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Step-by-Step Guide to Fix TurboTax Error 190

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix TurboTax Error 190

TurboTax Phone Number : 1-855-240-4512

Being considered as one of the best e-tax filing software, TurboTax enables you to prepare taxes to file it online. With the help of this powerful tax management software, you can electronically file your taxes and get your refund fast and guaranteed. When your tax return gets accepted, then you will get an email confirmation from the IRS. And once you have filed your taxes with TurboTax, you can easily track your returns online on your phone and computer. It also allows its users to file their annual tax returns online while doing any paperwork. But since it’s built with technology, you may confront some errors while using this software and one of those is TurboTax error 190. This error can be very annoying for you as you might not be able to work properly with the software. So, if you are confronting TurboTax error 190 while filing taxes with TurboTax software, then you have landed on the right blog! This blog will help you out with troubleshooting the TurboTax error 190 with secure solutions which you can perform just at your home. In case you do not want to proceed further with the steps, you can skip it here. Instead, you can directly have words with the technical experts at TurboTax customer service number to resolve your issues faster.

Causes of TurboTax Error Code 190:-

Before troubleshooting the error, these are the possible reasons for TurboTax error 190.

  • Improper installation of TurboTax software in the system.
  • Installation of incorrect graphics driver.
  • TurboTax incompatibility with the other software on your system.
  • Memory issue or virus infection.

Solutions to Troubleshoot TurboTax Error 190:-

Follow these methods to resolve the error 190 issues. After implementing these steps correctly, you will be able to file tax effectively.

Solution 1: Reinstalling TurboTax
Step 1: To begin with, you will first need to click on the ‘Start New Return’ option.
Step 2: The second step will be to go to the ‘Taxes’ tab of your report.
Step 3: Without a doubt, download the reports.
Step 4: In this step, you will need to close the TurboTax software on your system.
Step 5: You will need to ‘Re-launch’ TurboTax software in your system.
Step 6: Finally, open the original file that is creating the error. Also, do check if the error code still exists.

After performing solution one, now you will need to implement the steps of solution two.

Solution 2: Run Disk Cleanup
Step 1: The very first step you will need to do is to take the backup of your files and free some memory on your hard drive.
Step 2: In the second step, you will have to clear the cache and restart your computer system.
Step 3: After implementing the above two steps, you now need to run ‘Disk Cleanup’ to create some free space in the memory.

To create some memory on your system, implement these steps:

Step 1: To create free space in the memory, first right-click on your ‘Local Disk (C :).
Step 2: Now, you need to scroll down to its ‘Properties’ and click on it. A new window will open on your system.
Step 3: In the end, you need to click on the ‘Disk Cleanup’ button. This process will take a few seconds to clean up.

With these steps, you can fix TurboTax error 190 issues just at your home. In case you get stuck in between any of these steps and are unable to fix this issue on your own, you can call an executive on TurboTax error support number and get your issue resolved as soon as possible. The TurboTax representatives are well-trained and accessible 24*7 to provide you with all sorts of help.

How to Reset Bellsouth Email Password [A Complete Guide]

How to Reset Bellsouth Email Password [A Complete Guide]

Bellsouth Phone Number : 1-866-793-7492

Been a leading email service company, Bellsouth was considered as a prominent Telecommunication Company in America. It used to offer multiple email services and later on, the AT&T Company acquired it. As working under the part of AT&T, Bellsouth enhanced its services and gave permission to all its users to enjoy the entire services of the internet, including emails.

If you have created an account with Bellsouth and now want to reset the password, this blog will help you out doing it. Also, if you have forgotten your Bellsouth email address or password or you want to reset the password, follow the below-mentioned steps to reset Bellsouth password quickly in no time. However, for expert advice or to know more about Bellsouth, you can contact the technicians at Bellsouth customer service number, and get all your queries solved quickly in no time.

Reasons for Bellsouth not working properly:

There can be many reasons due to which the users face the issue of Bellsouth email not working appropriately on their devices. Some of the reasons are stated below:

  • Due to providing an incorrect username or password.
  • Using an incorrect email server address format.

Steps to Reset the Bellsouth Password:

Step 1: The very first step which you will do is to visit the official website page of Bellsouth.
Step 2: After landing on the official page, you will have to log in to your account.
Step 3: After visiting the login page, click on the ‘Sign In’ option, which will present at the right side of the login page.
Step 4: Now, tap on the ‘Forgot Password’ option, which will be present just below the login section. It will direct you to the next option, which will be ‘Forgot Password Link.’
Step 5: Then, you will be automatically directed to the next page, where you will need to provide your email ID and last name. And then, click the ‘Continue’ option.
Step 6: Then select an option to receive the ‘Temporary Password’, which you will get on your old existing account.
Step 7: You will be asking some security questions that you answered at the time you created your Bellsouth account. If not, then tap on ‘reset the password.’
Step 8: You will get a link where you will have to click on that link in order to reset the password. Click that link, and it will direct you to the new login page.
Step 9: Now, without any doubt in hand, create a new password for your Bellsouth account, and voila! You are all sorted now!

Implement these steps and reset Bellsouth email password successfully on your device. In case you are facing any issue while creating an account with Bellsouth or want to know more about the service provider, call experts. The technical team at Bellsouth helpline number is available round the clock for 24 hours to listen to all your queries and get it fixed in absolutely no time.

How to Reset QuickBooks Administrator Password – Crack QuickBooks Password

How to Reset QuickBooks Administrator Password – Crack QuickBooks Password

QuickBooks Phone Number : 1-855-206-2615

Are you still dealing with papers and folders all over the table and have no time for yourself? Why so? Aren’t you aware of the accounting helping hand in the market? QuickBooks by Intuit is one of the best accounting software that helps you systematically organize your company’s finances. Be it a small smart start-up or a multinational company; everyone requires an expert to file their records and taxes. So, why not get a hand on this? This amazing software is highly secured and protective when it comes to managing your data. If you are an old user of the software, you must be aware that to keep up with the security measure, you are required to enter your QuickBooks password whenever you open it, and after every 90 days, there is a need to change your previous password. There is no sudden pop-up, as the world-class software gives enough prompts for the same, nearing the password expiration date.

But, we all are humans, and we ought to forget things most often. In case you forget your QuickBooks software password, from the ever-increasing list of passwords you have, there is no need to worry about. In order to retrieve the QuickBooks Admin passwords, you can either follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps. And in case you aren’t able to get a hand on that, you can directly connect with the expert professionals at the QuickBooks customer support number. They are trained and qualifies to give you the best possible solution that too 24*7.

1. You have to begin by downloading the ‘Automated Password Tool for QuickBooks‘.

2. Now, they choose QuickBooks Version you are working on.

3. Next, what you have to do is, enter the QuickBooks license number and the accurate business info while you start registering on QuickBooks. Then press on the ‘Next‘ button.

4. Now, ‘Agree and Accept‘ the license agreement.

5. Once you see that the download procedure of the automated password reset tool is completed, you might get a pop if the details entered, don’t match the accurate information.

6. Then, you can log into your Intuit account by visiting the – https://camps.intuit.com, in order to ensure that the information you have entered is correct and valid to use.

7. The information includes:

  • Authorized User Name
  • Authorized Email Address
  • Primary Mailing Address
  • Zipcode (essential)
  • License Number
  • Phone Number

8. Then, go to ‘RUN” and run the ‘Automated Password Tool‘.

9. You will be receiving a token number on your authorized email address. Enter the same in the given space.

10. Now, from the QuickBooks desktop dropdown menu, select the same QuickBooks Version that you are working on.

11. Select the ‘Browse for Company File‘ option, and then select the company file you require to set a password for.

12. Think of a strong password and enter the ‘New Password‘ and click on ‘Confirm‘.

13. Last but not least, tap on ‘Reset Password‘ in order to finish the process.

We hope you are now equipped with a profound knowledge to crack QuickBooks’ admin password and can start your work smoothly and efficiently. And if you are stuck somewhere or unable to access your QuickBooks software, there is no need to create a fuss. You can just get in touch with the techies at the QuickBooks helpline number and ask them for further assistance. They are there to resolve all your queries and give a perfect solution to your problem. We hope you can now overcome this mild issue and start on your work accurately and efficiently without any glitch or hindrance.

How to Restore Missing AOL Desktop Gold Icon?

How to Restore Missing AOL Desktop Gold Icon?

AOL Phone Number : 1-866-285-2029

Are you getting annoyed with the missing AOL desktop gold icon on your computer screen? You probably may get stressed up with the error saying “Desktop Missing Icon” on your system’s screen. Don’t worry; this error is quite common that users face when they open their desktop gold software to send emails and attachments. Moreover, AOL desktop gold software has been widely used across the globe because of its enhanced and powerful features. It’s the all-in-one desktop software that allows you to mail, browsing, search, and helps in preventing your AOL account from being hacked. So, if you want to know the process of AOL gold download and get back your missing AOL gold icon on the desktop screen, then this blog is for you! This blog will give you detailed information about the reasons for the error and also steps to rectify the problem quickly.

Reasons for Missing of AOL Desktop Gold Icon

Whenever a technical issue is found, it becomes difficult to detect the actual reasons for it. Some of the reasons for missing of AOL desktop gold icon are listed below:

  • Due to the improper installation of the software in your operating system.
  • Using damaged or a corrupted hard disk.
  • Existence of any virus and malware in the system.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps To Recover AOL Gold Icon on Your System

Here we have mentioned several solutions to let you recover the missing AOL gold icon on your computer screen faster.

Solution 1: (Prefer changing the steps of the windows)

Step 1: Right-click on the windows > Sub Menu > View Option
Step 2: Find the desktop icon from the list where you need to find the uncheck box and hit ‘Select.’
Step 3: After this step, click the F5 button to refresh the window
Step 4: The AOL gold icon should appear on the screen after this step. If it still does not appear, then all you have to do now is ‘Restart’ your system.

If you are still unable to locate the icon, then without any doubt, continue with the next procedure to rectify the error quickly.

Solution 2: Detect Virus and Malware Software in Your System

Step 1: If your system does not consist of any virus or malware software installed, then go on and browse ‘Download PC Scanner Tool’ on Google.
Step 2: When the installation of the PC Scanner Tool is done in your system, it’s time to run the Antivirus scan.
Step 3: Always opt for full system scanning to detect any malware and virus in the system.
Step 4: After the scanning got done, a list of all malware and affected programs would appear on your screen.
Step 5: After the detection of the virus, select it one by one and right-click on them and hit ‘Delete.’ You are required to do it for all the folders.
Step 6: Once all the virus gets deleted from the system, you will get a notification stating ‘Virus Deleted’ on your screen.
Step 7: It’s time to restart the system and see if the AOL missing gold icon can be seen on the desktop or not.
Step 8: If not, then all you will have to do is create a shortcut of the icon on your desktop’s home screen display.

Advanced Troubleshooting Steps to Recover AOL Gold Icon

If the basic troubleshooting steps are not working for you in restoring the icon, then you can follow these advanced steps to recover the AOL gold icon without any hassle.

Step 1: Click the ‘Start’ button present in the left bottom corner of your desktop and go to ‘Control Panel.’
Step 2: Get your cursor on the ‘System and Security’ option and click on ‘Fix and Find Problems.’
Step 3: The next step would be to select the ‘System and Security’ option and click on the ‘Computer Maintenance.’
Step 4: Select the ‘radio button’ to switch off the system maintenance.
Step 5: After doing all these steps, restart your computer.

After following these steps properly, the issue will be resolved within a few minutes. However, the AOL gold icon keeps removing itself from the computer screen because of the improper installation of the software or using the corrupted software. Follow these above-mentioned steps to conquer the AOL gold icon disappeared issue quickly. If the error persists, you can get the help of professionals to fix it over the phone.

How to Install TurboTax on Mac without CD Drive or With It?

How to Install TurboTax on Mac without CD Drive or With It?

TurboTax Phone Number : 1-855-206-2615

TurboTax is meant to solve a lot of issues related to the complex process of taxation. By using the TurboTax software, one can easily prepare and plan the income taxes and other related taxation exercises. It allows users to work efficiently and decency to complete complex tasks. You can contact at TurboTax contact number further information about TurboTax where you can also get the process of downloading and installing the software with or without a CD drive. You should learn this process if you belong to any business or wealth because this software can solve a lot of issues with the taxation process and make your tricky management quite easy. You can follow this blog to learn the process in easy steps.

Easy steps to install TurboTax on Mac with CD drive:

  • First of all, you should insert the specific CD or DVD on the Mac device where you want to install TurboTax.
  • After inserting the CD or DVD, you have to double-click on the option for .dmg file.
  • The drive will open automatically within a few seconds.
  • Next, you have to drag the TurboTax red check mark to the application folder.
  • A pop-up window will open where you will find the folder.
  • Keep that red check mark inside the pop-up window to avoid any issue in the future.
  • Further, you need to double-click on the TurboTax application that will automatically start the application to run.

Steps to install TurboTax on Mac without CD drive

  • First of all, you have to close down all the program, including the internet browser.
  • You should also disable the antivirus program for a while, which is running on your system as it may create some interruption to TurboTax.
  • Now you need to go to TurboTax official site and get the download link chosen as per the version you are using.
  • After selecting the specific version, you have to click on the download button to start the download.
  • Now you have to go the downloads option and open the particular file.
  • It will start the installation process within seconds, and you have to follow the on-screen instructions to get it installed on your Mac.
  • You should have an account for TurboTax that you can also create after installation process into the TurboTax.

Through both of the processes if you have completed the installation, then you should check if the program is working well. You can try to open the software and start using it. In any case, if you are getting an issue, you can contact at TurboTax helpline number for and resolve all your queries with the help of TurboTax experts, and they will be guiding you with a complete technical and non-technical information.

SBCGlobal Password Recovery

SBCGlobal Password Recovery

Toll Free Number : 1-866-793-7492

Passwords are the most crucial aspect of an account. While using an email account, this is one of the most common issues where the user forgets the password of their account. There are tremendous data stored in the mail account which is of prime importance and hence it is important that we protect the account with a password. In a situation like this, the users would have two option from which they can choose. They can either go through this entire blog or they can also connect with SBCGlobal customer support where you would complete guidance from trained and qualified technicians.

Process of Recovering SBCGlobal Password

If you find yourself in a situation where you have forgotten the password of your SBCGlobal email account, then there is nothing to be worried. The users can easily solve this issue using some simple and straightforward steps. The steps that the users would have to undertake are as given below:

  • The users would have to start by visiting the password recovery page by clicking on the link of ‘Forgot Password’ which is available on the official webpage of SBCGlobal.
  • The users can then select on the name which is available on the upper right corner followed by ‘Yahoo Account Info.’
  • Then you would have to visit the AT&T online account management page by selecting the ‘Manage Passwords and Security Info.’
  • Further, the users would get the option of creating a new password for their email account. Once you have created a new password and reconfirmed it, click on save changes.

Process of changing SBCGlobal Password

In order to keep your account protected against any kind of threat on the internet, it is essential that the users keep changing the password of their account. This way, the user’s account would stay safe and secure. Hence it is always suggested that the users keep changing the password at regular intervals. The steps to change the password the email account is as given below:

  • The users should visit the Yahoo page and then choose the mail icon from the top right corner.
  • Now you would have to enter the mail id and password. Once you are logged in, then click on your name from the upper left corner, further navigating to Yahoo account info.
  • Then again, you would have to enter the account password and when done click on the ‘Manage Password and Account Security’ option. This would then take the users to AT&T online account management page.
  • Now the user should again enter their email id and password, after which the users would be taken to a new page where they can create a new password for their email account.
  • Once the new password has been decided to click on ‘Submit’ and successfully change the password.

Process of Resetting SBCGlobal Password

There are certain situations where you would not be able to access your SBCGlobal email account. When such a situation arises, you will simply have to reset the password of your account. The steps that need to be taken up are as given below:

  • Access the official website of SBCGlobal and then redirect yourself to the password reset page.
  • Now you would have to click on the mail icon which is available on the top of the page.
  • You would then have to enter the username of which you wish to reset the password.
  • You would then have to choose the method in which the users can reset the password.
  • You can choose to reset the password using your registered mobile number.
  • You would then receive a verification code on your mobile number, which you would have to enter the website.
  • Now you can create a new password for your SBCGlobal account and save it.
  • You can then easily access the email account using the newly set password.

The users can easily connect with SBCGlobal customer care number and seek professional assistance in recovering the password for their email account.

How to Fix Mozilla Thunderbird not Responding?

How to Fix Mozilla Thunderbird not Responding?

Mozilla Helpline Number: 1-866-285-2029

Many of the issues have been encountered by the users of Mozilla Firefox. Depending upon the factors, it can be varied. Now, this blog will help you to solve the Mozilla Thunderbird not responding issue. you may face the issue at several times due to several causes. But feel free to get the solution easily by reading this blog until the end. You can also get the solution by contacting at Mozilla Thunderbird support. You can easily solve the issues with this proven method.

Mozilla Thunderbird has been serving its users since 2004 with a sheer feeling of satisfaction. It is considered as one of the fastest services. It is an open-source and cross-platform for news, RSS, emails, and for chat options as well. This platform has made it easier for users to enjoy the internet features promisingly and fruitfully.
It also offers you several other features to allure different types of users all over the world. however, you may not have access to use the software as it has stooped responding. so go below to fix the issue.

Easy methods to Fix Mozilla Thunderbird not Responding/Working:

You may have tried to open the Mozilla Thunderbird several times but end up getting error message Mozilla Thunderbird is not responding. this issue may happen when it is running in the background, and when you try to open the software profile manager shows a message that it is already running or working.

1. Open task manager
You need to go to the task manager and choose the Mozilla Thunderbird program there and close it down. Along with that, you need to make sure that all the related files or programs are closed completely. This method can be used for Windows, Mac, or Linux users. Now once you close the program from the task manager try to open it again.

2. Going safe mode:
The other method can be using the safe mode in your system. You need to switch your system to safe mode and then verify if Mozilla Thunderbird or related programs display any error. Now once you get the issue, then you have to simply remove the corrupted files, setup and reinstall them.

3. Using the antivirus:
You can also refer to antivirus programs that are installed on your computer. First, you need to scan the Mozilla Thunderbird program and try to remove the corrupted files and viruses. But if fid that antivirus program is interrupting the Mozilla Thunderbird program then you should disable antivirus program for a while and try to open Thunderbird again.

You can also contact at Mozilla Thunderbird customer service if you need any further support where you will be getting easy solution with proper guidance.

How to Fix Comcast Email Not Working On iPhone?

How to Fix Comcast Email Not Working On iPhone?

Comcast is an online email service which caters to millions of users all around the globe. They have efficiently taken care of the requirements of the users. Even after being highly proficient in the services that they provide, there are certain areas of concern. One issue which the users face while using Comcast email is when their email service does not work on their iPhone. There are various reasons because of which the Comcast email would stop working on the iPhone. Some of the causes of this issue are when the internet network is not working properly when the device’s memory is running low on storage or even when you have configured Comcast email with the wrong server settings. The users can easily solve the issue with Comcast using some really simple troubleshooting methods. The users also have the option of connecting with Comcast email customer service where they would get all the required guidance regarding this issue. An alternate option which the users have is by going through this entire blog, by doing so, they would get ample information regarding these issues and effective ways to solve the same.

Basic troubleshooting methods

The users can use the below-given troubleshooting methods to solve the issue of Comcast not working on iPhone efficiently.

  • The users would have to ensure that their device is connected to the internet.
  • They would also have to ensure that the internet is functioning properly.
  • Make sure that the email address and password entered is accurate.
  • The users would also have to ensure that the email account settings are accurately configured on the iPhone.
  • It is also important that the users have sufficient storage on the device for incoming emails.
  • It is essential that the iPhone is updated to the latest version available.

If you are unable to solve the issue using the steps given above, then it would be best advised to reconfigure your Comcast email account. The steps to reconfigure Comcast email account is as given below:

  • Choose the Mail client app available on your iPhone.
  • In the mail app, you would have to check the list of email services available and then select the ‘Other’ option.
  • You would then receive a prompt to add a new account, here you would have to enter your Comcast email details, and then you would have to tap on Next.
  • Further, you would have to configure the server settings of Comcast on your iPhone. For this, the users would have to enter the below-given information carefully.

Incoming Mail Server

  • Host Name:comcast.net
  • Username: Enter your name
  • Password: Enter your password
  • Server Port: 587
  • Use SSL: Yes

Outgoing Mail Server

  • Host Name:comcast.net
  • Username: Enter your name
  • Password: Enter your password
  • Server Port: Yes
  • Use SSL: 995

If the users are caught up with any issue while following the above-given steps, they can at that point promptly connect with Comcast support number. This service is accessible throughout the day and is completely free of charge.

SBCGlobal Email Not Working? How to Fix!

SBCGlobal Email Not Working? How to Fix!

SBCGlobal Toll Free Number: 1-833-432-7769

SBCGlobal email addresses were first issued by SBC Communications, a company that has since been merged with AT&T. You can still access your SBCGlobal email account using AT&T or Yahoo Mail. However, there are times when you will find that SBCGlobal email does not work as it normally does. This article will give you more details on how to fix the ‘SBCGlobal email not working’ issue. In addition to the steps mentioned below, you can also contact SBCGlobal email technical support and ask for more advanced troubleshooting solutions.

Steps to fix Login Errors in SBCGlobal Email

One of the most common reasons why SBCGlobal email does not work is because of a login error related to your password or username. You can refer to the step below to fix the login errors:

Step 1: Ensure that you type the correct SBCGlobal email id and password.
Step 2: Use the recovery process to rest the password in case you forgot it.
Step 3: Make sure CAPS lock is off when typing your SBCGlobal password.
Step 4: Clear the cache before you attempt to log in to your SBCGlobal ID
Step 5: Disable the browser extensions and plugins so that the SBCGlobal email login page can load properly.

Steps to Reset SBCGlobal Email Password

One specific login issue that most SBCGlobal email users face is the ‘Forgot Password’ issue. If you cannot get SBCGlobal email to work because you do not remember your password you refer to the instructions below to reset the password:

Step 1: Open the AT&T login window and click the “Forgot Password” link.
Step 2: Enter your SBCGlobal email user ID and choose the recovery mode
Step 3: Users can either choose alternate email, phone, or security question.
Step 4: According to the mode you select you will get a link/ code
Step 5: Enter the code or follow the link and set a new SBCGlobal email password.
Once you reset the password, you should save the changes and log out of all devices that you previously used to access your SBCGlobal email account.

Steps to fix send/receive email errors on SBCGlobal email

Errors in sending or receiving emails are an indicator that your SBCGlobal email account is not working. You can refer to the suggestions mentioned below to resolve the email issue:

Step 1: Verify if you have the correct email address of the sender/receiver.
Step 2: Check the settings and see that the concerned contact is not blocked.
Step 3: Review the storage space left in your SBCGlobal email inbox.
Step 4: Make sure the file you want to send meet the SBCGlobal email attachment requirements

Steps to Configure SBCGlobal Email

If you did not configure your SBCGlobal email account properly, it is no surprise that SBCGlobal email is not working on your computer. You can have a look at the server settings mentioned below to configure your SBCGlobal email account:

Incoming email server settings
Incoming: mail.yahoo.com
Username: SBCGlobal email address
Password: Enter your password
Port: 993

Outgoing email server settings
Username: SBCGlobal email address
Password: Enter your password
Outgoing: att.yahoo.com
Port: 465

If you have any trouble implementing the solutions mentioned above, you can call the SBCGlobal email customer service number and speak to an expert to resolve the issues so that you can access your email account.

How to Install Norton Antivirus on Mac Computer?

How to Install Norton Antivirus on Mac Computer?

The process of installing Norton Antivirus on a Mac device is different from installing it on Windows. Even though Norton provides a download option for both the platforms, the process that you would have to undertake is different. The users can figure out the difference by going through this blog. The users can also connect with the Norton support phone number to understand more about the software and its functioning.

Process of Installing Norton Antivirus on Mac

The steps that you would have to undertake in order to install Norton Antivirus on your system successfully is as given below:

Step 1: Activate Norton Antivirus for Mac computer

Activating the Norton Antivirus is the primary thing that the user would have to do. If the users have bought the software from a retail store, then they would a retail care with a 25 digit code. If you have purchased the software from the official Norton Website, then you would get the activation key in your registered email address.

When you have the product key, the steps that you would have to follow is as given below:

  • Access the browser that you have on your system.
  • In the address bar, type the link ‘www.norton.com/setup.’
  • Further sign in to your account.
  • Then you would have to use the 25 digit Norton Product key.

Once you have activated the antivirus software, you would have to download and install the Norton Antivirus software.

Step 2: Download and Install Norton Antivirus

  • Once you have successfully activated Norton, then you would have to navigate to your Norton Account and then under the services section select the Norton product.
  • You would then have to download the Norton Product for Mac.
  • After the download is complete, run the application and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Once the Norton software is installed and activated, restart your computer.

Step 3: Setup Norton Antivirus

  • The last step that you would have to undertake in the process of setup.
  • Ensure that you have a strong and stable internet connection on your system.
  • Also, check whether you are using the latest version of Norton Antivirus.
  • Also make sure that the firewall settings have set accurately if possible, update your system’s operating system as well.
  • It is also suggested that you run a full Norton Antivirus scan on your system.

Things to keep in mind installing Norton Antivirus on Mac systems

  • The users must make sure that they are not using any other Antivirus security software while using Norton Antivirus on their system as thing might cause conflicts.
  • Always remember to reboot your system before and after installing Norton Antivirus.
  • Keep a close check on the usage of your computer and avoid performing any unnecessary scan as then it might feed on your computer resources.
  • Always make sure that your system is updated and add Norton extension for Norton SafeGuard, Norton Toolbar for safe banking and browsing the internet.

Following the information given accurately would ensure that you are effectively able to install Norton Antivirus on your Mac Device. If you come across any issue, the users can easily connect with the Norton customer service number and avail professional assistance.