucial accounting data to prevent any loss during the troubleshooting.
  • Keep your product information and license key handy with you.
  • Make sure that you have a strong and stable Internet connection.
  • Disable your antivirus applications until the error is resolved.

How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Update Error 15106? 

Knowing the possible reasons and symptoms behind the error is half a job done. Now we will discuss the most relevant solutions that can override the possible reasons behind the problem. Check below:

Solution 1: Login Using QuickBooks Administrator User 

If you are using a Windows computer, you need to log in as an admin user to make crucial changes on your Desktop, like updating a program. Admin user has the right to make important changes; therefore, you can switch the user mode by following the below-listed steps:

  • When you try to log into a user, locate the QuickBooks Desktop icon and right-click on it.
  • Now navigate through the drop-down list and click Run as administrator.
  • Provide the admin username and password in the specified areas and click OK.
  • Now that you are logged into your admin account, click the Start option.
  • Thereafter, click on the Switch-user button and switch to the admin account by entering the required credentials.

Now try to update payroll tax tables to the latest release and check if the QuickBooks error code 15106 is fixed or not. If the error continues, move to the next solution.

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Solution 2: Disable/ Turn Off User Account Control

In the above-listed point, we have discussed that your UAC setting should not be configured as “High.” However, the erroneous configuration can be fixed by following the below-given steps:

  • Open Run Window (Windows + R), type Control Panel in the given box, and hit OK.
  • Next, select the User Accounts tab and then choose the User Accounts option again.
  • When you see a permission box on your screen, click Yes to agree.
  • After that, you need to move the slider to Never Notify, and it will disable the UAC.
  • Moving ahead, click OK.
  • In case you want to enable UAC, click on Always Notify and hit OK.

Once the slider is set, restart your computer and check the status of QuickBooks error code 15106.

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Solution 3: Reset QuickBooks Application Updates 

Resetting QuickBooks updates can help you in resolving the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll error 15106. To do so:

QuickBooks Error Code 15106
  • Launch the QuickBooks application and then select Update QuickBooks located underneath the Help tab.
  • Now from under the Options tab, select Mark All option.
  • Thereafter, click the Save button and go to the Update Now tab.
  • Mark the checkbox for Reset Update now and hit the Get Updates option.

If you are getting the QuickBooks Desktop update error 15106, try the next error-resolution procedure.

Solution 4: Repair Damaged QuickBooks Desktop Installation 

An incomplete or damaged installation of the QuickBooks application can promote error code 15106 in QuickBooks. To resolve this error:

  • Open Run Window by pressing Windows + R button simultaneously, type “appwiz.cpl” and click Enter.
  • Next, you need to scroll down to QuickBooks and double-click on it from within the Uninstall or Change a Program window.
  • Thereafter, select Change/Remove and then hit Next.
  • Now select the radio button against the Repair option and click Next.
  • Moving ahead, click Repair, and it will start the damaged QuickBooks installation.
  • In case you see an error message “File in Use,” select Ignore and move ahead with the Repair process.
  • Wait until the repair is completed, and then restart your computer and QuickBooks application.
  • When the QuickBooks Update Service window appears, click on Install Now option.
QuickBooks Error Code 15106

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Solution 5: Select A Clean QuickBooks Installation In Selective Mode

Installing QuickBooks updates in selective startup mode can prevent the process from being blocked by the security applications. Before you start this procedure, create a backup of your QuickBooks company file to save any data loss. Once done, follow the below-described steps:

  • Keep a copy of the license and product key handy with you before starting the procedure. You will need it later.
  • When the selective startup mode starts on your system, make sure that your antivirus applications are not preventing the execution of active windows.
  • To switch to the selective startup mode, open the Run Windows (Windows + R).
  • Now type “MSConfig” in the Run box and click the OK button.
  • Locate the General option and then go to the selective startup & load system service.
  • Thereafter, select the services button and then again select Hide all Microsoft services.
  • Next, mark the checkbox for the Hide all Microsoft Services option.
  • Now click on Disable all option.
  • Here, you need to checkmark the box for Windows Installer that appears in the list of services.
  • After check-marking, click the Restart button and wait for your system to restart.
  • Now you need to uninstall the QuickBooks application and then re-install the program.
  • Once done, switch mode to Normal startup mode.

Restore the settings to normal configuration and follow the below-given instructions:

  • Press Windows and R keys together on your keyboard to open the Run window.
  • Next, write “MSConfig” in the search box that appears next.
  • Moving ahead, click the OK button.
  • From the given options, you need to choose a normal startup.
  • Thereafter, you have to locate the General option and click OK.
  • Now a configuration window will show up wherein you need to choose Restart.

After following these steps carefully, check if this solution was helpful or not. No luck with this method? Try the next one.

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This helpful guide elaborates on some of the most effective solutions that can resolve QuickBooks error code 15106. In case you need further assistance with the error, reach out to professional QuickBooks experts and get assisted with the relevant solutions.

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